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The Wilson Comfort Hybrid replacement grip combines a shock absorbing air foam and soft polyurethane. This hybrid grip provides maximum comfort.
  • One replacement grip per pack
  • This grip replaces your existing grip.
  • Color: White
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Comments: I was a jerk in my last review. I think I may have written that right after opening the grip. So, to put it right I must say that this grip has been good. Not compared to what I initially thought, but compared to anything else -- it is a good grip. It truly is comfortable, like they say in the title: very soft. It has also held up well. And actually, if it is made of recycled foam rubber, then good for Wilson for recycling what would have gone to a land-fill (but I don't know if they use recycled materials). It's a good grip, and I am going to buy another.
From: Nick, 7/15

Comments: I made the mistake of not making sure what the grip I like is called, and got this one. I was looking for the Performance Hybrid -- the one that came with the BLX Tour, and got this instead. It is absolute garbage. It should be priced lower. This grip feels like it is recycled foam rubber or something.
From: Nick, 5/14

Comments: I have been playing with the Performance Hybrid grip but needed a replacement and the only one my tennis shop had was this. I think the tack ruined my hand, hurt my thumb, I did not think there would be much difference between performance to comfort, but I didnt find anything comforting about this grip. It also showed signs of significant wear after 2 sets. Coming off ASAP!
From: JM, 4/13

Comments: What a great grip! Absolutely the best replacement grip I've ever used. It's the perfect combination of cushioning and tackiness. Incredibly comfortable, and you don't have to worry about your hand slipping. I highly recommend this grip.
From: Ted, 8/12

Comments: This grip is absolutely amazing. It took about five minutes to get used to and I have it on the Babolat racquets as I don't like their grips.
From: Michael, 11/11

Comments: The most comfortable grip ever! I was curious about it for a few years, and now that I've tried it, it felt great when playing. It's really comfortable with overgrips too. Best grip ever.
From: Albert. 5/11

Comments: This is a great grip. I'm not used to very tacky grips I always use an overgrip but I decided to get a replacement grip this time and it is the most comfortable grip I've ever played with it is nice and soft and tacky. I would use this all the time from now on. I would recommend this to any one but the tackiness might be hard to get used to.
From: Alex, Dublin, Ireland, 03/11

Comments: Very, very sticky and cushioned also. It is a nice blend of tackiness and feel, and I will only be using this grip from now on. It is honestly the most comfortable and amazing grip I have ever used. Thank you Wilson for coming out with a better grip than that crappy Pro Hybrid.
From: Chris, Limerick, PA, USA, 01/11