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Wilson's premier multifilament synthetic gut, NXT Tour offers an even closer to gut-like feel than regular NXT. According to Wilson, it's the softest and most comfortable string in the NXT line. Designed with almost twice as many fibers as regular NXT, it offers a 15% increase in sweet spot size and 80% less vibration than traditional synthetic gut. With its superior power and comfort, Wilson gives this string its maximum playability rating. NXT Tour also offers impressive durability for a multifilament. It's an awesome choice for players of all levels and playing styles looking for near gut-like performance at half the cost.
  • Construction: Multifilament Xycro Micro fibers bonded with polyurethane.
  • Gauge: 16 / 1.30 mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2 m
  • Color: Natural
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Comments: I have this as a cross with Solinco Tour Bite at 52 lbs in a BB DC London. The sweetspot is huge and there is a solid thump when contact is made. The NXT Tour softens up the stringbed in this hybrid. I would like to try this a few lbs higher, as there is more string movement than I'd like on a freshly strung racquet. This set up gives me nice control, bite/spin, comfort and feel. I will use it again!
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: Experimented with the NXT Tour, NXT, and NXT Max. Found NXT Tour to be far better than the others. Had a much softer feel and much more control. Could take a much harder rip at the ball without having to worry about it flying. NXT and especially NXT Max seemed to have more power and less control. The NXT tour does break quicker than the others. Feel was incredible though. The ball feels like it is on the string bed forever.
From: Thomas, Atlanta, GA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great string. Just tried this one in a Babolat Pure Drive 107 at 59 pounds at it provides great control, feeling and power. The spin on the serve could be better but with the right swing you should be able to generate good spin. I decided to try this one because the poly/syn gut combination I was using was hurting my arm. Played three sets in the morning with two tie breakers and not arm problem or pain. I think I going to stick with this one for a while.
From: Mike, PR, 01/11

Comments: Having had some serious arm problems I was advised to switch to a softer string from my usual pro hurricane tour/gut hybrid combo, which I have been using for years (Babolat aero pro drive). I originally play tested Babolat xcel, which was a good string although not the most durable. I went to my stringer and he suggested trying the NXT Tour and I am so glad that I did. What an amazing string! The feel from this string is unparalleled - really as good as Babolat vs gut for less money. String offered excellent power when strung at 56/55 and the spin potential for me anyways was just as good as PHT. (I think a lot of people look to a string to generate all of the spin for them, the magic string like everyone thought when rpm blast came out...spin is 95% technique...) Anyway - most importantly I have ZERO arm issues since the switch; so I would say for anyone who has tennis elbow or tendonitis this should be your string. When the doc gives me the all clear I will stick with the NXT Tour, the touch is really incredible and I would suggest anyone to try it. The only draw back is its not the most durable string in the word and is expensive...
Comfort 10/10
Power (at 56/55) 8/10
Spin 8/10
Durability 6.5-7/10
From: Justin, Birmingham, West Midlands, ENGLAND, 12/10

Comments: I used NXT for 2 years. I really wish I switched away from it earlier. I didn't know any better. Too scared to change. NXT is very soft. True. However, it loses tension and consistency very quickly. I don't get much satisfaction playing with it after 2-3 hours of play. It feels dead. From my strings, I want a few things in the following order: (1) does not hurt my hand (2) control & feel (3) consistency (4) power (5) longevity. For the past year, I tried different strings and tensions about once every 6 weeks. I find Luxilon strings best. For more feel, I would use Ace 18 on main and Fluoro 17 on cross. For more power, I would use Fluoro 17 on main and ALU Power 16L. I use mid-3, -4, or -5 tensions. Tension precision is not important --- we, human, can make adjustments. Federer plays with different string tensions and racquet weight in a single match. But with the lower tensions, there is less/no pain and more feel, even with Luxilon strings. You can hold the ball much longer in the racquet (more bite & feel). I use Federer's racquet (the one before BLX) with 3 layers of 4" strip weight (12 strips total). Fast, full swing. Note: for people with fast swing, lowering tension actually lowers power. Experiment and see.
From: PH, HOUSTON, TX, USA, 09/10

Comments: Fed-like! I put this in the mains of my K-six one tour and crossed it with Banger Rough at 50 pounds looking for that Federer set-up at a cheaper price point than gut and it plays beautifully. Seriously the ball sits on the string bed and you can put the ball anywhere you like, effortless power, beautiful response when cutting the ball or hitting topspin. Durability is the only flaw but do it, even if you only string it up for tournament play and use a cheaper poly/syngut set-up the rest of the time, worth every cent!
From: Pat, Albury, NSW, Australia. 03/10

Comments: I used these strings (mains @ 57) on my six one tour BLX as a hybrid with Luxilon BB rough (crosses @ 54) and it lasted for 4 days (under 12 hrs of play). The luxilon slowly started to groove and cut into the NXT 16 very quickly and I was not impressed with the longevity. I was happy with my few hitting sessions at the time....but these Wilson strings are way too overpriced and I did not find them durable at all. I most definitely would not be using them again...that's for sure!!
From: Glynn, Port Elizabeth, South Africa 03/10

Comments: Offers incredible control, feel, and comfort but lacks pop. The durability and tension stability are also pretty good compared to nxt16 and sensations16. My main complaint is that they are priced a bit too high (eg. Tecnifibre biphase is cheaper), but I do recommend that you try them.
From: Ross, CA, USA 12/09

Comments: I used these strings a lot. For me as a pretty hard hitter/all around types. For me it lasts like 3 to 5 months most of the time. It is beast in control if your good I recommend these strings. I'm beast with these strings. It has good power and spin.
From: Alden 08/09

Comments: Wilson NXT Tour 16 is probably the best multifilament string on the market. I can only compare Babolat XCel to this but the NXT Tour is a little bit stiffer and hence has a relative better durability. Even though it starts to fray after two weeks or so it's the most durable multifilament string. And the comfort is amazing! Plays really like a natural gut. It has a plenty of feel as well especially on touch shots. The dislikes of this string: When I played with it I always felt lack of power and the spin potential was miserable. It was very hard to generate powerful topspin forehands. And there's no doubt that it lose it's tension very fast and starts to move (I've strung it at 57 lbs). Control and slice could be better but that's ok. Overall NXT Tour 16 is worth of it's price and perfect choice for hybrid's crosses and players who suffer with tennis elbow but not recommended aggressive baseline hitters, power hitters or serve-volley players at all. I'm an all court 4+ player using Wilson nTour 95 with Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 16L at 55 lbs.
From: Tom, Hungary. 7/09

Comments: Great gut-like string for about 7.5 hrs of play and then it loses tension quickly and becomes a trampoline.
From: Mike, CT, USA 07/09

Comments: I have a Yonex RDIS 100 MP. I found these strings to be good all around. Nice pop on your serves with good spin and they performed well from the baseline. I was able to generate spin on both sides. I do think they are bit expensive if you are a big hitter. I get about 8 hours of play out of them before they break. So I would go broke getting my racquet strung every 3 days. So if you have money they could be worth it.
From: Finch, Modesto, CA, USA. 05/09

Comments:Just been strung on a K Tour on the mains at 63lbs with Luxilon Alu Power rough on the crosses at 59lbs. It has a very good pop, not bad control, and very comfortable. I recommend to highly string it, otherwise you will probably find it too powerful. Durability isn't looking good so far though as I have only played with it for just under an hour after stringing, and the crosses are already dug into them half way.
From: James, England. 12/08

Comments: I really don't understand some of the negative reviews for this string. I use this strings on my Wilson (K)ONE racquet strung at 65lbs. I play 1-2 times a week for about 2-3 hours. I have had these same strings now for 6 months with modest wear and I kid you not, very and I mean very little loss in tension! There is plenty of power, but most likely because of the racquet, and the ability to hit topspin and backspin is pretty good, but not great. Also I have not had any tennis elbow issues with this string. I highly recommend it.
From: Wil, Dallas, TS, USA. 11/08

Comments: I strung these at 60lbs on my Head Microgel pro and I like the way these play, but I don't see them lasting long. I am getting a ton of movement on the strings and after a week of play the already look quite worn. They have a nice feel but are bad on durability and staying in place.
From: Thomas, MN, USA, 06/08

Comments: I played with these strings for about a month and a half, and they have already frayed enough that I need a new string job. And with my busy tennis schedule, I don't need to have to string my racket every month. I am not a pro by any means, but I think strings should last longer than this. My other rackets' strings have lasted much longer without needing a new string job so soon. Sorry, Wilson.
From: Sam, Idaho. 4/08

Comments: Great strings, good power, not as much control. But still good. I would say not as durable as I had hoped.
From: Jon, Bristol, Maine, USA. 3/08

Comments: Great string, a bit stiff at first in my ProSTaff 90 tour strung @ 50lbs. Great spin potential -- it 'wraps' the ball well along with awesome control. The down side: It lacks a bit of power. 3-4 weeks later when the strings started to settle and dig into each other, it's just awesome. The sweetspot actually grew as the strings lost a bit of tension, power, spin and control, Perfect strings. (I'm not a hard hitter unless it comes to practice sessions.)
From: Vincent, Hong Kong. 1/08

Comments: I just got my Head Radical Liquidmetal 98 sq in strung with this at 60 lbs. I first played with it on a Har- Tru court with really heavy ball made for a hard court and thought that the string was to tight at first. The next day I played with it with it with lighter balls. This was the first time I really could get a feel with the string. I thought that it was good string, but not the best I have had. It's pretty powerful string. It has nice access to spin and the control is all right. But not a bad string at all.
From: Jonathan, Northern VA, USA, 07/07

Comments:I play with a Wilson n61 95.....I use Luxilon Alu power mains...and Wilson NXT Tour for my crosses. I have tried Tech NRG2 and 515..Head FXP....and various others....none have compared to the NXT tour. String has surprising durability, excellent ball pocketing, soft touch, excellent control. I use this combination for rec. play...but before tournaments...I will usually string 2 of my 4 sticks with straight NXT to have even better feel, control than with ALU...just less durability, but durability is not what I am looking for in a tournament. I plan to continue to check various strings out...but 3 of my racquets will always have NXT until I find something I like more.
From: Stephen, Willow Springs, MO, USA. 4/07

Comments: This is one of the best multifilaments. A lot of spin and control. Power is just right. I love it.
From: Mike, Singapore, 02/07

Comments: This is simply great in playability. I am a 14-year-old junior who trains nearly every day and this string has hardly ever let me down. This string on playability would get 9/10. Here are the negatives: The durability is poor, this string snapped every 2 weeks and it is also very expensive. Overall, great feel, bad durability. 8/10
From: Samu, Helsinki Finland 08/06

Comments: These strings have such great control on the ball. Great pop. I strung my nBlade at 60lb with this and it is amazing. It doesn't feel as soft as a cheaper string that was in it before, but the cheaper string didn't have any of the control or power like the NXT Tour. NXT Tour is an amazing string; I would recommend this over the NXT for just the reason they are close in price and that the Tour model is extremely better.
From: Alex, Plantation, Florida, United States 07/06

Comments: I used this string on both Prostaff 6.0 85 and nSix-One Tour 90. I strung both of them at 60lbs. This string is powerful but has a problem with durability and tension retention. If you guys want to improve your game, this string is a good choice. Also, you are supposed to change this string once a month due to the problem of its tension retention.
From: Pongsak, Bangkok Thailand 05/06

Comments: This initially struck me as a very playable, soft string with good spin potential and control. However, the NXT lost its tension very quickly and became quite loose, making my Wilson nSix One feel like a power racquet. So I tried the Wilson Stamina Spin and Prince TopSpin plus strings (hoping nylon strings would hold tension better--they didn't) and did not notice any difference in playability or softness, making me wonder if the NXT multifilament string is worth the extra price. I've gone ahead and ordered natural gut string, which is reputed to be the ultimate in playability, feel, softness, etc., but holds tension much better than nylon or multifilament synthetic strings. And the less expensive natural gut strings cost only a few dollars more than the NXT. I'm about a 3.5 control-oriented player who very much prefers higher tension strings.
From: Gaku, San Diego, CA, USA 03/06

Comments: I've just started to uses these strings. I have tried out many other brands and have also used natural gut (but it is very expensive although great to play with) and have found this to be the closest to natural. I train 20+ hours a week and I get 12 hours of play out of these strings. I also had an operation on my wrist (rugby injury) and the string has been a lot more forgiving on it. Also, it is helping my mum with her tennis elbow. and for the price it is excellent and a must have.
From: Ed, London, England 11/05

Comments: Good string for the money. I string my own rackets so the price of cost isn't bad. I get about 20 hours of play before they break. If you hit with lots of spin and power and get more than 10 hours, you're strings are holding up well. There are probably better strings out there but who has the time and money to try them out. Get this string if you want a solid string that plays well and is durable.
From: Bing Hu 9/29
Tucson, AZ.

Comments: This string not very durable. It is not good for people who break strings. (my rating comfort:5 feel:6 power:7 control:8) A better string is just plain Wilson NXT. It's cheaper and has better playability.
From:Roshan City, State, Country:Cupertino ,CA, USA

Comments: Excellent strings for the first few hours, a lot of power and control, also pretty durable. Not so great is that the tension maintenance is horrible, and quite a bit of a tension lost. Performance dies out fast. NXT tour is still a pretty good string compared to the NXT.
From:Binh City, State, Country: Sugar Land, TX

Comments: I ordered NXT Tour 16 with my new nCode nVision. I've played four to five times a week for a month with these strings and find them to be the best I've ever used. After all these hours of aggressive play, the tension has dropped very little and the wear is modest. These strings give my game the best spin control I've experienced, and the smoothness from the racquet bed is remarkable. I've found the string to keep on my racquets for the foreseeable future.
From: Bob, Dataw Island, SC, USA 06/05

Comments: Simply amazing. There is no way to describe how I feel about these strings. They are so durable and flexible. I break strings every 2-3 weeks. The strings are so good I can hit my ball over the net now with more confidence. The strings are really good and help my game a lot. I get more spin on the ball with these strings. The NXT synthetic strings are essential to my game. I love them so much.
From: Nick, Bakersfield, CA, USA. 3/05

Comments: The NXT Tour string gave me a lot of spin. It generates a huge amount of spin and a huge amount of control at the same time. I find that it gives me both power and control along with a lot of spin. This string will really make a difference in your game. It feels like it will take more effort to hit a shot long, short or wide, than it would to take a winner with this shot!
From: Matt, Hong Kong. 01/05

Comments: I am a 5.0 all-court player who has used and experimented with lots of string brands. I find the NXT Tour to be excellent. It has great responsiveness and playability, as well as power. It doesn't move much on the racquet (H Tour 95), and gives fabulous control. It volleys well, overheads can be hit hard, and with directional control. Groundstrokes feel very firm (not crisp or sharp), and serves get great placement and pop without over-swinging. It retains tension well, and I use 17 and 18g at 52lbs. It is also gentle on the arm. If you are going to use nylon, this certainly is the way to go!
From: Mark, Atlanta, GA, USA. 4/04

Comments: Simply amazing. Great feel, great control and great power. It has increased tension stability compared to regular NXT 16. The sweetspot feels huge. I am hitting more winners more often with this string. The durability has been good so far.
From: Bill. Notts, UK. 11/03

Comments: Absolutely amazing! This is a definite step up from Wilson NXT 16. The biggest difference is the tension maintenance. Despite NXT tour 16 and regular NXT 16 being composed of multifilament Xycro Micro fibers, tension maintenance on the tour version is much better. From the first hour it played beautifully. I'm 9 hours into playing with it and string movement is not a concern. It is only just starting to fray a little on a couple of main strings. I'm playing with an open pattern 16X19 frame. I am sold on this string. It is so soft and offers so much control.
From: James, UK. 11/03