Unique Racket Specs Eyewear
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The ultimate low profile eyewear. The Unique Racket Specs bring back old school style combined with on-court function. Minimal frames and lenses keep these out of your field of vision and huge vents keep the fog at bay. An elastic strap keeps them snug on your head.
  • Shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses.
  • Adjustable head strap included.
  • Lenses not removeable.

Comments: I love this eyewear. They do not fog up & I like to feel like my eyes are getting air while I am playing. I wish you would bring back the old eyewear which had just the frame without any lense at all. Whenever I wear mine people always ask where I got them. They all say that they do not like the eyewear they have because even though the information says they do not fog up, they do. My partner has the newer pair & she does not like them. They do fog up & she's all sweaty behind them.
From: Dianne, Charleston, SC, USA, 01/15
Skill-level: Medium
[Dianne, Eyewear without lenses are not approved by the IRT or USAR for use in racquetball. The frame AND lens of racquetball eyewear must meet ASTM impact standard F803.  - RbW Staff]