ProSeries Shoulder Ice Pack System
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ProSeries Shoulder Ice Pack is great for athletes looking for an easy way to ice. Specifically designed for use on the back, use to reduce swelling and pain. Comes in two parts: waterproof and lined bag for ice, and adjustable wrap for application.

  • Easy to use: ProSeries Ice Pack wrap holds bag in place for effective icing of injured area. Simply fill with ice, and wrap on. Easy method of application on any sized individual.
  • Even compression and comfort: Provides uniform compression to any part of the body being treated.
  • Long lasting: Simply empty water/ice out of bag when finished.
  • Durable: The bag has inner lining to give bag a long lasting life.

  • Permits mobility during treatment. Use for heat by simply putting warm water into leak-proof bag and applying to body. Recommended by Doctors and Physical Therapists.
  • Uses real ice: no gels or chemicals.
  • Comments: I have used this device for about 3 months and I think it is the best shoulder sleeve out there for icing. I have bought others, but I have learned that real ice is the best for recovery. I have a gel sleeve for my shoulder that I bought a few years ago which is more convenient and fits under a shirt; however, it does not get as cold as the ProSeries or stay cold as long. I used this ice pack system for my shoulder, tennis elbow and my knee. It is pretty versatile and I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would give it 5 if it were not as bulky and I could fit it under a shirt.
    From: Angel, TX, USA, 10/13
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