Prince Premier Touch 17 Clear 330' String Reel
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Made with twisted ribbons to mimic the construction of natural gut, Prince Premier Touch is one of the softest strings available. With its extremely muted feel, this one offers "best of class" vibration dampening. As such it is a great option for any player looking for maximum comfort and shock absorption. Power is medium-high for a multifilament string, making it great for any player who wants easy access to depth. Not only is this a great option for beginners and intermediates looking for a truly plush response, it also makes a great hybrid cross, espeically for those who place a premium on comfort.

  • Gauge: 17/1.25mm
  • Length: 330 feet / 100 m
  • Composition Multifilament Ribbon Technology
  • Color: Clear
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Comments: I would recommend this string to anyone who has any elbow or wrist problems. I had a bit of both until I played with this string. Also if you play with a "classic style" -- hitting with minimal topspin and volleying wherever possible, I found this string greatly assisted in getting good depth in both groundstrokes and volleys. An added bonus was when playing a hard hitter and hitting a volley off center (which regularly happens) it had the benefit of totally eliminating the uncomfortable vibration and helped get the ball back over the net. Best string I have ever played with since the good old days of gut strings.
From: Brian, 3/15

Comments: I did not like this string at all. It was very difficult to string with, kept kinking worse than a 17g poly does. I did not find the level of comfort that a good multi fiber string produces. I might have to string more often but it will be so much easier than trying to work with this string again.
From: Mike, 12/14

Comments: I like it very much. I used it in the crosses at 55 lbs with the Prince Premier Power 17 in the mains also at 55 lbs. I use a Prince EXO3 Rebel 98. Very soft on my arm. Plays a lot like the NRG2 17. My favorite is still Tecnifibre X-One Biphase, but the X-One is not durable.
From: Eric, 3/14

Comments: Great string. I use it in the crosses of my EXO3 95 with VS Team 17 in the mains. 45/43 lbs. Great ball pocketing and comfort. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a soft string
From: Carl, 1/14