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Gamma says that TNT Pro Plus 17L has "Maximum Playability and low impact for maximum feel and control with added durability". Slightly textured surface enhances spin.
  • Gauge: 17L (1.24mm)
  • Length: 40 feet (12.2m)
  • Construction: Elastalon co-polymer core/Elastalon wraps/Textured Surface/TNT Processing
  • Color: Natural
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Comments: I played with these strings a few times last summer. Soft and arm friendly. Nice spin. I like the way it holds onto the strings a little longer, giving more control and feel. Maybe a very slight loss in power because of it, but barely noticeable. Overall I think one of the better synthetic soft strings I've used.
From: Henry, 1/16

Comments: Nice string that lasts about a month, same as other strings I purchased. Pop and control. I'm going to try Gosen next to see how that holds up.
From: Tim, 5/14

Comments: I like this string! It has plenty of pop yet plenty of control. I heard this string can last for months, but for me, it lasts about the same as the other strings I used, about a month. The spin is also very nice. I use a lot of top spin. I am rated between a 3.5 and 4.0 player and play mostly singles.
From: Tim, 5/14

Comments: Great strings!! Love the feel on my Yonex rdis 200 strung at 56lbs. However durability is awful, I get about 3 hours before they break. I'm reading some comments how do you guys get 2-3 weeks with this string?
From: Chris, Boston, MA, USA, 10/10

Comments: I previously reviewed this string on 3/1/2010. This string really stretches. I found that having the string prestretched prior to stringing results in excellent tension retention when strung at 61 lbs in the main and 57 lbs in the cross in a 110 square inch Prince EXO3 Blue racquet. The string lasted 1.5 months before breaking. I do not hit with excessive topspin or power.
From: Robert, San Diego, CA. 5/10

Comments: I am a 4.0 player with 35+ years of playing experience and a history of tennis elbow. This is my favorite string. While my doubles partner breaks the string in 2 weeks, I find the string to be quite durable, lasting 3+ months, playing doubles 2-4 times a week. I once had the string cut out after 5 months. I hit with low to medium power and moderate spin. I never got more than 1.5 months out of any other string I have tried, except the polyesters, which are too hard on my arm. I agree that the string stretches. I used to string my 107 square inch racket at 56 lbs for the main and 52 lbs for the cross. I now string at 60 lbs for the mains and 56 lbs for the cross and have the string double stretched during stringing. Even so, the main string starts moving after a couple of weeks.
From: Robert, San Diego, CA, USA. 03/10

Comments: This string is all about performance, like a race car. Durability is poor. It doesn't hold tension all that well. It is better this way than most multis, but worse than most solid cores. The comfort or shock level is pretty good. Not as good as most multis but better than most solid cores. The playability is extremely good however. I use it strung in the high 50s on a Weed 135. I replace it once per month, though it would last another two or three weeks if I played with until it broke. Right now it is my favorite string.
From: Kendra, San Francisco, CA, USA, 10/09

Comments: TNT2 Pro Plus initially feels very good. You can feel its tension. And it is soft on the arm if you string it at the right tension. I am not a string breaker and I don't hit hard with extreme topspin, so durability has never been my concern of any string. But tension maintenance is a big issue with this string. I played about 4 hours each week with this string. After 4 weeks, the string moved so much. The center mains moved about 1cm or even more. You can no longer feel the spring effect from it. It is a bit pricey, so if natural gut can last me 3 months, then natural is a better deal. Overall, good comfort, arm friendly, but tension retention is poor (roughly about 15 hours for non-hardhitters) and a bit pricey. I am searching for cheaper strings or one whose tension lasts longer.
From: Warren, Singapore 08/06

Comments:This string felt really good, nice power and feel, but broke faster than any other string I have ever used. Maybe 2 weeks. I don't even hit hard. I think maybe the rough surface makes it saw itself down quicker.
From: Nori
Queens, NY USA 12/05

Comments: String felt great: arm-friendly, good power and control. Alas, after two sets of doubles and two sets of singles, it broke: less than 4 hours of playing time. You may be able to afford to play with it - I can't.
From: Paul, Durham, NC, USA. 01/05

Comments: I love this string. Although it's taken 2 weeks for it to settle down, I get great control and it really grips the ball for slice and spin. My only problem with it is it moves around a lot. I have this strung at 56lbs on my Babolat pure drive.
From: Tai, Melbourne, Australia. 11/04

Comments: Gamma TNT Pro Plus 17L is a string that provides exceptional control and above average power. The trade-off is durability. I normally break a set of regular TNT 17 in about a month, but I broke Pro Plus 17L in 4 hours over a course of two days. The bottom line is, if you hit reasonably hard or with moderate or heavy topspin, this string is not for you.
From: Earl, Baltimore, MD. USA 7/02

Comments: I have strung my Babolat Pure Drive Plus with 3 different strings in the past 2 months (Tecnifibre NRG2, Wilson NXT Sensation and Gamma TNT Pro Plus 17L). I am really impressed with the Gamma TNT Pro Plus. It has much more control and power than the other strings with excellent topspin. This racquet is very string/tension sensitive but this string really stands out. Let's see how long it lasts- so far so good.
From: Irwin, Los Altos, CA. USA 6/02

Comments: Gamma TNT Pro Plus 17L does play nicely, but it doesn't last for big hitters or players who use a lot of spin. I got about 2 hours out of it. The string moves around a lot as well.
From: Moose, Kennesaw, GA. USA 6/02

Comments: I agree with Richard from Hong Kong, Gamma TNT Pro Plus 17L is the best string I have used. I see everyone still likes VS gut the best, but I still have yet to try a gut string. With the exception to gut string, this string is the best in feel, power and control. I am a 4.5 NTRP level player with a medium to fast swing and I hit the ball fairly flat. When I do go for the spin shots, this string responds very well. You will throw your Live Wire string in the trash after hitting with this one.
From: Greg, Newnan, GA. USA 6/02

Comments: Gamma Pro Plus 17L is an excellent string. The only trade off is durability. I broke a string every month with this string (I play once or twice a week, 2 hours easy). I now use Babalot VS Power 16 gauge. Babolat Vs Power can easily last me 3 months so it works out to be cheaper. Let's face it, nothing beats gut.
From: Marvin, Hong Kong, 2/01

Comments:Gamma TNT ProPlus 17L is now my favorite string. I used Gamma TNT 17 before and ProPlus plays much better. Also, when I had tennis elbow, I switched to ProPlus 17L and it did not hurt my elbow. It increased my power, control and spin. It is more durable than I thought it would be, but, not as durable as TNT 17. However, the trade off of power, feel, control and spin was definitely worth the switch. ProPlus is a softer string, which means that it does not punish you arm if you decide you want to try to rip the cover off the ball. After trying many strings, ProPlus 17L is the string for me.
From: David, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 12/00

Comments: Gamma TNT Pro Plus 17L is an amazing synthetic, the best I've used. Absolutely great for producing spin with a responsive feeling. Not harsh, just enables me to put lots of 'bite' on the ball. Seems quite durable as well. Next to gut, my next best string; for the money, a better deal than gut.
From: Larry, Mt. View, CA. USA 11/00

Comments: We (myself and several friends whose racquets I string) have been very impressed with the Gamma Pro Plus 16 and 17 line of strings. They are an upgrade from the "softer feeling" TNT 16 and 18 strings because of one major benefit....additional control over your shots. An additional benefit is that Gamma Pro Plus strings are more durable than regular TNT 16 or 18; in particular when Babolat elastocross "string savers" are added to the top 3 strings of a racquet to help resist string movement. Overall, the best string I have used next to VS Gut; which is by far the finest string available.
From: John, Chicago, IL. USA 8/00

Comments:It wasn't until my string broke and I had to play with the same racquet, with a different string, that I really noticed the difference Gamma TNT Pro Plus 17L String makes! Using a Head Ti-S5 (medium swing), the top-spin you can generate on ground strokes is amazing.
From: Matt, Houston, TX. USA 6/00

Comments:Gamma TNT Pro Plus 17L String is so good that you might think the racquet itself has changed for the better. Soft feel and quite powerful too with my Volkl C8 frame. A big improvement over Gosen OG Sheep, and Alpha 2000 and EVEN Wilson Sensation 17!
From: Doug, White Plains, NY USA 1/00

Comments:Gamma TNT ProPlus 17L is my favorite string up to now. Combined with the feel and control characteristic offered by the Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85, I could enjoy the excellent control of the combination. The string itself maintains tension quite well (I strung it at 63lbs), and didn't lose much feel until the moment before it broke. When compared with the new product from Gamma---Live Wire, TNT ProPlus 17L feels better when hitting the ball.
From: Richard, Hong Kong 11/99