HEAD Tacki-mac Serrated MT Rubber Racquetball Grips

The HEAD Tacki-mac Serrated MT Rubber Grip provides outstanding traction in any playing condition.

  • Thickness: 2mm at the top, 3mm at the base
  • Grip Adhesive: Included
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Comments: Love the Tacki Mac grip, all around best grip ever. The issue is that I install a lot of grips for customers (I'm a racquet stringer), and my customers like diversity as in many different colors and I can now only find the serrated grip in black and white. A few years ago I was walking through a Wal-Mart and they were purging their inventory (that included a bunch of different colors of the serrated Mac grip) I bought all 37 for the bargain basement price of $37.00. Since, I have depleted that inventory and sadly have had to switch because of the lack of diversity. Too bad they don't make them with more colors. If anyone has a bunch they would like to get rid of that are a varied color palat, I'd buy them!!  Head, please open up and make them in an array of colors so I can satisfy my customers once again, Please....
From: Mark, Rochester, NH, USA, 12/14
Skill-level: A-Open 

Comments: I picked up this grip at a local store because I had to replace my Python and had to ship a new one here. I was excited to try it, hearing that they were thinner. Unfortunately, I sweat pretty hard, and this grip got so slippery with any moisture. I was changing my gloves mid-game and mis-hitting balls due to the grip slipping. If you aren't a sweaty person, definitely try this with a new, fresh glove. If you sweat at all, keep on moving.
From: Shawn, St. Louis, MO, USA, 09/14
Skill-level: C 

Comments: These Grips are so far the best for me after trying all rubber grips. Python grips are amazing but they will make your grip size too big and also will break all your gloves easily. If you do not mind buying some gloves occasionally, then you should consider Python. Now when talking about best grips we should take our hat off and think about the best grip, most durable, best comfort, and better looking grips. Head Tacki Mac Serrated are twice better than Head Tacki Mac IRT Pro. Even though when your hands are very wet, Serrated Grip will give the performance and results we are all looking for. I have tried the IRT Pro "What a mistake and waste of money". So, from now on I will keep using Head Tacki Mac Serrated. There is a reason why many others Top Players prefer These.
From: Omar, Miami, FL, USA, 10/12
Skill-level: B

Comments: Very thin grip compared to other rubber grips. Decent grip, but not as grippy as Python or anything with "teeth." Gloves will last longer when compared to a Python. Much better than a wrap, but I prefer the old Tacki-Mac (with "teeth"), the Head IRT, or Python for the most grip.
From: Jonathan, Tampa, FL, USA, 04/11
Skill-level: B

Comments: I just put this on my new Problem Child after the wrap hydrasorb grip slid out after my first game playing with it. I put this on a few minutes later and it was amazing. This grip is tacky and not as thick as a python which I like. It does not seem to wear out my gloves like a python - another plus. I have used a Python on all of my other Head racquets but no more. The Head MT is my new grip forever.
From: Andrew, St. Louis, MO, USA, 07/09