Tourna Racquet Logo Stencil Ink (Colors)

Standard stencil ink in an easy applicator bottle. Simply shake well before using and apply directly to strings. Stencil your brand's logo or a fun design to update your racquet's appearance.

  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red, and White.
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Comments: This ink is not very good. It does not dry well on the strings and the sponge thing ended up tearing off the bottle.
From: Daniel, 5/14

Comments: This ink is messy, chalky, sticky, and the fumes are strong.
From: Ron, 3/13

Comments: It's very thick and sticky. I do not recommend.
From: Shane. 5/11

Comments: This white racquet logo fluid from Tourna is somewhat inferior compared to the other colors from other brands (Gamma) in cosmetic finish on the strings and ease of application. I agree with the below comments. I applied the ink to black strings on a Prince racquet and it was messy, dripping thick globules where strings crossed and the color on the strings had a very dull grey finish. It took really long to dry giving the black strings a sticky feel the next day when I touched it. I'm going to switch to Babolat white ink next and see what gives. Mind you, the red Tourna ink gave a nice finish on a Wilson.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: This is not a good ink or applicator. The ink is too thick and you simply cannot put a thin layer of ink on the strings. The applicator allows significant amounts to flood out, causing large globs on the sting.
From: Ben, Washington, DC, United States. 8/10

Comments: Compared to the Babolat Babol color ink this ink is like paint. It accidentally dripped on my counter top and it won't come up. The applicator is drippy and inaccurate. The Babolat ink is far superior.
From: Mitch, Bristol, IN, USA. 7/10