Carpals, metacarpals, phalanges, oh my! The Wilson Bones Glove fits like the skin of your hand with minimal padding, but that means it'll keep your hands cool on court. With the X-Ray image of your dominant hand, you can also catch up on your anatomy knowledge! This glove uses a thin, treated leather to give you a firm grip, combined with a lycra backing to help to prevent your hand from overheating during play.
  • Unique leather treatment keeps the leather soft after a match.
  • Ultra-thin leather provides good racquet feel and grip.
  • One-piece leather means no seams and blister prevention.
  • Lock tight Velcro wrist closure.
  • Lycra backing keeps your hand dry and cool.
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Comments: This is a great glove for someone with small to medium hands. I'm a woman who can sometimes (but rarely) fit a size small (mostly I'm an XS) so I have no complaints. I found the grip perfect, which may be a factor of the size. Most men's gloves are way too big for me and don't fit or grip the way I'd like. Plus it beats a pink glove any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

From: MH, Columbia, MD, USA, 03/13
Skill-level: Intermediate

Comments: Biggest problem with this glove is trying to get it on and off. I have normal hands and it is difficult to slip it on over the wrist. I tend to sweat a lot so I can only use it for one maybe two games before it starts to slip.

From: Brian, Houston, TX, USA, 08/12

Comments: I wanted to love this glove because of the cool graphics, but it just doesn't perform very well.  There are a number of things wrong with this glove.  First, the entry hole for your hand is tiny making it difficult to get the glove on and off.  Second, the velco strap is on the underside of your hand which has negatively impacted my swing (I guess I'm used to having this on the top of the hand).  Finally, the glove doesn't fit as well as the Wilson Rage, is much lighter and feels like it is made out of cheaper material.  Also the glove is not as "grippy" as the Rage.  I'm sticking with the "Rage" even though I hate the new yellow color (Wilson used to make it in black and I wished they would bring that back).

From: Steve, Oakland, CA, 01/12
Skill-level: Ripp'n