Wilson Shock Shield Dampener
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Wilson's Shock Shield Dampener is gel filled helping to reduce vibrations and shock.

  • Easy to apply
  • Color: Blue
  • Comes 1 per pack

Comments: I bought two. Both of them broke after playing a few sets. The piece that seems to break is the plastic connector. Also, it did not seem to dampen vibration as much as some other models. I would not recommend it.
From: Brian, 11/15

Comments: I tried this on my Head Youtek Radical OS and WeissCannon Explosiv at 50 lbs. You weave it in and out of the strings, and hook the ends on. Does seem to reduce vibration on off-center hits. I don't notice any vibration on sweet- spot hits, dampener or no dampener. The plastic is quite thick, so I am hopeful that a direct hit on the dampener will not cause leakage. To help ensure the hooks are on securely, I stretch the dampener out a little as I install it so that there is a little pressure on the hooks after installing. I had read articles that said that dampeners do nothing for vibration, only sound, but I am starting to believe that they can indeed reduce felt vibration. I am fairly scared of getting tendonitis again, and all in all, I am satisfied with this product. A plus is that it contacts many strings, and you don't have to spread strings apart to install it.
From: Marty, 3/12