Wilson Sensation 15 String
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This is the thickest version of Wilson Sensation, one of the game's oldest and most popular multifilaments. At 1.35mm this one offers increased durability over the thinner gauges of sensation. It also manages to deliver a nice combination of comfort, power and feel. Players looking for phenomenal all around playability in a very arm friendly package are encouraged to give this one a try.

This thick gauge works great in racquets with super open string patterns.

  • Gauge: 15/1.35mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2 m
  • Composition Multifilament
  • Colors: Natural
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Comments: I tried this string in my Wilson Ultra 103S at 63 lbs. It doesn't move around too much. It really has a good feel on groundstrokes and net play. Serves have some good pop as well. I hit pretty flat since I use a continental grip but I think I am getting a little more spin than with some of the polys I have been trying.
From: Mike, 6/16