Wilson Pro Feel Dampener
The Pro Feel dampeners reduce string vibration for superior dampening. Multiple colors for a different look.

  • Two dampeners per package.
  • Colors: Yellow, Orange or Red, Silver

Comments: I don't understand some of these other opinions. These dampeners don't do jack for reducing vibration. Look elsewhere for something that works.
From: Howard, 4/16

Comments: Aesthetically these look nice. They also filter out a lot of vibrations. Unfortunately, if you get a lot of hits on it, parts will chip off. I have a small chunk missing but it kinda bugs me. But still a good dampener.
From: Andy, 7/13

Comments: I totally love these dampeners. They reduce so much shock and are amazing! I highly recommend these to players who are seeking the best vibration dampener.
From: Bob, 3/13

Comments: I liked this dampener. It offers a soft feel to the racquet with good dampening. It does not pop off like other dampeners. I suggest this to players who want some feel and sharpness to their racquet.
From: Tridib, 11/12

Comments: No dampening. I've tried over the years to keep the W dampener on my Wilson sticks for looks and consistency, but they do not do much of anything. Lots of vibration still get sent off the string bed into the hand and arm, and there's not much difference with having one on versus off. There's much better out there.
From: M., 11/12

Comments: I tried many dampeners so far, and I have to confess this is one of the worst I've ever used. There is virtually no dampening, almost like playing without any dampener. I highly recommend it to Wilson players who like to add an optical gimmick, but don't appreciate a dampened feel. Even the sound is like playing without a dampener.
From: Rene, 10/12

Comments: I really liked how these work. They didn't really pop off or anything! Before, I had trouble adding spin to my ball but when I used this, the vibration was just sucked away and I dominated the doubles court! In total, it's really good quality.
From: Annabelle, 5/12

Comments: I bought these in red and silver and I thought they were really good. They were easy to put on and they significantly reduced, if anything completely took away vibration. They improved my game and helped me win. Go Wilson Pro Feel Dampener! I would recommend this to friends, family, and I actually did recommend this to my tennis coach!
From: Nate, 4/12