Wise 2086 Electronic Pro. Head Tensioner
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Turn your manual stringing machine into an electronic one in a few easy steps. The Wise 2086 Electronic Tension Head fits most crank and drop weight stringing machines. Installs in minutes.

  • Features New tension pull/release button
  • Features constant pull tensioning
  • Variable speed setting for pulling tension
  • 2 memory settings to set tension
  • Pre-stretching feature pulls an extra 10, 15, 20 or 25% more. Great for natural gut
  • Set tension in either pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg)
  • Pause button
  • Count button - to see the number of pulls of each stringing session. Shutting off the machine will erase this number.
  • Optical Sensors (3 times longer than previous magnetic ones)
  • Beeper sound control switch
  • Linear Internal Guide Track ( It will protect the load cell and will pull with less resistance when pulling diagonally)
  • Heavy Duty Precision Load Cell 200 lbs (it will last 3 times longer and keeps a more constant calibration accuracy)
  • Diablo attachment included
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Note: Foot petal sold separately

  • Note: Only available for shipments within the United States.
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Comments: In 2012, I bought the Gamma 6004 with the 6-Point SC Mount Stringing Machine and the Wise 2086 Electronic Pro. Head Tensioner and I could not be any happier. I played serious college tennis and I just got back into playing competitive tennis at 47 years old at the sectional and national level. I am currently a 4.5 and having fun hitting with the college kids while I get back into it. I used to have a cheap stringer when I was younger and I wanted something that easy and quick to use and made of good quality. I did my research and was glad I did. Everything I read said not to buy an electric stringer and, instead, buy a non-electric stringer and attach this. I am glad I did as the Wise tensioner works fantastic. Every time I had a question I have called and spoken to the owner (who I believe is Mr. Wise) and he has picked up the phone at any hour even though I live in New York State and he is in California. He is very pleasant and extremely helpful. It is so fast and easy to use. Definitely get the foot pedal. It is accurate and I love the fact that it has different options such as how much you want your natural gut stretched out. Not only is it a great product but it does make stringing fun.
From: Scott, 4/15

Comments: I bought this to replace the manual crank tensioner on my Eagnas stringer. This is a fantastic piece of equipment. I have had this for years and have never had an issue with it. I only use this for my own stringing so I'm not stringing lots of racquets every day. I love the constant pull feature. As the string loses tension during stringing, it automatically pulls additional tension. I also purchased the foot pedal that activates and releases the tensioner. I may have a so-so stringer but I've got a super tension head and that's what counts.
From: Mark, 7/14

Comments: I've had two of these which I bought brand new. Both stopped working after a couple of months. The first one stopped beeping at full tension (I know how to turn it on and off, it stopped beeping on it's own and never came back on). The second showed an error code randomly one day when I turned it on and had to be sent back. It was nice when it worked, but I should have known better after the first lemon.
From: Todd, 7/14

Comments: Accurate tension all the time and no need of any calibration check. I was tired of using Eagnas combo 3800 2 years. I must say Eagnas is an horrible machine! I am tired of making calibration countless times to get an accuracy, no use, always flexing accuracy, slipping string gripper with badminton strings. I ordered Wise 2086 when Eagnas start giving shocking variations! Now I am back to business happily with Wise head. Only three negligible negatives I found in this machine. I hope Manufacturer will consider these issues. 1) There is no knotting button in this machine but I am using pre stretch button for knotting. 2) No option for selecting 1 unit step, it will increase by 0.1 increment. consuming slightly more time to adjust tension. 3) It was bit noisy when the string gripper coming back to release strings from gripper. I oiled inside and solved the problem. It would become the best machine available in market if manufacturers taken care of these issues. Thanks to the Wise 2086.
From: Abdul, 2/14

Comments: I use the old school Ektelon model H for years now and decided I wanted to upgrade to an electronic machine but just couldn't justify paying $1k+. I did a lot of research before investing $500 and although it has only been a month, it's been worth every penny. It has converted my old school machine into a top of the line electronic machine; in my opinion. I compared two of my racquets strung at the exact same tensions between my crank and the wise. I could tell immediately the tension difference. I am no professional stringer, but my guess is a few lbs at least. Never realized how many lbs were lost with crank machines. As long as this machine continues to run, I doubt I'll ever go back to my crank. You wont regret this purchase.
From: Alex, 11/11

Comments: Outstanding piece of engineering achievement. I ordered the 2086 to replace my crank tensioner on my Gamma Progression ST II, and the 2086 gives me consistent pulls every time. My Dynamic Tension (DT) reading on the ERT 300 Tennis Computer always gives me the same reading for the same tension setting for every racquet I've strung so far. I've never seen this level of consistency using the crank tensioner. I waited until I completed at least five racquets to write this review to confirm the performance of the 2086. I highly recommend this tensioner for its performance and value, and for Wise, the company standing behind its products.
From: Lich, 11/11

Comments: Awesome add on to my mutual power titan. I get more consistent pulls and my clients love my string jobs. If you are looking to upgrade to a 2-3 out of 5 star machine, this is a great investment for the price. I have strung over 50 racquets so far and it feels great.
From: David, Gainesville, FL. 5/11

Comments: I put one of these on my Gamma Progression II FC and haven't looked back. It's a great addition to the market! The foot switch is handy, in that one can have your hands on your work. I've strung about 400 frames with no complaints. I'm seriously considering a 2nd one, just to be certain I never return to the 'land of crank'. I use the memory buttons for my tie-off tensions for a couple of reasons. It's very easy to set them and I don't have to race the machine. With WISEs instruction they suggest using the pre-stretch for this, but then I'd have to clamp at the apex of the pull. My way, the WISE waits for me. Anyone who wants a more consistent string job should consider this OVER the rotational electrics because the WISE does it better. My only complaint would be: it could be a little faster...the fastest pull gets it done, but if it were done sooner...
From: Jim, Peoria, IL 11/09

Comments: Awesome! Sounds too good to be true. In fact it was! I mean it is, still up and running. Funtastic!
From: Sylvain, Montreal, Canada

Comments:I ordered this product to use with my Prince Neos 1000. My plan was to use the crank when I am out on the courts, and the Wise when I am home with an outlet. I can interchange tensioners in seconds, not minutes But after using the Wise I never want to use the crank again. I have been using it for 6 months and if it continues to hold up then it is well worth it. I also think I do better string jobs with the constant pull, at least it is much easier. I disagree with people how wonderful the foot pedal is. I liked it too until I accidentally stepped on it while I was moving a clamp. I did this twice so now I never hook it up, and I do not miss it at all. The Diablo bobbin comes loose a lot but that is no big deal just tighten it again. It fits on the Neos very well. Some people said that it was like putting lipstick on a pig, probably referring to the Neos not having swivel clamps, but it is a lot more than lipstick. So for all you craftsman out there still using a crank, save your hands and invest in this.
From: Patrick, New Jersey USA 06/09

Comments: I just received my upgraded Wise 2086. It was installed on my Neos 1000. The installation is fast and easy. The machine seems to be well made and is visually very good. I installed the 2086 and had my first racquet done all in less than 1 hour. After stringing a few more frames, I think this was an excellent investment and will save time on my string jobs. I string only racquetball racquets. I do over 500 per year both in my shop and at tournaments. I am looking forward to hitting the tournaments in the fall as I am sure that the addition of the 2086 will increase traffic and productivity. By the way, I wouldn't have been nearly as happy without the foot pedal - it is absolutely a must have part of the machine. Thanks.
From: Brad, Waukesha, WI, USA. 6/09

Comments: Wow, I am so glad to see this was added to the Tennis Warehouse site, this is maybe the best product they offer. I bought this two years ago and the quality is unbelievable. The Wise company also gives amazing customer service, prompt and friendly. I added this to a Prince Neos and it mounted ok. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to increase the value and performance of your stringer.
From: Drew, Houston, Texas. 3/09

Comments: I upgraded my Gamma Progression ST II Crank machine with Wise 2086. I mainly use poly strings on all of my racquets and it's hard to get consistent results with the crank. Wise brings consistency and ease to stringing my racquets. The diablo that comes with it needs a ball bearing. Other than that, buy it now.
From: DavidL7, Chicago, IL. 3/09

Comments: Mounted this on an Alpha Axis Pro and am delighted with the uprade. The machine accounts for the string stretching, is more accurate, and seems to hold tension better than my existing lock out head. I can recommend it.
From: Jason, Marietta, Ga USA. 2/09

Comments: I converted my Eagnas Flex 720 (Crank) to electric with the Wise 2086. Never having an electric tensioner before I can only really compare it to my crank tensioner. I've only strung about twelve racquets but so far I love it -- best toy I've ever bought myself. The pros are the ease and accuracy of stringing. Just put the string in the gripper and hit the button. I find the controls and buttons are relatively easy to use, but then again I have never used other electronic machines. I like having two memory buttons as I program them for the tensions I will need prior to each racquet. I only use the foot pedal on those rare times when I need both hands to do something else. The loss of 380 degree rotation is only minor as it is just a matter of habit to spin the racquet around. The handle does sometimes get in the way of the first two pulls at the throat, but even that is a very minor annoyance. The only thing I just flat out don't like is the sound. There is an option to turn the sound off for most functions but not all. And it would be nice if it had a choice of volume levels as well. I am sure if I paid high dollar for a new electronic stringing machine I would get more bells and whistles. But it seems that this is a very solid tensioner with all the basics plus a few things like constant pull, prestretch, memory functions and incredible accuracy and more importantly consistency. A great upgrade if you own a crank machine but can't really afford to shell out the money for a new electric machine. I would highly recommend you get this through TW as they include the foot pedal for the same price as the manufacturer sells it with no foot pedal. Most impressive is that even though I got this through TW, the manufacturer was willing to work directly with me when the foot pedal was missing from my shipment. The manufacturer shipped me one with no hassle and even threw in the Diablo at no cost.
From: Rondallrp, Glen Burnie MD, USA. 2/09

Comments: I converted my Gamma 5003 stringing machine to a Wise 2086. Couple of important facts. Some stringing machines like mine required an additional mount $25 to raise the electric head to the height of the string bed. You will not be able to rotate the racket 360 degrees anymore as the handle hits the Wise 2086. There is no diablo on the Wise 2086 so when you pull the mains at the back of the racket you will pull the strings across racket at the throat. This takes some getting used to but there is no damage to the strings or racket. Overall I am happy with the investment. I have a more consistent string pull across the entire racket and the time to string has been reduced by about 10 minutes.
From: John, N. Scituate, RI. 2/09

Comments: The 2086 tennis head is a remarkable machine. It turned my Eagnas 940 flex into a world-class stringing machine. The build quality is terrific and I look forward to many years use.
From: Josh, Orinda, CA, USA, 09/08

Comments: I've had the Wise 2086 for half a year now and will never go back to crank machines. I string badminton rackets and the margin for error is much higher than squash or tennis rackets and the 2086 has been spot on, it performs works flawlessly. I highly recommend the 2086 for anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get a professional quality tensioning head.
From: Anon, Santa Monica, CA, USA, 06/08

Comments: I ordered this electronic tensioner for my Eagnas Flex 840 machine, and after 8 different string jobs I am pleasantly surprised at how well it works. I used it to string squash racquets and tennis racquets with synthetic gut, Rip Control and polyester and it worked great. I usually use an Alpha electronic at work stringing for clients. The tension seems to be dead on compared with the Alpha, according to the people at my club. No customers so far have realized I used a different machine. The foot activator takes getting used to but works fine. I had considered a new electronic machine for home. The Tensionhead has turned out to be a good investment. It was recommended to me by a racquet representative who is a master stringer.
From: Renzo, St. Catharines, ON, Canada. 6/08