Tecnifibre NRG2 16 String
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With playability so close to natural gut that you'll want to check the packet for hoof prints, NRG2 is a premium quality multifilament synthetic string. The durability benefits of the Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec additive are complemented with lasting feel and comfort providing continued performance for the discerning player. Excellent touch and feel.
  • Gauge: 16 (1.32mm)
  • Length: 40 feet
  • Composition: Multifilament Construction
  • Features: SPL - Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec additive, which reduces elongation and improves durability by up to 40%
  • Available colors: Natural only
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Comments: I am a 4.0-4.5 all around player and NRG2 is an extremely comfortable multi. I've used numerous multis and synthetics and I have to say, it is an extremely good one. Things about NRG2 is that it physically feels like Wilson Extreme Synthetic, but plays almost like Wilson NXT. It's not as close to Natural Gut (because I think NXT and Biphase One is closer), but I will say, if you're looking to keep the feel and durability, I think NRG2 is the way to go. I play on average 3 hours every day, and it lasts me 2 weeks. With NXT or Biphase, I only get 1-2 days. If it helps any, I play with an eastern forehand grip, and continental backhand grip. So my shots are a bit more flat, but I can still rip forehands and backhands with topspin.
From: Derrick, 11/16

Comments: I love this string. I am a 4.0-ish baseline player and routinely lace up my Dunlop 200g XL with this at 60 lbs and couldn't be happier. It gives nice bite to topspin and slice shots and holds tension throughout its admittedly shorter-than-average lifespan. Yeah, it frays quickly and looks like yarn before it breaks, but it's worth the extra stringing or two each year in exchange for the playability it offers.
From: Hugh, 8/15

Comments: If you are looking for a natural gut like feel, look no further. It's soft (great on the arm), it has power, it maintains tension well and it is cheaper than natural gut. For me, it lasts about 3 weeks playing 2 times a week and I can extend it to 4 weeks by using string savers. I generally break strings within a couple of weeks and this one will fray like natural gut, but I tested it at the end of 3 weeks and the string in the sweet spot of the racquet still had its elasticity (snapping back in place when stretched -- amazing!). It's a perfect string to use in the cross of a hybrid set up. I string mine in the Wilson Pro Staff 90 and I'm a 5.0 player.
From: Bubba, 2/14

Comments: This string felt really good, but not durable. I used them in a hybrid setup with Red Code in the mains. The NRG2 always frayed up and broke first after just a few hitting sessions.
From: Jack, 1/14

Comments: I strung the Tecnifibre NRG2 16 on the crosses with a Luxilon polyester on the mains. These strings were very comfortable and had nice touch on finesse shots. Had decent power, but power would not be one of its main aspects. Overall, great string. Extremely comfortable!
From: Isaac, 4/13

Comments: I have an all around game and I play with a Head Prestige Mid and I have recently experimented with a few multifilament strings in the mains and poly in the crosses in an effort to mimic some of the pro's set up (gut in the mains and Lux in the crosses). These strings are the closest to Natural Gut. Best set up ever, I just wish these strings were less expensive because they are not that durable. 47 lbs in the mains and 44 lbs in the crosses with Genesis Twisted Razor.
From: Ace, 4/13

Comments: I've used this string for twelve years, but have it prestretched before stringing to better maintain tension. String a 105 square inch ProKennex with it and find the combination great for my arm and extremely durable for my style of play. I have never broken a string and only have my racquet restrung about every six months. I play 3.5-4.0 doubles three times a week. Best string I have ever used and have been playing for almost thirty years.
From: Jim, 2/12

Comments: I love these strings! They are the best strings I have ever played with (I have not tested them as a hybrid setup with a poly yet). My only qualm is that they break for me about every week and a half, but I do hit the ball hard with a lot of spin. If you are looking for a great set of strings and have the money, look no further. The feel is impeccable, you can create incredible spin, and they hold their tension really well. Great for touch shots at the net too. I can place the ball anywhere on the court with these strings. I play with these strings at 54lbs in my 18x20 string pattern Head Prestige. I am a 5.0 player who hits with a lot of spin. Other strings I have tested - Head Rip Control, Prince Beast, a Prince 3D/Lightning Hybrid, and Forten Sweet 16.
From: John C. 6/11

Comments: These strings are simply brilliant. They have superb feel and touch, especially on drop shots and volleys. I can hit solid groundstrokes effortlessly. They are extremely durable as well. They give you the best bang for your buck.
From: Brian, Avondale, AZ, USA. 5/11

Comments: Best string in the multi family I've ever played with on my PB mid 10 @ 52. Playability and durability are top! I will buy it again for sure. Good job Tecnifibre.
From: Chris, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: Anon from Austin Tex: You couldn't say it any better because I use the same exact set up as you do; these strings are awesome, but don't last long at all.
From: Derek, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 05/10

Comments: Alright I tried this strings on my Wilson BLX Pro Open strung at 59lbs. Now this strings may work for some people, and for others it may not. For me they did not work at all. They had no power at all! I could not hit with good pace on my groundstrokes, and serves. Hitting with depth was also difficult. The stringbed was just dead! I give them credit for comfort, but that's it. This string might work best if you hybrid it with a powerful poly. As far as durability, well I can't really say. After 45 minutes of hitting, I had enough of this lame string, and took out my (k)Pro Open strung with the X-One Biphase and good heavens what a difference! The balls were flying of the stringbed like a bat out of hell! For a moment I thought I was Nadal, just blasting forehands, and backhands. As I'm writing this my BLX Pro Open is being re-strung with my "old reliable" string: Wilson NXT 16. Enough said.
From: Wil, Richardson, Tx 02/10

Comments: Very good string! Use it in mains (58lbs) with poly crosses (56lbs) and it plays very nice. Good spin and softens string bed considerably. Durability is very good too - 8+ sets and hardly shows any signs of wear. Tension maintenance is 2nd only to gut - have seen spreadsheet from racket industry web site rating dozens of strings on tension maintenance and NRG2 scores better than almost every nylon and multi. I have had it in my racket for a month and it stills play well - tension still good and not too springy or loose.
From: Chris, Atlanta, GA USA 02/10

Comments: Worst string I have ever played with. The feel and comfort are fine, but the durability is pathetic. They started to fray after 2-3 hours of play. After a few days the tension was decreased dramatically. nrg2 16 is fail.
From: Jeff, NZ. 02/10

Comments: Best string as a cross for a hybrid. I used it in a Babolat pure drive gt as a cross with Luxilon big banger rough and it felt absolutely fantastic.
From: Anon, Austin, TX, USA 12/09

Comments: I would've liked this to play with a livelier feel, but it's kind of dead and plastic-like. I wouldn't put this in a dense string pattern because even with a 16x18 K6.1, I didn't get the power I wanted. But it's a nice soft choice.
From: Anon. 8/09

Comments: I have been a dedicated NXT player for years. I play 4-5 day per week and was having to play 15L to get it it last more than a couple of weeks. NXT does soften after playing for an hour or 2. I tried a set of NRG 16 and I really like it. It is a bit stiff but if you have a fast swing, the ball embeds very well. I like that the string does not soften after playing a couple of hours. Seems to be more durable as well. nPro OpenX @ 63#.
From: Mark, Tampa, FL 07/09

Comments: I have tried Tecnifibre's premium multifilament line in the 16 and 17 gauge. I can honestly say that the Biphase string is Tecnifibre's premier string, excellent playability/durability. The NRG 2 string is quite lively and has an unpredictable response. The NRG string is not geared to my baseline game. Multifeel is excellent string for the price and offers good feel as well as good ball bite. I am currently deciding between Bipahse and Multifeel to be my string of choice. I will probably lean towards the Multifeel because of the price being reasonable. I believe that Tecnifibre makes the best performance strings. There are a lot of strings out there that are very expensive an overrated. I have had arm problems in the past and refuse to use a poly string to save a few bucks. Kudos to Tecnifibre!!!
From: Ken, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 5/09

Comments:I had been hybrid stringing my Babolat Aeropro Drive with Luxilon and Gut but decided to give these strings a try in order to save some loot. BAD idea. They gave my racket a very mushy feel. I was able to generate ok spin but balls were sailing on me and there was nothing crisp or solid about these strings. They felt very elastic and trampoline like but they seemed to have a sluggish response. Perhaps there was increased dwell time but it didn't translate to more control or power so to me it was no gainer. I ended up cutting them out after a couple of days. Just not the right string for me on my racket. I could see it being useful as a hybrid string with a good poly in the main or perhaps good as single string on a stiff control frame with closed string patter. I wouldn't recommend it for big topspin player with larger powerful frames or open string bed. Could be also good for someone with arm problems.
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA, 11/08

Comments: I tried this string for the first time on my Babolat AeroPro Drive at 61 Lbs. This string did not play well for me on this racket and it felt kind of flimsy. I hit with heavy topspin and found that I had a tough time getting ball-speed and depth without balls floating long. Balls that normally drop inside the baseline were floating out. Also had very difficult time with slice. I felt I had to slow down my swing in order to keep the ball in. I think this string is best for stiff or smaller frames as it has good feel and ball pocketing. Also it's not good for spin on the AeroPro Drive. This string is probably good for a serve and volley player as it has nice touch on volley. Also probably good for someone who likes to hit very flat as the long dwell time and pocketing help with flat balls. I however do not hit flat and it just didn't do it for me. I will say I tested the same string on my friends Aero Storm and it played very nicely on that racket. Good depth, much better power. My conclusion is, use it on a control frame, not on a power racket. I'm going back to my hybrid set-up of Luxilon mains @ 56 and Natural Gut crosses at 58. That combination does a great job of getting the spin, power and control I need for my big topspin game and provides a solid hitting bed.
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA, 10/08

Comments: I got this put in my Head ti 5300 a few weeks ago. It plays great at first but the tension loss is worse than any other string I've ever used. I really would prefer a standard syn gut over this.
From: joe, Mesa, AZ. 7/08

Comments: I'd have to say this is the best multifilament I have ever used. At a little higher tension, it gives great control and feel. I was a big fan of Wilson NXT Tour on my Wilson nSix-One 95, but always thought it was not that durable. After only a few hours of hitting, NXT Tour would start to fray. And there was always a point with NXT Tour where it felt like it turned somewhat mushy for several hours before it broke. However, I have used the NRG2 for around 10 hours of fairly hard hitting, and it has not started to fray at all! I string it tight at 63 pounds on my Wilson nSix-One 95 because it is a powerful string. I find that the control gets much better with a slightly higher tension. I would definitely recommend this string to anyone looking for an excellent multifilament.
From: Atul, New York, NY, USA. 1/08

Comments: Too much power! I have two Head Flexpoint Instinct racquets and have been very happy recently with both strung using Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 16. After trying a number of other strings in the past, I thought I'd give NRG2 a try. I had the racquets strung at 58 & 59lbs, but both are way too powerful and do not offer the same level of control as Biphase. The feel isn't bad at all, but I'd suggest to those wanting to use this string, it should be strung a few lbs heavier than others, otherwise you will lose control. However, if power is what you are looking for then, string at your normal tension & see the ball fly. I have not used this trying long enough yet to comment about its durability, but after about a week or so solid play the strings are already moving about quite considerably. Once again this is maybe because I did not add a few extra lbs when stringing. I am quite undecided about this string & for the extra money thus far, see Biphase as a far better choice.
From: Dean, Queensland, Australia. 12/07

Comments: I play this in a Prince Original Graphite 93. It provides plenty of power and control while enhancing the "buttery" feel of the frame. The ball pocketing of this string is like none other in its price range. If you're a competitive senior player looking for a little extra "pop" and gut-like response without the price tag, check out the NRG2 16, your arm will thank you.
From: John, Highlands Ranch, CO. 12/07

Comments: This is such a great string; I like it with its friendly spin, power, and obviously control!
From: Chih, HI, USA, 02/07

Comments: I was in the Tennis Warehouse tent at last year's Pacific Life Open trying to find someone to give me some advice on strings that were 'easy' on the elbow. I've had problems with tendonitis in the last few years. Last time was so bad I had to take over a year off. A sales rep told me to try the Tecnifibre NRG2 16. Well I finally got a chance to get the racquets strung. I went to the local tennis club here in Valencia for the first time yesterday and hit. WOW! Immediately noticed the difference. I had always thought that the differences in stings would be subtle, but NO...this one jumps out and says "POWER"! Solid POWER with feel/control. Topspin is great and the serves are back to what I had when I was years younger. Oh, did I mention the POWER! I'm sold on these babies.
From: Dave, Valenica, CA, USA. 1/07

Comments: String does seem to have better life some other comparable costing string (NXT, XCel), definitely has a lot of power (almost too much - even strung at 65lbs), and helps put good spin on the ball. Overall a nice string, though a little too much power for my liking. I like the Tecnifibre Multifeel better in terms of performance and the price is obviously better too.
From: Alan, Charlotte, NC, USA. 12/06

Comments: This string plays and feels great. They bring a lot of power too. They cut the ball in half on slice shots and drop shots are easy. And they show no signs of breakage.
From: Colin, Anchorage, AK, USA 07/07

Comments:Used to play with NXT 16. Found that the string loosened up fairly quickly, but provided excellent control and a soft impact on the shoulder and arm. I used inserts between the strings (stringalings) to tighten them up and make the strings last longer.
NRG2 16 offers similar control without loosening up as much. Nevertheless it has a harder impact on the arm and shoulder.
From: Jeff
Salt Lake City, UT. USA 12/05

Comments: What I have been looking for in a string is playability, tension holding, and durability - in that order. Luxilon Big Banger and Ace had great durability, but could not hold tension at all. Gamma Live Wire lacked durability. Zyex and Dynamite lacked playability. Tecnifibre NRG2, I believe has come closest to matching my formula. I use the 16 gauge for Oversize and 17 gauge for Midsize racquets and have been very pleased with the comfortable feel, and the consistent play over time. Don't let the fraying scare you off this string as the center core is quite durable. I'm a 4.5 topspin, baseline player.
From: Blair, Baltimore, MD, USA. 8/04

Comments: I have been trying to find a tennis string that really suits my type of play for the past few months, and I can say that this is my favorite so far. I have tried Babolat Syntronic Brio which didn't seem to feel as nice as this one does. I also tried Prince Problend which I thought gave me a great deal of control and GREAT durability (that was about it), but after playing 30 hours with it, it lost all it's feel so I cut those strings and replaced them with the Tecnifibre NRG2 16. These strings made my serve even more powerful and consistent. The feel is great and it has overall improved my game. The only downside is that there is a bit more power than the other strings I have used, so more of my shots are sailing long, but I am now beginning to hit with more spin to change that. I am a 4.0 level player who hits hard and with a reasonable amount of spin and I would highly recommend that you try this string!
From: Banjo Bob, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. 12/03

Comments: I love these NRG2 strings! I was burning through the other playable brands like Gamma TNT and Gamma Live Wire. These play well and last almost twice as long. I tried lots of other durable brands, but they turned my racket into a board. Some, like the Gamma Marathon strings, were so bad I had to have them cut out. I use a head Ti6 at 58 lbs, hit hard and play at 4.0+ level.
From: Victor, Eugene, Oregon. 12/03

Comments: I received this string when I purchased my Pro Kennex from TW. After starting very well in indoor season, I played badly outdoors and went in the worst slump of my life, followed by severe tennis elbow issues. To cure tennis elbow my stringer switched to Wilson Sensation and NXT. It immediately helped my elbow and suddenly my feel on the ball and depth of shots came back. After buying a stringer I just strung my racquet with my last NRG2. The same problems occurred. I can't consistently hit deep with power and no feel on the ball like the Wilson strings had. I'm bailing on this string right away. You may like it but I didn't have good feel, spin or ability to easily generate depth. The power was fine.
From: Rick, Memphis, TN, USA. 11/03

Comments: This string added great zing on my Prince More Approach (61 lbs.) compared to the cheaper synthetic guts that I've been using. This racquet is fairly light so stability on hard serves or off center shots is a problem at times. The string is really forgiving so I've been quite happy with the extra money I've spent. It's added a lot more comfort, reduced shock, and power without sacrificing a lot feel. Volleys, overheads, and even off center hits feel great. Blocking big heat serves isn't a problem with my fairly light racquet. The string seems to weigh more than Prince Synthetic Gut so my racquet is not as head heavy. Keep this in mind if your racket is even balanced or slightly headlight.
From: Shane, Newark, CA, USA. 11/03

Comments: This is a good string (not excellent). Gamma TNT2 16 has the same features, but has a bit more pop to it and is a bit cheaper.
From: Louis, London, England. 11/03

Comments: Awesome stuff. You'll play better and love your racquet again. Doesn't last very long and costs lots of $$, but great playability. I'm a 4.5 serve/volley player.
From: DJ, Phoenix, AZ, USA. 10/03

Comments: I'm a Open player and I've been using this string for 2 years. I love it! It feels superior to other strings that I use! I highly recommend this if you can afford it. Unfortunately, this string only lasts about 2 matches, but I'll keep using, because NRG2 is that good!
From: Christian, Longmont, CO, USA. 7/03

Comments: I've been using this string for 2 years and overall it has been giving me more power, control, ans spin. The only downside is that they don't last too long.
From: Curtis, Sugar Land, TX, USA. 6/03

Comments: I have bought few of these NRG 16 and experimenting with them now. They seem to be very nice, good feel on the racquet, enough power. I have strung 2 and after every playing I have increased the tension. They loose tension even if you pre-stretch. String slightly tighter than you normally do (about by 4 pounds). I am VERY UNHAPPY how long these last. I played with 2 racquets and I broke the string in both of them after about 3 sessions with each racquet. I play some spin. 5.5 player. So durability is poor. And one unusual thing: every string I broke, breaks first in the mains. This one twice broke in the crosses.
From: Petr, Arlington, VA, USA. 4/03

Comments: I have bought few of these NRG 16 sets of string and I'm experimenting with them now. They seem to be very nice, good feel on the racquet, enough power. I have strung 2 and after every playing I have increased the tension. They lose tension even if you pre-stretch. I am VERY UNHAPPY with how long these last. I played with 2 racquets and I broke the string in both of them two soon. I play with some spin and I'm 5.5 player, so durability is poor. And one unusual thing, I usually break first in the mains. This one twice broke in the crosses.
From: Chuck, Tampa, FL, USA. 4/03

Comments: I am a 3.5 doubles only player and not a hard hitter. I rely on placement and consistency. I started using Tecnifibre 16 NRG back in 2000 in a ProKennex 15G Reach and just had a Babolat Pure Drive Team [regular] strung with this string. I have about six to seven months play on the ProKennex due to an 18 month layoff, but the string still plays very well. I am impressed with the feel and especially the durability of this string. The ProKennex was strung at 60 pounds and the Babolat is strung at 58 pounds. Bottom line is that this is the best string for feel and elbow comfort that I have ever used. The durability is really an added plus.
From: Jim, Winchester, VA. USA 1/03

Comments: Just purchased a Prince More Precision for my son. Racquet is strung at 58 pounds with the Tecnifibre NRG 16. He seems to get excellent top spin on the ball - actually ripping off quite a bit of the felt. Problem is so much string movement. Is this that bad? Or possibly what can we do to prevent the movement of the strings as he really likes the spin and feel.
From: Rodney, TX. USA 10/02

Comments: I've been using the Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL 16 String for about 2 months now, and I like it better than the Live Wire 16 I had been using. I get a little more feel on the ball, plus a little more ware, (about 6 matches). I'm a hurting former 4.5 NTRP level baseline player now playing 3.5, (my knees can't take it anymore) on the way to the Sectional/Nationals J. I hit the ball hard with a lot of spin when I can get to it. My racquet is the Wilson rollers 3.6 and I string it 56lbs for the mains and 59lbs for the crosses.
From: Robert, Walnut Creek, CA. USA 8/02

Comments: The Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL 16 is probably the most durable string I've used thus far in my tennis career. I've been playing for 6 years now, and this string is great. I haven't had to re-string my racquets because this string broke in over a year. NRG is very durable and provides a good feel and power. Spin is good with this string too. I play about 2 or 3 times a week.
From: Andy, Alpharetta, GA, USA 5/02

Comments: The Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL 16 string is the best of all the multifilaments I've ever used. I play 5 days a week, up to 3 hours a day. They never lose their tension. The only problem is that they last so long they lose that natural gut feeling.
From: Long, Lake Balboa, CA. USA 4/02

Comments: I admit, I settled on Tecnifibre strings some time ago and now I don't experiment all that much with competing brands. That being said, I love the Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL 16, which does its job without much fanfare or promotion. As always, excellent gut-like performance in a more durable alternative.
From: Bart, New York, NY. USA 4/02

Comments: I've been using this string for about 4 months now and I can definitely say this is the best multifilament 16 gauge string out there. I tried Gamma Live Wire XP 16, but it broke before I could really form an opinion. Also, Wilson Sensation NXT 16, which I liked almost as much as Tecnifibre, but I found that the Tecnifibre kept it's resiliency a bit longer than the NXT.
From: Ken, Tucson, AZ. USA 4/01