Gearbox Mono Premium String
Gearbox Mono Premium string offers great durability and control. A perfect string for frequent string breakers and players with a lot of power behind their swings.
  • Gauge: 17 & 18
  • Length: 45 feet (12m)
  • Composition: Solid Nylon 66 Core wrapped with Nylon 66 Filaments, covered with a Nylon 66 sheath.
  • Available colors: White, Black
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Comments: This string came stock on the Gearbox 1.0 170Q racquet I just bought. During my 2nd or 3rd game I had one mis-hit (to me, a mis-hit is anything outside the sweet spot) and the string broke. I am a hard hitter and most of my breaks have come from off-center shots. If you're known to be a ball-crusher, then you may want to invest in something more durable.
From: Geoff, Concord, CA, USA, 07/13
Skill-level: A

Comments: 18g GB Mono is my favorite string. Just stiff enough for extreme control on all shots. Hard shots and drive serves go where I want. Lob serve placement is very very consistent. Really shines on touch shots. Easy to find the length of the court as well. I thought mono would be too harsh, but I was wrong. In all, I find that I'm much more consistent with these than any other strings I've tried and I attribute that to having a string bed that behaves the same no matter when, where and how I strike the ball. Thanks GB!!
From: Josh, 01/13
Skill-level: B

Comments: I've been using this string for a while now. Plays great and has great durability. I have several hard hitting open level players that I string for and haven't had much trouble with breakage. Great string for the money.
From: Shawn, Joplin, MO, USA, 03/12

Comments: Amazing control and powerful...yet soft feel. HUGE upgrade from factory Premium Mono. Have not felt this good of a string since Technifibre's best HPR 505.
From: Antonio, 06/11
Skill-level: B