Tecnifibre E-Matrix 17 String
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A Tennis Warehouse exclusive! E-Matrix offers the comfort and feel benefits of a multifilament at a more modest price than other Tecnifibre strings. Multifilament construction, combined with polyurethane produce a comfortable, responsive string. Thinner gauge provides even better feel and more ball bite.
  • Gauge: 17 (1.24 mm)
  • Length: 39 feet
  • Available colors: Natural only

Please note that the artwork on the back of the package is for a solid core synthetic gut. This is incorrect. This is a multifilament string.

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Comments: I have a small stringing business and this is the first and last time that I will ever use this string. This string shell/cover was falling apart while I was stringing the racquet. These may play well for some players, but you can bet your stringing guy hates you for puting these strings in your racquet.
From: L10-11. 2/16

Comments: I'm not a fan of these strings. I have played with NRG2 for a couple of years and tried these out to save a few dollars. It turned out to be a bad choice. The balls that I usually hit with confidence that land in the court go long with these strings. There is not much feel and the spin potential is much less than with NRG2. They do last a bit longer before breaking, but I actually want them to break so i don't have to use them anymore. They move quite a lot and you are always adjusting the strings. I can't wait to go through the 6 sets I purchased so I can go back to using a good string. I would not recommend these.
From: Jeff, 8/15

Comments: Definitely feels that it can rival the X-One! Soft but crisp (on my Prince 100T!) and ample amounts of power. I didn't experience any break in time. Played great freshly strung. I have gone through 4 sets of strings now. I play with a lot of topspin but I don't hit quite that hard. They all lasted about 4 hours before I felt that I was losing control. After that, the string got worse very fast. I usually change string at that point but I wanted to see how far I could take it. None of the strings made it to 7 hours. This is not only a cheap string, but consistent!
From: GW, 8/15

Comments: This is by far the worst string I've ever played with. I put a full bed into my three K90s at 50/48 lbs, all three broke after two hours of play. No feeling at all -- the strings moved a lot, no power. Then I strung at 57/53 lbs and this time they lasted a little bit longer, but still played poorly. I would not recommend this string to anyone. Seems like the quality is cheap.
From: Marian, 8/15

Comments: I found that this string played fairly well and was durable. The price is great. My only complaint is my tennis elbow pain slightly returned after playing with these strings. Enduring ongoing Tennis Elbow about a year ago began my quest to find a new string. I was looking for comfort, playability, good feel, durability, and affordability. I feel a review like this would have been very helpful to me, so I decided to post my findings so perhaps I could help others find their string. I string my own racquets at 59 lbs. All the strings I evaluated were 17 gauge. I play 4-6 hours per week at a 4.5 level.
From: Darryl, 2/14

Comments: Many of my clients are requesting this after I put it in a few of my frames and let them hit with it. Works great as a cross in hybrid and as entire bed for my mild hitting clients. Reallllllly, reallllly a pain in the butt when stringing since it kinks easier than natural gut. The price is great and I will continue to use despite the kinking difficulties.
From: Rich, USA, 1/12
NTRP: 3.5-4.0

Comments: I have switched from NRG2 to E-matrix, as they play similar, but since Matrix is two times cheaper, I can restring it twice more often. So I play with fresh strings twice as long for same money. And yes, of course I have stringing machine, or else it would not make any sense.
From: Eugene. 6/11

Comments: The only cons on this one is the durability. I pre-streched the string and use it only on the crosses with any poly on the mains to make the stringbed more comfortable. I had no problem during the string job. This is a very good choice if you have elbow problems and if you are not a string breaker.
From: Luis, San Juan, Puerto Rice, 10/10

Comments: After 4 tournament sets (couple of hours of play), these strings lost a ton of tension, and I pre- stretched before stringing. String kinks very easily while stringing. They had very good feel, I just wish they would have held tension a little better. Wilson Sensation are still the most durable, best at holding tension multi that I've used to date, and I've tried many.
From: Ryan, San Francisco Bay Area, Ca 4.5 player 03/10

Comments: This string lacks durability but it makes up so much for playability, power, control, feel. It cups the ball so well. Probably one of the best playable strings you can get out there but I'm just too lazy to restring it too often because it breaks so fast (less than 3 hours). If you are not a string breaker, you have to try this out.
From: Q, Anaheim, CA, USA. 02/10

Comments: Very disappointing string. Less feel than expected, far less than Luxilon Big Banger 17g. Inconsistent performance, I found more shots going long AND short. Awful sound to the string, many shots I would look at the strings, convinced I snapped one (if only!). I used these today for 3 hours and I can tell it will break within the next hour of play, so durability is poor. Finally, a mild case of tennis elbow is now, after 3 hours, severe and throbbing! I get longer life from even Gosen 18g Synthetic Gut, and far better performance and is easier on the arm. Heck, the Luxilon Big Banger Poly does not bother the arm. Frankly I hope these break on my first hit tomorrow so I can move on! That is assuming I can swing a racquet tomorrow with this tennis elbow
From: Steve, Lincoln, NE, USA 09/09

Comments: These strings have a soft lively feel. Good for slice, but I think you lose some power hitting flat shots. I typically use Wilson NXT Tour 16g at 56 lbs in my Dunlop Aerogel 300. But I like these strings better. Hasn't broken yet in only three hours. I string my own rackets so will probably try some more.
From: Russell, Sandy, UT, USA. 2/09

Comments: It's too bad they don't make this string in an 18 gauge because I think this is a great set once you get used to it. It's a bit sticky when stringing but you can definitely feel it stick to the ball once you have it strung. It offers great topspin and control with lots of power for big swingers.
From: Ferdie, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2/09

Comments: I only had a chance to play with this string once, but I do have some comments on the stringing. This is probably the second-most elastic string I've ever strung (I've never strung natural gut, though). It leads me to believe that there must be nothing but a lot of microfilaments that are wound together. A lot of the cheap multifilaments don't have a whole bunch of filaments, and they aren't wound together. This combination will produce an ultra playable string that performs as good or better than a lot of the top multis. Unfortunately, it will have more polyurethane and low durability. It would be good if you have your own stringing machine and don't mind restringing often. If you don't break strings, it might be a good bang for your buck to enlarge the sweetspot and add some power and spin. These would also be good crosses in a hybrid. If they lose tension quickly, they probably were not prestretched enough, which is common on these types of strings that need it more. Definitely worth trying at $5 a set.
From: Scott, Topeka, KS, USA. 2/08

Comments: A high performance string at a budget price! Excellent feel and power. Make sure you practice with it for 15 minutes prior to a match to bed in. A pain to string with as it often kinks.
From: Justin, Adelaide, SA Australia 04/06

Comments: This string has great playability. I have strung it at 58lbs in my PS 7.1 Zone, and the racquet played the best ever. Everything was there, power, spin, great ball pocketing. But it lasted just two hours. I wanted to experience the feel again, so I put another set in - same story. I tried it as main with PSGD cross - not good and broke in 1 hour anyway. Tried it as a cross with PSGD - not bad feel, but lasted just 3 hours. I have still got 3 sets left, but will not install it, with great regret. It might be good for my wife who has flatter strokes, it's not worth it for me.
From: Zverev - from the Talk Tennis message boards. 2/06

Comments:This string had ok feel, but it broke in less than an hour and a half of drilling. With a five- dollar price, I don't think that it is economical at all, although if you never break strings, it would be a great deal for its feel. I string my raquets at 60 lbs. I have a serve and volley game, but I do hit with excess spin, causing string to break faster.
From: Ryan, Birmingham, Alabama USA 10/18

Comments:For the price, a great string. A multifilament string that when pre-stretched, holds its tension quite well and plays sweet. In my opinion, very much like Wilson Sensation 17 only cheaper.
From: Frehley
Chanlder, AZ 10/05

Comments: I like this string. It has nice control, is inexpensive, and hasn't broken prematurely. My standard string is Gosen micro OG 17.
From:Peter City, State, Country: Coos Bay, Oregon Prince Thunderlite mp 4.0 all courter

Comments: This string has great feel, however, it broke really fast and what's weird is that it broke on the crosses not the mains. That is the first time I ever have done that. But it holds the tension good and I liked the way it hits. I've been having shoulder problems before and this string seemed to have helped lessen that problem.
From: George, Port Lavaca, TX, USA 05/05

Comments: This string isn't so great. It feels rather harsh for a multifilament, not very forgiving, and its durability is horrible. It popped in less than 10 hours, and I have only played tennis for a year!
From: Derek, San Francisco, CA, USA. 9/04

Comments: The string feels great but lasts only a week and a half. I play 6 hours each week plus some hard serve practice. I am a hard hitter but not a spin expert. Hybrid with OG Micro 17 can last 5 times longer. The first set with hybrid feels goofy but the overall feel of hybrid is about 8 of 10. I usually string my C10 Pro 98 at 62 lbs.
From: Harry, IL, USA. 08/04

Comments: The string felt fantastic coming off of the racquet. I bought three sets and used it first in a Wilson hyper 6.1. Sadly it broke within 3 hours of playing. I then tried it in a blend with Gosen Aramix 18. It lasted for about 6 hours before breaking on the crosses. I now have it in a 6.1 stretch and it has lasted for nearly 10 hours but is on the verge of breaking. I compare it to Prince More Feel (a twelve dollar string). The bottom line is that if you are looking for good feel and playability without outlandish prices, the E- Matrix is for you.
From: Caleb, Marysville, OH, USA. 6/04

Comments: I love this string except for the durability. It lasted almost 3 hours of playing for me. I use the Fischer Pro Extreme FT and I use lots of topspin and I hit hard. I would like to buy it in a reel if they have it (Matt, reels are due in on 5/31, TW Staff). I prefer the string to break rather than be dead when you play with it. Used in a Fischer Pro Extreme FT @ 58lbs
From: Matt, Hermitage, PA, USA. 5/04

Comments: E-matrix has become my string of choice. It holds tension extremely well (I strung a racquet 6 months before I got to play with it and it didn't lose any tension, and it holds tension until it breaks), soft string, great playability, great cost, but it breaks relatively easy. Its playability is great and consistent throughout the string lifetime. For me, this is the best string given all the constraints: playability, tension loss, money and breakage time.
From: Alin, College Station, TX, USA. 4/04

Comments: This string provides great playability for the price. I string the racquets myself, the string feels soft in hand. Got to be careful not to create notches during stringing. I bought two sets. The first set has lasted almost two weeks and now, it is ready to break. It seems the E-Matrix 17 works very well with the carbon spring on my Catapult 3. I string it at 55-56 lbs. Considering the price and playability, I have placed an order for a reel.
From: Harry, IL, USA. 3/04 p>Comments: The playability is good. It�s easy on the arm, but it did not last long. It broke in about 3 hours of play. I used this on a TOUR 90 at 58 lbs.
From: Joaquin, FL, USA. 2/04

Comments: This string has good spin, power, and is great for the price. It also is easy on the arm. I bought four sets because I wanted a soft multifilament string that is cheap. The only downside is that it does lose tension after 8 to 10 hours of play. Considering its low price, most people can afford to restring with it every two to three weeks.
From: Tuan, Houston, TX, USA. 11/03

Comments: I have played with 2 packages of the 17 gauge. The first broke after 20-25 hours which was about 50-60% of the time that I usually get from Tecnifibre NRG2 17 gauge. I am still about 10-12 hours into the 2nd package. The playability is good but not as good as the NRG2, but comparable with Gamma TNT, and a better price. Spin is about the same but power is slightly less. I use a Pro Kennex,5G @ 63lbs, 4.5 all court game.
From: Paul, Burbank, CA, USA. 9/03

Comments: Good balance of playability and durability. I have tried 2 and they broke at 12 and 14 hours approx. The string has good resiliency and good feel but spin is not optimal. It�s solid core with multifilament outer wrap is similar to Gamma TNT and Wilson Sensation Ice. It plays softer than the TNT but not as resilient. When considering its price is half of the TNT, it's hard to beat at its value. I recommend it to those who like softer feel with good playability and feel that won't cost you an arm and a leg.
From: Jeffrey, San Jose, CA, USA. 4/03

Comments: These strings are probably one of the best strings for the money. It�s perfect on the hard forehands yet it has the touch for the drop shot, and you can�t count out the perfect volleys. The only thing that I found wrong with them was that they would break within 6 hours, good if you have your own stringer. But they are only 17g. So if you are going to buy synthetic gut, might as well buy these.
From: Long, Lake Balboa, CA, USA. 3/03