Forten Synthetic Gut Sweet 17 String
Sweet 16 offers good value and durability in a basic Synthetic Gut. This string provides a lively response with good tension maintenance.
  • Gauge: 17 (1.20 mm)
  • Length: 38 feet
  • Available colors: Gold, Natural, White
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Comments: Wow -- super impressed for a string with such a low price point. Use it in a full bed at around 60 lbs on a Volkl. The feel is sensational and it offers nice spin as well. Just mated it with poly mains (Isospeed Hybrid Control) and I am still evaluating, but so far so good. Definitely try this string if you like a soft feel at a great price point.
From: PG, 6/16

Comments: Awesome string to use for a cross string. I would not recommend a full bed for players hitting with topspin, but would make for a great cross string to give a little more zip to the ball. I have blended this with Gamma Moto and Luxilon Alu Power, both set ups feel really good! With the price of this string, I think purchasing the 17g is worth the added benefit of the string despite the durability. I am a former collegiate tennis player and now coach. I use this as a cross string personally often and use in many of my student's racquets.
From: Andrew, 3/16

Comments: I got a reel of this to try out, and I figured, if I don't like it, at least I can practice stringing with it. I love it! It is very soft, and elastic, which translates into comfortable. Great cross for poly hybrids, it softens and takes the sting out of most polys. Anyone I have strung this for has loved it. Comparing it to Gosen and Prince synthetics, it is less crisp, but has the same playability. They are all good strings, it just depends what you are looking for. Great string, get a reel if you string racquets. I like the 17 more than the 16, as it is easier to get spin, and is a little livelier. Get the 16 if you need more durability.
From: John, 9/15

Comments: Unless you're getting paid to play on tour, most mortals can deal with this string. It's cheap, comfortable and durable. I laugh at folks who spend a lot on string and then ask what I have in my racquet. They are blown away!
From: Lynn, 6/15

Comments: I am a senior 55+ player and play with this in an oversize Head Microgel frame at 57 lbs and it's awesome. Easy on the elbow and great feel. Ball pockets very nicely and it provides ample spin to get the ball up and away. Sweet 17 will allow you to take, with confidence, a full cut from the baseline and it's very crisp on the volley. Durability is decent, but not great. I get about 10 sets (or 7 hours), on average, out of each string job. For me, the price makes the frequent stringing tolerable. This string is one of the best values out there.
From: John, 10/14

Comments: Like the white the best. I guess it is the coating on it but it is a little more firm and it plays great. One of the best bargains on the market! Soft and arm friendly, good pop and good durability for a syn gut!
From: Cf, 3/14

Comments: This is my favorite string to hybrid with a spinny co-poly. It really softens the string bed and enhances feel. It also really helps if you have arm problems.
From: Ron, 11/13

Comments: Look no further, this is the best string you can get if you like a comfortable feel. It's only $3 but plays like none of the other basic synthetics and I would even compare this string to more expensive multis like Gamma Professional or Babolat Excel or Technifibre NRG, really! Try it for yourself, it's worth it!
From: Pete, 10/13

Comments: I like to keep it simple and I love great quality. It is the last piece to bridge me and my racquet closer, makes me feel like I'm holding a magic wand. This is a very playful string, I'm having fun on the court like a kid! It is just like the Nike Oscillate, the best you can get. I play the 17g indoors and the 16g on clay. I have been reading all the comments so many times and I just had to share and express myself.
From: Manvir, 3/13

Comments: I have to say that for the money, this string is awfully hard to beat. Good power and control. Somewhere between the softness of a multi and a stiffer sythetic. Very good balance.
From: Mike, 2/13

Comments: I used PSGD faithfully for years, but it always felt a little too stiff for my liking. I now use Forten Sweet 17, and I really enjoy its feel, pop, and comfort. I hope they continue to make this string for years to come.
From: K.R., 12/12

Comments: I really really like this string! It is a great bargain and a great string. I use it in a hybrid in the crosses, but have used it in a full string bed too. I loved the feel of a full string bed but the strings moved too much for my liking, but it felt so sweet! But I continually use it in crosses. It is soft and springy, giving great feel and helping the poly in the mains to hold tension. Get this stuff! awesome!
From: C.F., 11/12

Comments: I have this on the crosses at 52 pounds with MSV Focus Hex 1.23 on the mains on my HEAD MG Radical MP. The feel and control is unbelievable. And a lot of pop and power too. I have been using Prince Syn Gut w/ Duraflex 17 on the crosses but now its history.
From: Tuts, 7/12

Comments: After playing for 2 years with Sensation and RIP Control my daughter (12 y.o. tour player) tried Sweet 17 and now she doesn't want to move to any other strings. Strung it at 50 lb. mains / 49 lb. crosses on a Wilson BLX Blade Team and the result is plush, tender to the arm, and great working for a girl stick. Great, great string for a greatest price! Thank you, Forten!
From: Greg, 7/12

Comments: Closest you will get to natural gut, but 30x cheaper! Great with a full set, but AWESOME in a hybrid! GET IT NOW!
From: Kevin, 3/12

Comments: I have used quite a variety of high end high dollar string in my head i165 racquetball racquets, dont want to mention other product names but they cover the top 3 brands, I have not found anything that plays better than the sweet 17 that I strung up tonight. The racquet is amazing with this string power and control are both there even at 35lbs there is no harshness and plenty of power, I have several of the same racquets strung with diff strings all strung on the same machine so I can side by side compare, I will have to do a follow up review on durability. But if someone tells you this is not a racguetball string I say BS. I only wish I ordered more to try in my E-Force racquets.

From: Mark, Naples, FL, USA, 12/11

Comments: I've been using the Forten's Sweet 17/16 string for over twelve years. I have tried other strings, but none could justify their cost when compared to the Forten. Some were as good but for a much higher price. I did find one string that played as good as the Forten sweet 17, and it was made by Head. But that string was much more per set. Forten's cost is way cheaper.
I switched to the 16 gauge, from the 17 gauge string when I lost access to a stringer, which meant that I had to pay to have my racket restrung. The 16 gauge played the same as the 17, but more durable. Maybe slightly, very slightly stiffer, as to be expected with a thicker string, but nevertheless, it was a very, very soft feeling string.
The "Sweet" series string plays very nicely. It's not that far off, in feel, from natural gut. It is easy on the arm. It holds the ball on the strings very well, and provides great power. And it is fairly durable considering its playability.
Now that I have my own stringing machine (Ektelon Model "H"... Woooohoooo I love that machine), I am switching back to the 17 gauge.
Give this string a try. It is the most under celebrated string out there. I cannot say enough great things about this string. I am a 4.0-4.5 player, so I can tell the difference between different strings. I've tried the Luxilon, and after a few weeks, my elbow and wrist began feeling sore. As soon as I went back to the Forten Sweet 16/17 string, the soreness went away.
As I said, give this string a try. It feels almost like gut string. It may not be as durable as other strings, but then again, no string that has good feel is going to be durable.
From: Jerry, Odessa, TX, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have to add to my last post...They break easily and I am not a breaker. So far the 16g has lasted and plays just as well.
I play a full set on my LM4. They are as good as everybody says. I was very skeptical but tried them anyway. They are soft, comfortable, spin producing, and have some pop. I recommend them without hesitation.
From: Marc, USA. 06/10

Comments: Performs best at lower tensions, as the crosses in a hybrid with tough polys. Great comfort and control. GREAT comfort.
From: Ralph, NYC, NY, USA. 5/10

Comments: This is one of the best values around in tennis. Very soft synthetic gut that is a great cross in any hybrid setup. Don't waste your money on natural gut or a multifilament since you'll end up cutting it out after a few hours of hitting when the poly goes dead.
From: David, Kettering, OH. 2/09

Comments: Favorite Hybrid, Pro Hurricane Tour in mains, natural gut in crosses, in Microgel Prestige Mid. M: 56lbs X: 54lbs. Thought I'd try Forten Sweet 17 in crosses to save money and was amazed, just as good as natural gut at 1/5th the price, I will stick with it.
From: Rudy, Glenwood, NM, USA, 11/08

Comments: Been using many poly hybrids such as CyberFlash, ALU BB, and others hybrided with a variety of syn gut and multis. Eventually experienced forearm soreness, so decided to go back to full syn gut. After much experimentation, gave the Forten Syn Gut Sweet 17 a go as a full job. Didn't expect much as the price suggests a lower performing string. What a pleasant surprise! Wonderfully soft string offering excellent dwell time and subsequent great control and touch. Very good controlled power and the confidence to hold shots on the stringbed and place with great accuracy on the court. Spin ability a little lower than many strings and more string movement than I'd like, but these minor negatives do not detract too much from the Sweet.. Summing up, an excellent string offering a high level of playability in a full bed at a very low price. Try them, you won't be disappointed.
From: John, Brisbane, Australia, 10/08

Comments: I used this on my Ntour 90 Full String Job at 63lbs yup 63, and guess what? This string beats Lux ALu fluoro 17 in my opinion. It gives the soft feel even at high tension. Just be carefully not to over clamp this string due to its already freaking thin to start with. Overall satisfied with the result, but snapped after 11 hours of usage. I'm a strong 4.5 and this string is good if you string for yourself, like me.
From: Anon, 10/08

Comments: I've played with a lot of different string over the years including Babolat and Klip natural gut; various hybrids including Luxilon and Babolat polyesters. It's strange to me that Forten Sweet 16 and 17 are as good or better in playability, power, control and feel than anything I've used. It feels so much like Babolat gut to me with a little more power. I always go back to it, and it's my string of choice. I am baffled as to why it's not used more on tour. I know it's used a lot by college players. Maybe Forten doesn't offer sponsorships to pros. Durability is good in warm temperatures, but it can break more easily in colder weather. It's also great used as a cross string with polyesters and kevlar. As for the price, incredible!
From: Nick, Utah, California and Greece! 1/08

Comments: I use this as a cross string in my Head MG MP, and it's perfect. I use Kirschbaum Proline II at 53lbs and this at 57. Durability, spin, control, and comfort, with emphasis on comfort, are great. I too, have tried all the hyped up "expensive" strings, and this is just as good. Don't take my word for it though, try it out for yourself. 4.5 all court-er, hit flat and with heavy spin on both wings and on serve.
From: Ed, Boston, MA, USA, 09/07

Comments: Good control, spin, durability, and comfort. I am using a Wilson Tour 90, where string spacing affects and extends durability. Cheap compared to most multi-filament strings without much difference in performance. I will be using this string for now until a cheaper but better performance string appears. My wallet is tired of those expensive over- hyped high-tech multi's.
From: Danny, Calamba, Philippines. 7/07

Comments: These strings are as soft as cooked spaghetti. Sweet 17 is like butter! I have these strings at 54 in my crosses with Hurricane 18 mains at 52 in my Volkl Catapult V1 MP. This is a comfortable spin machine at these tensions. Sweet 17 is the softest cross string I've found.
From: Charles, Las Vegas, NV, USA. 6/07

Comments: Great string for the money. Plays soft, and lively, but it is fantastic as a cross string on hybrid stringing. Best hybrid combo is Babolat Pro Hurricane on main or Luxilon TiMO on main with this string on crosses. The Forten syn. gut 17 really helps soften polyester strings and make them more easier on the arms. I'm an all court 4.0 player, and play with POG mid. I string at 57 lbs., main and crosses.
From: Mores, Sun Valley, CA, USA. 03/05