Gexco Racquetball Saver
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Need a little extra pop to your shot? The Gexco Racquetball Saver is the answer! Just add your racquetballs, screw on the top after play, and the Racquetball Saver will add longevity and liveliness to your racquetballs.
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Comments: Worth the investment! Will keep your racquetballs moving fast and will actually revive balls that have lost their bounce.
From: Mark, Columbus, OH, USA, 03/16 

Comments: My parents just recently sent me this! I had had one of these back early on in college (90's) and I could keep balls for a long time. Be careful though with some of the Ektelon Fireballs (red balls), they will add even more speed and bounce for the fastest balls ever! I had to stop putting newer balls in this thing! Take old and left balls and recharge them! Works great and mine is over 16 years old and still has orignal o-ring!
From: Wes, Ft. Myers, FL, USA, 12/12
Skill-level: B

Comments: These work great! They really keep the balls fresh, and help them to last longer.
From: Anonymous, USA, 03/12
Skill-level: Intermediate

Comments: Works great. And has a nice old school look.
From: Whomper, Everett, WA, USA, 12/09