Skins Men's A200 Series Short Sleeve Top

When you push yourself to the edge on the court, the Skins A200 Short Sleeve Top will help your muscles perform at their best. The tops will wick away moisture while you're playing, keeping your muscles at their optimal temperature. Skins provides unique gradient compression, which improves circulation to prevent lactic acid build-up. Muscle focus offers stability and limits muscle vibration and the risk of injury. It encourages better posture too, letting you take bigger gulps of air into your lungs.

SKINS gradient compression has been engineered to provide the correct level of surface pressure to specific body parts, enhancing circulation and delivering more oxygen to active muscles. Improved circulation also helps to eliminate lactic acid build-up and other metabolic wastes so you can go harder for longer and recover faster.

  • Engineered gradient compression
  • Permanent antimicrobial treatment
  • Moisture management
  • 50+ UV protection
  • Details
  • Content: 75% Nylon Tactel Microfibre, 25% Elastane
  • Sizes: Click on the Apparel Sizing link below to determine your Skins size.
  • Colors: Black
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