+ Demo Racquet

How do you make a good racquet even better?  Make it stronger!  Ektelon has re-vamped their racquet molding process to increase the durability of their new line of frames.  The Ektelon Speedport Red still offers the Power Plug technology, which offers 6 different swing weight configurations when you purchase the weighted inserts. Depending on the location and amount of plugs added to the frame's Speedports, players can optimize the performance of their racquets through customization. Adding the plugs to the frame results in a wide variety of swing weight, stability and power combinations. It's like having 6 racquets in one!

The Speedport Red no longer comes with a Cover or Power Plugs. Power Plugs can be purchased separately when the racquet is added to your cart.

Head Size: 106 sq. in. / 684 sq. cm.
Length: 22 inches / 56 cm
Unstrung Weight: 170g / 6oz
Strung Weight: 188g / 6.6oz
Balance: 11.25in. 2 pts Head Heavy
Swingweight: 134
Factory String: Ektelon Premier Power 17
Composition: Graphite
Grip Type: Ektelon Maxtack
String Pattern:
14 Mains / 17 Crosses
Mains skip: 5H,7H,9H,10H
Two Piece
Shared Holes: N/A
String Tension: 26-34 pounds

Comments: I demoed this racquet last week. Overall I iked the feel of it. The balance was very nice so the racquet felt very light in my hand. In fact it felt a little too light but I suppose that it could easily be resolve by adding the weights. The racquet did seem to have a good bit of power in it and the balance meant that it is very maneuverable at the front of the court. In addition I felt no vibration at all while playing with this racquet. I used to play with an O3 blue but the frame cracked within a couple of months. The cracking issue made me a bit hesitant about ektelon racquets although I must say that the O3 red seemed to be sturdier to me. In the end I did not choose this racquet mainly because it felt a little too light for my style of play. But if you are looking for a light weight racquet I would recommend this one.
From: Saleem, Avenel, NJ, USA, 07/13
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory

Comments:  Good racquet as long as it lasts . . . which is not very long!  I am on my third racquet since purchasing new 9/2012. The first two racquets broke at one of the ports on the side of the racquet (about 9 o'clock).  One was replaced by Ektelon, but replacement was denied for the second racquet.  i am currently playing with a third 03 Red and the paint is starting to chip at the 9 o'clock hole which means failure is imminent.  Two of my racquetball opponents have also had this racquet break at the 9 o'clock hole.  if you hit hard, you will need a stronger racquet than this one.
From: Mark, High Springs, FL, USA, 07/13
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: I've been playing with the Ektelon O3 Speedport Red for about 2 years and have found it very durable; this is my racquet of choice. I use the Head Megablast 16g string because it seems to last longer than anything else I've tried. I'm not crazy about the strings playability but I'm all about stuff that lasts.
From: Britt, Spring, TX, USA, 06/13
Skill-level: A/B
String type and tension: Head Megablast 16G 33 lbs

Comments: Don't know what PA and OR are talking about. This is a great racquet. I've had it for two years and it has improved my game tremendously. I will recommend it to anyone as a starter racquet if you're taking the game seriously.    
From: Rafael G., Sarasota, FL, USA, 06/13
String type and tension: 14m 17x.,30+4lb 14+2kg

Comments: I have always played Ektelon but my experience with the O3 and Speedport series racquets has been horrible. Frames begin to crack at the top corners (both sides) and soon break. Local racquet shop has a bucket of broken Ektelons with the same fractures. Switched to Head without a single problem.
From: Tim E., Eugene, OR, USA, 11/12
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Prince Lightning XX 17 34 lbs

Comments: Love the way it played but hated the fact that after 2 months of playing the racquet will snap in half. I then sent the racquet back and received a new one. The new racquet with in 2 months broke also in the same spot, that spot is at the 3 or 9 position. This racquet frame is terrible. Now I'm looking for a new racquet to try, looking forward to trying the Wilson K Boom.
From: Davie Q., Bethlehem, PA, USA, 11/12
Skill-level: A/B
String type and tension: Prince Lightning XX 17 34 lbs