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Used by many top players, the Ektelon O3 White Racquet was an instant classic upon its initial release in 2011 and Ektelon definitely upped their game with this performance racquet line.  The O3 White racquet is manufactured using Ektelon's graphite resin bonding process, making this great playing frame more durable and impact resistant.  The string pattern can be customized for players looking to change up their game by adding more power or more control. As of 2013 this racquet no longer comes with O3 Power Plugs.

Unstrung Weight: 170g
Strung Weight: 193g
Strung Balance: Even
Strung Swingweight: 136 (low swingweight = control)
Factory String: Ektelon Lightning XX 16 Silver
Factory Grip: Ektelon Vision II Rubber Grip Clear
Cover: Not included by manufacturer
String Pattern:
14 Mains / 17 Crosses
Mains skip: 5H,7H,9H,10H,12H,13H,14H
Two piece
No shared holes
Head Size: 106 sq. in.
Head Shape: Quadraform
Racquet Length: 22 in.
Composition: Graphite

Comments: i have had 3 Ektelon racquets, Speedport Camo, O3 RG, and this one. and one E-force 170 bedlam.  this one is my favorite.  control, power, and swing weight is very nice.  says 170g unstrung, but swings like a 150g.  very durable, and great feel.  i am no professional, but if you do some searching you can get a good deal on this racquet.  if your picky, have it restrung with the new red lightning strings.  and you almost have a brand new 2014 model.  This racquet feels way lighter than the Eforce bedlam, considerably.  and hits much better.  i wont use another brand again.    
From: Daniel, Austin, TX, 02/15
String type and tension: factory 

Comments: Great racquet.  As others have said, very stiff.  I broke the factory strings after a few weeks, restrung with Wilsom Stamina at 30-32lbs.  Nice weight, no vibration.  We'll see how well the frame holds up.  
From: Mike, Bloomington, MN, USA, 11/14
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Wilson Stamina, 30 lbs 

Comments: I ordered this racquet with my third year of Ektelon sponsorship. While the racquet offered more power, a faster swing, and good balance for corner shots, I found that my string broke much more often than on the O3 Red. Even while using a 15 gauge string, the string life was reduced.
From: Josh, Dayton, OH, USA, 05/14
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Prince 15L, 30-34 lbs 

Comments: Just demoed. 3/2014 nice solid racquet. no vibration whatsoever. feels a little heavy, swings light. I have fast swing and it accommodates perfectly. I have a bad shoulder. a little sore today, but i think it will be better than my 160 lite. shots are low and less mistakes. racquet reacts quickly to upswing and pinch to corners solidly with little effort
From: Ray, Castro Valley, CA, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: was a B now a C
String type and tension: Demo 

Comments: as I've been learning to play racquetball,  I've tried many racquets but this one is the one that I use every time i play and it just feels amazing. It's a great racquet. Excellent control and power.
From: Jorge E., Miami, FL, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: student
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: This is a nice racquet to play with it improve my game by alot the only problem with it is the frame break to fast . other than that is a nice racquet
From: Erduin, West Palm Beach, FL, USA, 11/13
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: factory 

Comments: Great racquet for accurate kill shots and has plenty of power.  I already bought 3.  Handle is great, but it is hard to replace the grip.
From: Frank, USA, 09/13
Skill-level: B+ 

Comments: Racquet provided good power to every shot I used, but I prefer a little more flex in the frame. This racquet was too stiff for me and would cause wrist issues over prolonged use. If you're into stiff racquets, this one's a good one to try.
From: Steve, Newport News, VA, USA, 09/13
Skill-level: B+
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Racquet was great untill it bent. I dont abuse my racquets and this was a first for me. I was playing and after a swing I felt that it wasn't balanced. It bent around the 3 - 4 oclock area so thee racquet is now useless. Waiting now on Ektelon to see what they do.
From: Robert, Joplin, MO, USA, 08/11

Comments: String configuration on this racquet defiantly adds to the power of the shot. I feel the touch part of my game suffers a little with this racquet, and prefer my 03 Red for my all around game.
From: Dan, Orem, UT, USA, 08/11
Skill-level: Advanced

Comments: I started playing with it after a tournament and what a difference. I'm getting more kill shots in and don't have to hit the ball as hard. I'm very impressed with this racquet and will buy another one for my wife. The handle was exactly what I needed. It's more of an egg shaped handle which helps with my grip. The round grips had a tendency to spin in my hand. This racquet does not.
From: Sean, Monument, CO, USA, 07/11
Skill-level: B+
String type and tension: Factory