HEAD Great White 167 Racquet
HEAD Great White 167 Racquet
+ Demo Racquet

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This Racquetball Warehouse exclusive is unlike anything the racquetball community has ever seen before. As the only 167 gram racquet on the market, the Head Great White 167 racquet is a perfect fusion of power, maneuverability, and feel.  Head's engineers infused lightweight Innegra Technology into the best-selling carbon-composite Black Jack frame, introducing a more powerful swingweight to compliment the comfort and stability that players need. Finally, Corrugated Technology adds strength and stiffness to the throat, providing you with unmatched hitting power. With the Great White patrolling your court, opponents will run from your razor sharp game.

Unstrung Weight: 167g
Strung Weight: 186g
Strung Balance: 5 pts Head-Heavy
Strung Swingweight: 151
Factory String: HEAD MegaBlast 16 Black @ 34 lbs
Factory Grip: HEAD HydroSorb Wrap Grip White
Cover: Not included by manufacturer
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 16 Crosses
Mains skip: 8H
Two Piece
Shared Holes: 5H,6H,7H,9H
Head Size: 106 sq. in.
Head Shape: Teardrop
Racquet Length: 22 in.
Composition: Graphite

Comments: Just getting back into racquetball after years away.  I bought a couple E-force racquets (Invasion 190 & Command PowerFlex 190) based on some demos and lots of research showing that at 48 yrs old, I should be looking at something heavier to save the old arm. Not unhappy with the choices per se, as I'm really crushing the Invasion -- not always sure where it's going -- they just aren't the most maneuverable racquets. I read the reviews of the Great White here and was finally able to get one to demo.  I've only spent a few hours with it and it was so good, I was compelled to write a little review.  This racquet really does feel like it's a part of you -- just a natural fit.  It's a stiff feeling frame, but not off-putting in any way. There's plenty of power even in the back court where I'm trying to shoot balls I have no business shooting.  The control is what amazes me the most. With the Invasion, I have no idea what's going to happen when hitting it.  With the Great White, I know instantaneously where the ball's going because it's going right where I want it to.  The Great White reads my thoughts and hits the shot I want to hit.  The 167g weight is definitely not an issue for the arm.  It's got a nice, slightly head heavy feel that's so easy to get around the court with.  Price-wise, why would you consider anything else?  You'd be hard pressed to find a better racquet used, let alone brand, spanky new!  I'd be buying one or two right now if Santa hadn't nixed any purchases until Christmas! If you haven't demo'd one, do it now!  You won't be sorry!
From: Nollster, Dover, PA, USA, 08/14
Skill-level: still searching
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Just a quick update on my review below. I ordered and received two brand new Great White racquets and I'm VERY pleased to say that the new one I played with performed even better than the demo! It has a touch more power than the demo and yet has all the precise control still. They arrived in two days and were in the factory plastic with new tags and that new racquet smell. The smell of victory! lol I HIGHLY suggest you demo this racquet for yourself if your on the fence you won't be sorry in my experience and as the other reviewers here can attest. It can be a game changer for you as it was for me. Good luck and again I want to thank RbW for all their helpful advice with the many questions I had called about on a few different occasions. Outstanding customer service!  A truly amazing racquet that elevated my game to a level I honestly didn't think was possible in such a short amount of demo time! I played with all the racquets each day for at least 2 to 4 hours a day the entire week. I played in games of singles, doubles, and cutthroat with a variety of opponents of which none are any less than very good B players. The Great White was so much better for me than the other racquets so naturally I ended up playing with it the majority of the time totaling approx. 25-30 games. I literally lost one game I was involved in. That game was a singles match against my biggest rival on the court. He's been playing 20yrs. He's at least an A- B+ player who if we play 3 games usually will win 2 of the 3. However with the Great White I won 2 of 3 and the one loss I did have using the Great White was lost by a single point 14-15! (again one loss in all the matches of different varieties and opponents). Pretty much dramatic stuff for my game. Let me give a brief breakdown... Pros: Perfect blend of power, control, and maneuverability with looks that kill and the name Great White is perfect as it's a racquet that can strike fear in your opponents. Cons: I want to be critical but I really find no faults. The only thing I might say as a "negative" is that it's not THEE most powerful racquet I tried. Other than that I honestly cannot find any faults. In fact, a couple guys who did try it out are considering buying one now and were crushing the ball on their kill shots.  Bottom line: I could go on and on about how great Great White is...but this has been my experience with it and yours might be different of course. I'm ordering one. I allows me to play much faster, much more instinctual, even off-center shots turned into winners more often than not. Simply amazing and I'm not impressed I'm stunned at how good it is...again, for me. Like a natural extension of my arm, the ball goes where I want it too even at times when I'm out of position. It also feels lighter than the 160 BlackJack and the 165 Problem Child. The head heaviness is perfect for my swing speed. My arm feels great and as mentioned I've been killing it for a week straight every day. My backhand is my weakness but now it's already fast becoming something to have to deal with. I have touch, I have power galore, and I have superior maneuverability using the Great White. This is not a "gimmick" racquet as one of Racquetball Warehouse's on-line competitor website salesman tried to get me to believe! For the truth of the matter is clear to me now that being a Racquetball Warehouse "exclusive" at a unique 167 gram this is simply a well thought out, well designed beast of a racquet that Head and RbW have combined to develop. No wonder the "competition" was so keen to try and discredit RbW and their Great White! I also highly suggest using the demo program if your undecided on things. It worked to great result for myself and I'm a picky guy who has found his perfect racquet.THANK YOU SO MUCH RbW. Other demo racquets I used along with the Great White...Head Problem Child, Ares, and Scorpion. Also, I used other friends racquets which included Head BlackJack, Head Full House, Ektelon DRP 2500, Ektelon Re-ignite, Ektelon Cooper, a high end E-Force (which model name eludes me right now), and super light Wilson 145 model of some sort.
From: Tony, NJ, USA, 08/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: This racquet combines great power and maneuverability into one package.  The weight of the racquet enables me to hit a multitude of different shots, while the 5 point head-heaviness gives me great power.  This racquet has increased my game greatly and at the price, wasn't too painful on the wallet.  Thanks RbW and Head for a great product! 
From: Tony, Lansing, MI, USA, 05/14
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: if you like the Head Submission, you will love the Great White.
From: Tom, Fargo, ND, USA, 05/14
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: megablast, 34 

Comments: I was playing with an Ektelon EXO RG, which was nice but this head racquet is in a totally different league. Power and control are increased noticeably. The sweet spot seems to be huge and shots that happen to not be in the sweet spot still seem very good. I have played with a lot of racquets and this is by far the best racquet I have ever played with. I would recommend this racquet to anyone.
From: Cole, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA, 04/14
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Stock 

Comments: I had originally been playing with an Ektelon RG 03, but through RbW's used racquet program I ended up with a Head Black Jack. The maneuverability and ability to hit kill shots on the move had me attracted to it, but being a lower ability level the racquet didn't match up all the way. So I tried the Great White, and this was the perfect combination of power and maneuverability. The extra stiffness was originally offputting, but after spending some time with it I wouldn't have it any other way.  I've been hitting thunderous backhands like I never have before, and the heavier swingweight had not been enough to put me off like I had felt with my initial reactions. After the adjustment period, every aspect of my game has been enhanced power-wise, along with enhancing my weak gets to become acceptable. Obviously it's not enhancing my fundamentals and I still need work on my footwork, but this racquet is hands down the best I've swung after demos of the top of the line Gearbox, ProKennex, Ektelon and Head. As a C level player, this stick is pretty killer. But, I get the feeling if I were a higher level player, my opinion wouldn't change. I think I have a weapon that's going to be valuable to me for years to come, but for a fraction of the price.
From: Shawn, St. Louis, MO, USA, 04/14
Skill-level: C
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Just received two Great White Racquets. Nice looking white with flat charcoal color. The Spec's on the racquet, matches my style of play. Hits hard deep court with 5 point head heavy, with 151 swing weight, light enough for quick actions in front court. Best of all the price $$ RbW you have a winner here! thank you!
From: Yee C., O'Fallon, IL, USA, 04/14
Skill-level: Open
String type and tension: Factory for now, will upgrade to Tecnifibre 17 gauge multifilament 

Comments: I had just demoed the Zeus 165 (among others) and had already ordered another set of demos to come in soon.  When I was on the page, I saw the video for this racquet and thought it might be similar to the Zeus, but it sounded like it would have a bit more pop.  As Tom said, the price was right.  I ordered the package from RbW.The racquet came today and I had a court this afternoon.  I played with this stick for two hours and it lived up to all of my expectations.  The Conquest glove is a perfect match for it as well.This racquet is one of the best I have hit with in a while - and I have demoed a wide variety of the highest end racquets in the last couple months.  It hits similarly to the Zeus, but with more power and a bit more control.  I had no problem with front-court speed play or back of court drop shots (not to mention some fantastic kills with this thing).  I plan to order another to have as a backup racquet as well.
From: William, Syracuse, NY, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: I stumbled across RbW's ad for this racquet and thought I would give it a chance. It was priced right and I was looking for something that would give my drive serves a little extra punch. I received the racquet yesterday and couldn't wait to try it. The look and feel of it were great. Last night, I hit the gym and put it to use. I could feel the power difference right away. Having the balance shifted moderately to the head of the racquet increased the swing weight just enough to increase speed without sacrificing the maneuverability. I purchased the Ektelon Attack Lite last year and used that for a while. The balance of that racquet was just too much. Great power, but no finesse. With this Great White, there doesn't seem to be the sacrifice of maneuverability at all. It is great in the front court as well as offering great power for high speed passes.       
From: Tom, Goodyear, AZ, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory