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Year after year the US OPEN produces the best that pro racquetball has to offer. However, in 2011 Kane Waselenchuk made racquetball history by winning his 7th US OPEN title! Enjoy seven matches from the IRT division plus the WPRO ladies finals. All matches were played on state of the art all lucite court in this special collectors edition 4 DVD set.

Full Matches Include:
    Men's Quarters #1: Kane Waselenchuk vs. Charlie Pratt

    Men's Quarters #2: Ben Croft vs. Chris Crowther

    Men's Quarters #3: Rocky Carson vs. Shane Vanderson

    Men's Quarters #4: Jose Rojas vs. Andy Hawthorne

    Men's Semis #1: Rocky Carson vs. Chris Crowther

    Men's Semis #2: Jose Rojas vs. Kane Waselenchuk

    Men's Finals: Kane Waselenchuk vs. Rocky Carson**

    Women's Finals: Paola Longoria vs. Rhonda Rajsich

    **Due to technical difficulties the 4th game of the men's final was not captured. Kane won the 4th game 11-3 to win his 7th US Open title

Comments: 2010, 2008, and 2004 are the best DVDs. Also, I should point out that my memory slipped me and Royster switched to higher quality cameras in 2005, so the 2004 DVD doesn't have the best quality but it is still plenty watchable. 2005 also has some really good matches.
From:  Anon, 07/12

Comments: Hi!, I'm a huge fan of racquetball since teenager, now I'm 36yo. Its been wonderful to see racquetball's evolution. Now-a-days is faster, more aggressive, explosive with shorter rallies, less diving, etc. etc. But, is sad that this evolution is not accompanied by expansion. TV is still not interested, and few good quality videos are online. I'm thinking of buying US-open video series but not sure which ones. Could you tell me which ones are on HD, or made by Royster P.?

From: Pablo, Mexico D.F.

Comments: Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of the US Open DVDs. I have all of them since 2002. However, since Royster Productions stopped producing the DVDs, the quality has gone downhill...fast. This year was no exception. So welcome back to the 1980s and VHS because that's the kind of video quality you should expect. The video quality is so bad that the players blur when they even walk in front of the camera, and I actually lose the ball many times (haven't had that problem since 2004 when Royster switched to higher resolution cameras). Come on, my iPhone can take better video! Sometimes they switch to a side-view of the court to show the serve, but then leave the view there so you can't see any of the action! And I wish there was a way to turn the commentators off...they just won't stay quiet (stop trying to call a play-by-play of the action! it's not a radio show!). By the way, they also conveniently forgot to mention that half of game three of the finals was not captured...Royster Productions seriously needs to come back to make these DVDs again. I won't buy another one of these DVDs otherwise.
From: Anon, 06/12