Ashaway 2014 PowerKill 17 RB String
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Ashaway strings are known for their longevity and tension maintenance, and the PowerKill 17 String features even more power and durability. Updated with Power Filament Technology (PFT), this string features a multifilament nylon core wrapped in Zyex filaments to maximize durability and hold tension. The shear-strength of this string is incredible, making it one of the top recommendations for powerful hitters who break string often.

  • Gauge: 17 (1.25mm)
  • Length: 40 feet (12m)
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Comments: I bought an Ektelon DPR Magnum Lite 170 in late December (absolutely LOVE the racquet!) and had it strung with Ashaway PowerKill 17 RB string at 33#.  I've been playing 2-3 times per week.  On 2/24 I noticed the strings were just starting to fray and shift.  The next time I played on 2/26, about half-way through my first game, the strings broke.  I am very disappointed that I couldn't get more than two months of moderate play out of them.  While they performed great, I'm switching strings to see if I can get some more durability.
From: Jim, Cheshire, CT, USA, 02/16
Skill-level: B/B+ 

Comments: Provides the pop you expect and the control you need. The best aspect of this string is the feel, it feels fantastic, especially when new. As the string wears and the friction coating wears, the strings start to move and the feel degrades slightly. Doesn't break prematurely, you can tell by the string wear when it's time to buy more. You can string this at your normal tension, no need to go 10% less like with the zyex strings. 
From: Brent, AZ, USA, 05/15
Skill-level: Elite