Gamma Progression ST II Stringing Machine
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The Gamma Progression ST II Stringing Machine:

  • Manual Spring Tension Winder (11-89lbs / 5-40kgs range)
  • 6 point Quick Mount System
  • NEW slim profile all metal diamond coated string clamps with a unique self locking adjustment knob to hold strings with less clamping pressure
  • Quick action swivel clamps
  • 360 degree turntable rotation
  • Base with 2 large tool trays
  • Turntable brake features a quick lock/unlock function
  • Optional floor stand sold separately
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Starter String Pack of 3 FREE sets of Gamma performance string
  • USRSA Getting Started Stringing Guide<
  • Tools Included: Gamma Pathfinder Awl, Straight Awl, Hex Wrench, Straight Pliers, & Razor Cutter
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Comments: I would honestly recommend this crank portable to anyone that wants a good solid compact machine. I have strung on other makes and models and this machine is definitely worth every cent.
From: Juan, 4/16

Comments: Don't buy this machine if your expectation is consistent string tensions! I bought this one about a year ago and started to notice that the string clamps were moving sideway a lot and the string tension had been all over the place and that I dare not use it anymore. I thought the string clamps are defective so I called Gamma Sports a couple weeks back. After many calls and even sending them the video clips to show the clamp movement, one of the technicians (John?) told me that it is normal to have that much sideway movement and he even told me that I am not supposed to get consistent tension out of a machine in this price range just because of the way they are designed. Now I feel like I am stuck with a badly engineered device and never felt right about the string tension any more. Also, the support staff at Gamma was very uncomfortable to deal with: the technician first told me that the clamps are not going to have sideways movement. After seeing the videos I sent to them, he was quiet and I had to make many calls and leave message until I finally got a chance to talk to him. Then he told me too bad that there was nothing they could do with it. This kind of inconsistency is not expected from a company of this size.
From: Derek, 8/15

Comments: Received the machine less than a week after ordering it. It requires some assembly, but not too much. I had some concerns as there are slight differences between the machine and the pictures in the assembly portion of the manual. The machine works great. No issues. I've been stringing my own for almost 10 years with an e.stringer that recently died, and this machine is much larger. I will probably get the stand as the adjustable plastic table I used is sort of in-between seated and standing height. I had to calibrate the machine as it was about 3 lbs off as delivered, but that was quite easy. Very happy with the consistency of my first string job.
From: Msn, 6/14

Comments: I just bought this machine last week and was delivered promptly in 5 days. Very happy with its performance after using a drop weight machine with 2 point mounting. Only problem, the machine was shipped minus the instructions and Gamma strings. Fortunately, the instruction manual is available on Gamma's website.
From: Mike, 5/14

Comments: Question: I have an older Gamma floor model machine, and am considering getting a new machine with the clamp system that pivots (like this one). My question is can I mount the Progression ST II on the stand I have or would I need to buy the stand that is sold for this machine?
From: David, 7/13
Answer from TW: The stand that is sold for the machine works great. However, you can definitely make your own stand. Just be aware that you need to make it stable. We can't advise on what kind of stand to use or how to make one, but this is something that stringers do with table-top machines.

Comments: I bought this machine on May 17th 2012. The machine was simple enough to assemble and worked well initially. I've been stringing for about 15 years on various machines. It was time for me to invest in my own machine. Around September 2012, a problem with one of the clamps arose. The gripping part of the clamp that holds the string is attached with a paste that doesn't hold well. It broke and I needed a replacement. Gamma was nice enough to send me a new clamp. It is now June 2013 and the same issue has occurred. The clamps need this small inside part to hold the string without damaging it. I suspect there is an issue with these "new" clamps. I am considering buying a new machine.
From: Damon, 7/13

Comments: The reason behind pulling the crank slowly is that this is a lock-out machine, not a constant pull. In a constant pull machine, the string is always under tension, so the string is being stretched during the tensioning process to stay at your desired tension. In a lockout machine, the string is pulled to your tension, then locked at that spot. So the tension you set doesn't account for the string stretching. If the string is pulled slowly, then the string stretches more, causing the crank to lock after the string has stretched a little. If you are still getting low tensions then you can up the tension a few pounds to make up for the tension loss due to string stretch.
From: GCP, 9/12

Comments: Great machine. Feels solid, and easy to use. After 5 years of usage by me and occassionally my tennis partners, it still looks like brand new.
From: Yang, 8/12

Comments: Just started learning to string racquets via youtube videos and decided to get myself a stringing machine as it will save me trips to my pro shop and also money in the long run. I got the stand with this machine, assembly of both the stand and machine were both pretty simple. Since everybody in the comments mentioned turning the crank slowly, I've been stringing my racquets using this method and found I get consistent tension. I have nothing to compare it to as it is my first machine, but it allows me to string my rackets with consistent tension and in a somewhat timely manner (about an hour to an hour and a half, but keep in mind i've only been stringing racquets for a month). I don't know what else you could ask for from a stringing machine. The tools and free strings it came with were also a nice bonus. I am very happy with my purchase of this machine, and would highly recommend it.
From: Werthington, 6/12

Comments: I used this machine for 4 months now. Using the calibrator I measured the tension. It varies all over the place, from 60lbs to 70lbs. The trick is to turn the handle VERY slowly when it almost releases the brake. Only like that did I get consistent readings on the tension. If you go like normal, quickly turning the handle you get very different tensions. You are probably better of buying a "drop weight" machine.
From: Nicky, 6/12

Comments: I have been stringing for ten years now. I started with the gamma super stringer/table top drop weight. The progression 2 stringer is simply awesome. I would recommend buy the crank tensioner. It's way more consistent and easier to pull strings. You will also need to buy a tension calibrator, chances are your machine will need to be calibrated out of the box, mine did. The machine is big so you might. Consider buying the stand as well.
From: Lee, 5/12

Comments: I just bought this machine and have been using it for about a month. I bought the drop weight version of this machine first and it took forever to string and get the tension right. I had a vast difference in tension with the drop weight machine. This crank machine is great. I have strung my two racquets a total of 4 times. The tensions matched all 4 times. Great machine for the price. I highly recommend.
From: Dan, 12/11

Comments: This is a great machine. I was a bit shocked how big it was for a table top machine. My previous stringer was a cheap little Silent Partner E-Stringer, and it easily fit on my counter. Not only is the base of this machine much larger, but it's also much taller, so even if it fit on my counter, I'd need a step stool in order to be at a comfortable height to string a racquet. I just used the box it came in as my stand for the first couple of racquets before I broke down and just bought the stand. Going from a budget machine to this is like night and day. I would recommend to anyone looking for a stringer under $1000.
From: Darren, 10/11

Comments: The ST II is my first machine so no benchmark except that my friends with drop weight machines wish they would have spent a bit extra to get this one in the first place. After two years of stringing for myself and my son's HS tennis team, I've had no problems and it's a joy to use. First time buyers who don't want to invest in a high end electronic machine can purchase the ST II with confidence. Excellent responsiveness from Gamma's customer service in the two times I've contacted them with questions. As required with any machine, crank slow and steady for consistent tension.
From: Joe. 7/11

Comments: Very happy with this machine. I wanted to buy a machine to string my tennis racquet and some for my friends. I did a good job. Easy to use, good mechanics, nice looking, solid, well done. The trick is to pull the crank slowly to have accurate tension. I am very happy from the result of this machine. The comments of my friends are also very positive.
From: Gilles. 5/11

Comments: Could you tell me if the Gamma Progression ST II that you are selling is the latest version? Before ordering, I want to ensure that it is the latest version.
From: Neil, 02/11
(Neil, yes, we are selling the most current model of this machine from Gamma.--TW Staff)

Comments: I just got this stringer a few days ago and so far I am very happy with it. The build quality is great and the model I got is newer than what is shown on the Tennis Warehouse page, the most noticeable change is the inclusion of a nice gear based turntable lock so that you can lock the turntable with the flip of a switch. The clamps are great very smooth action and easy to adjust grip tension. This is definitely a machine I will use for many years to come. After having not strung a racquet in about 7 years it only to about 20min for the first one without a hiccup.
From: Mark, Philly, PA, USA. 6/09

Comments: I used this machine for 4 months now. Using the calibrator I measured the tension. It varies all over the place, from 60lbs to 70lbs. The trick is to turn the handle VERY slowly when it almost releases the brake. Only like that did I get consistent readings on the tension. If you go like normal, quickly turning the handle you get very different tensions. You are probably better of buying a "drop weight" machine.
From: Nicky, Ann Arbor, MI., USA. 1/09

Comments: Owed Eagnas Hawk before. This machine is way above in quality and ease to work with. Clamps are just unbelievable - almost no need for adjustments for different gauges and no slips, no damage. Smoothness of operation is still pleasures me immensely. Now I can't wait to restring my racquets, that's why I play with 18 gauges multis. And why not, it takes about 30 minutes to do my RDX500.
From: Eugene, Thornhill, Canada. 11/08

Comments: I had never strung a racquet before purchasing this machine. It arrived within a week and I strung my first racquet that night. It's amazingly solid and easy to use. I have seen in previous posts that the stringing instructions that come with the machine are not that great. I disagree. I feel they are comprehensive and easy to use. After 2 or 3 racquets, I feel very skilled at stringing. I've increased my playing time and I don't have to dread breaking a string due to the dramatically reduced cost. I'm sure that this machine will pay for itself within 2 years. Being able to string for my friends is also a nice touch. I'm very happy with this purchase.
From: James, North Carolina, USA. 7/08

Comments: I just purchased this stringer, and it is every bit as good as the Revo 4000. Excellent craftsmanship, clamps work perfect, tension was right on perfect and so easy to use once I understood some terminology and some basic things. Owners manual is not what you want to use to learn to string with. Much better info on YouTube and easier to understand. So far so good can't go wrong with this stringer.
From: George, Garland, TX, U.S.A. 6/08

Comments: I've owned this machine for about 5 months now and have strung many different racquets. Overall, the quality is excellent, very solid, and is on the same par and any equivalent freestanding machine. On a standard 24 inch counter top, this stringer can be positioned to freely swing 360 degrees with the racquet handle clearing the wall, giving one all the advantages of a free standing unit without the space requirements. I calibrated the tensioner once and it has not needed any adjustment since. I debated a two verses six point mounting system, since setting up a six-point mount takes a minute or two longer. I soon discovered big benefits to the six point system: the racquet is stable enough to allow weaving crosses from the throat to the head if necessary without frame distortion (I ran into this issue when wanting a hybrid job on a frame designed for one-piece stringing) and you can release one of the mounting brackets (to get a string through an awkward grommet position) and the other five points will still keep the frame stable and firm. The clamps work very smoothly and are fully adjustable for any sting diameter. All clamp movements have spring-assisted release which is nice. Overall, I could not ask for a better machine.
From: Andrew, Reno, NV, USA, 02/08

Comments: Wow, this machine is amazing. I have strung on many machines. The Gamma Progression ST II is just too good. First of of all, the picture does not justify the actual machine. It is great machine to own in a store and/or even as a home stringer. The 6-point mounting system provided is a bit different from the picture shown, a more updated version, which is nice and easy to assemble. Also the free string sets as a gift, pathfinder awl, etc, with this machine is a good deal. The tension was a bit off by 3 lbs (when it came in the box) , which was easily adjusted with wrench provided and easy instructions. I strongly recommend anyone to buy the Gamma Progression ST II. It's a great investment and truly a great deal. Thank you, Gamma, and thank you Tennis Warehouse for a great product.
From: Bosco Fernandes, Toronto, Canada. 11/07
USPTR / PTR Tennis Pro

Comments: I was uneasy about purchasing a home stringer but once I got this baby set up and figured out how to string my worries were gone. First of all, this machine is built rock solid! It weighs over 50lbs, has quality welds and the components are manufactured well. Everything fit together beautifully. I've only strung about 12 racquets so far, but I don't see durability being an issue with this machine. As for the stringing results, I'm able to string my racquets to my exact preferences every time. If you're unsure about how well you'll be able to string, don't worry! I had no experience when I bought this and now I'm stringing racquets for friends with comments like, "This is better than the job my pro shop does!" Also important, this machine grips the racquet very secure even at very high tensions without harming the racquet. I've bought frames on Ebay that show signs of poor clamping on the throat and head. I don't have to worry about that with this machine. I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend gamma to anyone who is in the market. It's great being able to try new strings and tensions! The massive assortment of free string that comes with this is great too! You won't be disappointed.
From: Chris, Atlanta, GA, USA. 4/07