Stay strong, supple and injury free with the Resistance Tube. This medium strength resistance tube provides tennis specific stretching and strengthening exercises to improve tennis related health and fitness. Training with a resistance tube is a safe and great way for tennis players of all levels to strengthen their muscles without causing muscle pain or soreness. It's great for warming up before playing and doing your strength and rehab exercises post training. It has comfortable handles on either end of the resistance band to keep your hands from slipping. A poster is included with 18 tennis specific exercises, taken from the McCaw Method training program.

Comments: Great tool to avoid injuries in the wrist, shoulder, forearm. The only comment is that the current version seems more on the heavy side than on the medium one as far as I can say if I compare it with the same brand but the version 2 years ago.
From: Rafael, 5/16

Comments: Nice but disappointing that it does come with a door anchor.
From: SYWL, 4/13

Comments: Pretty amazing the benefits of exercising with these resistance tubes! I had a history of tennis elbows and depending on the length of my matches, painful shoulder too. I can honestly say if you are disciplined enough to do the strength exercises on a regular basis and the warm up routine before playing, it really helps to prevent most arm and shoulder problems. I strongly recommend it!
From: Rafael, 5/12