Gamma Live Wire Professional 17 String
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Live Wire Professional 17 offers "Gut-like performance in a multifilament string." Includes 50% more Live Wire Iso-Elastic Fibers, which increases resiliency and elasticity, and 20% more High Impact Urethane Resin for improved vibration dampening.PEEK Abrasion Resistant Fibers help increase string life and contribute to a crisp, solid feel. More spin friendly but slightly less durable than its 16 gauge counterpart.

  • Gauge: 17 (1.25mm)
  • Length: 40 feet (12.2 meters)
  • Available colors: Natural
  • NOTE: Gamma's performance guarantee only applies if racquet is strung by Tennis Warehouse.

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Comments: I love this string! I have been playing with this for about 3 years. I wanted to try natural gut but it was too expensive. I switched from Prince synthetic gut to this string -- it's softer, gives you more "pop" and you do not lose spin. Be patient, it may take about 3-4 times to get use to controling the ball and you may have to alter your string tension. I increased my string tension by 2 lbs. The extra pop is amazing.
From: Sullivan, 7/14

Comments: I really liked this string and the most noticeable feature was its relatively soft structure. It elimated an annoying pain in my elbow, so Im really happy about that. Its spin potential was good at first, but it dropped tension quite fast and the spin seemed to have lessen over time. I strung it at 62 lbs and in about 6 weeks the strung popped in my bag. It definitely is one of the fastest string breakers string I have played with.
From: GJD, 10/13

Comments: My daughter just turned 8. Elite U12 tournament player. She has been using this string for about 3 months. Very soft and responsive. She plays 6 times a week. I change her strings every 3 weeks. Worth the money for both performance and to protect her elbow. I am a 5.0 and have hit with these strings as well. Better than other player strings such as sensation, X-one, etc.
From: John, 4/13

Comments: I am a 3.0 Player and have played tennis for 15 years. As multifilaments go, gamma professional live wire 17g is the best on the market bar none ! It has the most power and control you get in any string besides Babolat vs 16.G natural gut. Gamma Professional 17g generates a lot of power just like Babolat natural gut, so if you hit the ball huge then I would not recommend it, but if you hit with medium power then Gamma Professional 17g would be fine for you.The texture of this string makes great topspin, backspin and slice. I hit amazing drop shots with this string and amazing big serves that go in. The strings tension maintenance is good,. All in all a great string for the price.
From: Clifton. 7/11

Comments: Not Impressed! For $20; there are strings cheaper that have better play, feel, power, control, etc... During stringing the strings behaved like a rubber band (stretching and wanting to stretch more). Strung at 59# but did not feel like 59#. Strings moved around a lot during the first 1 to 2 hours of play. If you want soft & cushiony strings - try Wilson NXT Tour. If you want slightly firmer/crisper feel try Tecnifibre X-One.
From: Anon, LA, CA, 10/10

Comments: Strung on a Head LM Radical MP @ 57#. Only played for a couple hours now, but very soft, feels like butter. Decent pop, but I wouldn't say powerful. The great feel and control allow you to really extend your swing and hit out if you have that kind of swing in your repertoire. Might be my new favorite...
From: Dave, Jersey Shore, NJ, 4.0. 8/10

Comments: These strings are very comfortable and plush, but lack a crispness compared to Tecnifibre X-one Biphase. The strings also do not move compare to Biphase, but at $20 per set, Tecnifibre Biphase is a much better value.
From: Prostaff, SF, CA, USA. 03/10

Comments: I've tried many strings and am very picky about how they play. I was using Tecnifibre NRG 17, but moved around to much and decent ball bite. I then switched to Wilson NXT 17 and they move around less, but did not have very good ball bite. I then tried these and have to say wow, what a really nice feel, very good ball bite and they don't move around all that much. I use to use Gamma live wire XP many years ago, but switched to several strings over the years. I believe these are better than XP Live Wire 17's and only wish I would have found these sometime ago.
From: Neal, Thousand Oaks, CA, US, 4.0 12/09

Comments: A great string that provides excellent feel on the ball, but I only got 15 hours of play out of them. This would be my favorite string were it not for the complete lack of durability.
From: Dave, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 9/09

Comments: I haven't been a big fan of multi-filament strings in the past, but after my arm started to hurt from over-playing in May and June with nothing but full poly, I gave Gamma Professional 17 a try, and have been very impressed. Control, comfort, and feel are all very good. I'm not having much of a problem with string movement or wear so far, either -- certainly no more than would be expected of a multi.
From: Rich, Massapequa, NY, USA, 09/09

Comments:The best string on the market. I have tried tons of strings, this is the very best. Not for string breakers, if cost is an issue. If you can find a better string please let me know what it is because I sure can't fine one.
From: Michael, Rochester Hills, MI USA 06/09

Comments: Love it! Just over 20 hours of hitting and is only now showing signs of wear...BUT!... that's only because for the last hour I was playing with very damp balls (playing in very light rain). Superb feel and accuracy. My (previously) half- hearted drop-shots became unreachable, and I was doing lots of line-dusting down the sidelines. Definitely worth the price.
From: Andrew, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 4/09

Comments: This string is the worst string ever! It moves like crazy, way too much power and breaks every 6 hours. Prince Premier with softflex is way better in every aspect and it's basically half the price.
From: anon. 3/09

Comments: My stringer suggested this string, as I had been using Wilson NXT 17, and I can say that I am very impressed. It holds its tension much longer and I play in temperatures ranging from 18 degrees F up to triple digit heat. I don't usually string my racquets during a couple of winter months as we play outside in sub freezing weather and I was amazing that the string didn't lose much tension, certainly better than the NXT I played with last winter. I string my Prince racquets at the max (62 lbs) mains are still what they were strung at couple of months ago. The cross strings have dropped to about 50 - 55, but in the very cold outdoor weather that is fine for now til it gets warmer. I found that the "pop" I got off of the volleys was much better. I got more spin and pace without sacrificing control on volleys. The groundstrokes felt pretty much the same. I am a retired figure skating coach and know the equipment is so very important and have experimented a bit. Being I play in all sorts of weather driving between Flagstaff, Sedona, and Phoenix at all times of the year, I found this string to really stand up to various climates playing 5 days a week. I can say it exceeded my expectations I have not had string that will hold its tension very long. Certainly a good jump from Wilson NXT.
From: Fay, Flagstaff, AZ, USA. 2/09

Comments: I had Gamma (ATS Sports) string my new racket with these strings. They hit great for about a dozen sets and then they lost tension. I'm going to try Revelation, but if that doesn't work I'll probably go back to my go to strings, Gamma Gut II mains and Gamma More Power crosses.
From: Roddy, 3.5 Player, Wildomar, CA, USA. 8/08

Comments: I keep coming back to this string. I can't quit it. Played with everything else, x-1, nrg2, x-cel, nxt tour, alu rough, klip's excellerator, heads' c3 rocket, gosen's og sheep micro. If I could keep a decent set of gut on my frame longer than a week without breakage, I would. This string has the balance between everything you could want. Worth the $.
From: A.L., Germantown, MD, USA, 04/08

Comments: Finally tried this string yesterday. Wow! Amazing feel and softness. I have never played with such a "player's" string before. It's time to dump my terrible Gamma TNT strings in the garbage and start buying this high quality string. String is amazing, combines great feel, touch, control and precision.
From: David, Portland, Oregon. 4/08
4.5- Grinder

Comments: If you like the playability but want more durability out of this string, get it strung in the crosses of a hybrid. It goes extremely well with Luxilon Big Banger Original 16. This combination is actually cheaper per stringing when compared to playing with full Gamma Professional 17.
From: Andrew, Ringgold, GA, USA. 11/07

Comments: Last year I went through a ton of different strings in search of a perfect product. Some strings gave me power and some gave me touch but none really satisfied. Sometime around the indoor season, I tried this string. Man, what a difference. When I want power, they deliver. When I want touch ... well, my opponents can't stand my drop shot. I don't think about strings any more. And that's the point really. You want to focus on your game, not on your equipment. I play 4-5 times a week and they last 4-6 weeks. I broke one string in six months.
From: Jeff, Lancaster, PA, USA, 06/07

Comments: I have been playing for 35 yrs. (4.5) I've been using Gamma Professional 17 G. for 6 mos. I string at the top of the recommended racket tension and it still plays great, not boardy. I love this string, sweet feel, good pop, I play 5 days a week all year round. String lasts about 6 wks.
From: Dan, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 12/06

Comments: This is a terrific string. I've only had it on for a week or so but so far, so good. I have a HEAD FXP Team Instinct and I had used the FXP strings that the manufacturer recommends but I found they lost their zing after just a few weeks and my arm started to hurt. This is my 4th string on this racquet since I bought it last year (I've experimented with the FXP 16 and 17 and Gamma 16 Live Wire.) This string is perfect for volleys and different types of spin. I haven't had a problem with spraying balls long, either. I would buy this again. I'm a 3.0 player who plays at least 4x a week throughout the year.
From: Tara, Ellicott City, MD, USA. 11/06

Comments:I have been playing tennis for many years, and I just recently tried these strings. They gave me the power and feel that I wanted. Topspin with ease and enlarged sweet spot. Excellent value.
From: Alireza
Newport Beach, CA, USA. 10/05

Comments: I don't think it's more powerful than natural gut but it definitely is powerful. Natural gut holds tension better than any other string, which may be related to the illusion of less power, when in reality other strings just lose tension. I don't think it's that spin friendly.
From: John, Los Altos, CA, USA. 9/05

Comments: Used Gamma Professional for the past year. Enlarges the sweet spot. Improved serve consistency and pace. Most importantly, eliminated history of fatigue and soreness of elbow and shoulder. I had good durability with it, restringing every 3 months. Worth the price.
From: Jim, 3.5,Tampa, Florida

Comments: More power than natural gut, same sweet feel, lasts 3 or 4 times longer, GREAT VALUE for the $20.
From: Phil, Corona, CA, USA. 04/05

Comments: I am a varsity high school freshman (3.5-4.0) and I used this string for a while. It was a very, very good string and it was easy to get a lot of topspin. However, it broke after less than a month, and I was very upset. Good for upper level players that restring often.
From: David, Rice Lake, WI, USA. 5/03