HEAD MegaBlast 17 Racquetball String
The Head Megablast is a consistent string with surprising durability. To minimize initial tension loss after stringing we recommend pre-stretching this string before stringing it into your racquet.
  • Gauge: 17 (1.24 mm)
  • Length: 40 feet
  • Construction: Multifilament center core with co-polymer braided mulitfilament wraps. Slightly textured Carbon Co-polymer coating.
  • Benefits: This combination produces a highly elastic "snap-back" string that delivers Maximum Power. New Coating delivers added durability and less string movement.
  • Available colors: Black,White
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Comments: I bought this string for my E-Force Invasions and has lasted me an average of 3-4 weeks. Great string because of the response you get from it and durability. It's hard to find a string that would last you more than a month.

From: Michael, Miami, FL, USA, 06/13


Comments: This string is absolutely awesome. It is very durable and gives noticable power increase to your game. I string for most of the players at my club and they all love it as well. Great feel, power and price. You can't go wrong.
From: Jason, VA, USA, 11/12
Skill-level: Open

Comments: Previously used the pure 1 which breaks under flashes of high tension or off center hits, and the eforce oxygen which loses tension after 5 days of playing. I buy these string in 10's because they are the best pop and durability you'll find anywhere and they break down and loosen very slowly.
From: Mike, Bellevue, WA, USA, 10/12
Skill-level: a

Comments: These strings kick butt, I kill the ball with these strings and there is a lot of playability
From: Anon, 02/11