ProKennex Pure Liquid 17 Racquetball String
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Liquid 17 is a highly responsive string that utilizes a new thermo elastic resin formula that generates strong durability and high-performance playability. Exclusively designed for Prokennex Racquetball.
  • Gauge: 17 (1.25mm)
  • Length: 40 feet (12.2m)
  • Composition: Multifilament/Micro-composite filaments
  • Color: Natural
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Comments: I switched to this string from Head Megablast 17 gauge string and I did not care for this at all. I didn't feel the ball very well off the string. I prefer the Head string myself.
From: Brent, Horn Lake, MS, USA, 12/13
Skill-level: B 

Comments: I have used this string for a while now, and am very satisfied with it. Definitely gets the job done. I really wish PK would offer this string in reels, though.
From: Steve, Columbus, OH, USA
Skill-level: A

Comments: I was surprised at the power and feel I have with this string, it has worked better than i hoped for. I like it so much. It's a very, very good string. Don't let the price fool you, price per dollar, it's that best string out there!!!
From: Anon, MD, USA, 07/11
Skill-level: Open/A