How it should work: Merriam Webster Dictionary defines guarantee as 'an agreement by which one person or company undertakes to secure another in the possession or enjoyment of something.' As always, our primary goal is to make sure our services secure the confidence and trust of all Racquetball Warehouse consumers. Part of that security includes special guarantees that, once again, set Racquetball Warehouse apart as the industry leader in customer satisfaction. As a confirmation to our customers, we've put these services or "agreements" in writing. We hope you'll take a minute to read the following guarantees. With a clear understanding of them, we think you'll find Racquetball Warehouse the easy choice for all your Racquetball equipment needs: guaranteed lowest prices, guaranteed accurate orders, fast shipping (usually same day), fully authorized warranty coverage.

Guaranteed Lowest Prices: A self defining phrase that is as simple as it reads. Simply put, if you find a lower price, on any product we stock, we would like the opportunity to beat it. We owe our success to you, our customers, and we know that price is a critical concern. Our goal is to eliminate this concern by assuring you that by choosing Racquetball Warehouse you're getting the lowest prices anywhere. We routinely scan our competitors to assure that our prices can't be beat. As should be expected, there are some common sense boundaries that apply. We must be able to verify the lower price. Lower prices that cannot be confirmed will not be honored. Simply inform one of our knowledgeable reps where you found a better price; once price and source are confirmed, and the parameters maintained, you can be secure in knowing Racquetball Warehouse will beat it! We reserve the right to confirm lower prices before any final Racquetball Warehouse sale. The source of a lower price must come from an authorized dealer of the product in question (ie: authorized Prince or Wilson dealer). If the price does not come from an authorized source, current Racquetball Warehouse prices stand.

Guaranteed Accurate Orders: With new special features written into our warehouse software, Racquetball Warehouse continues its valued tradition and reputation for utilizing the best in technology. This service guarantees that the items shipped to you are exactly what was on your order. If the products, as entered into our computers, are not what's shipped to you, we'll promptly correct the problem and refund 20% of the price of any incorrect items up to $20. Racquetball Warehouse will do everything possible to make sure your order has been entered correctly. Miscommunications, misunderstandings or data entry errors are not covered under this guarantee. Orders can be confirmed via phone, e-mail or fax. We will take all reasonable steps to correct any other problems. Further, the guarantee does not cover delays resulting from back orders or package delivery problems (UPS, Post Office, etc.) This service applies to replaced items only. Any items not returned, or returned for a refund rather than a replacement, do not qualify for the guarantee. However defined, we hope this guarantee will add to the enjoyment and ease of your Racquetball Warehouse mail order experience!

Quality: We are a certified dealer for the products we sell and many manufacturers have guarantees of their own. For more information, you're welcome to visit our section concerning returns and warranty coverage.

Shipping: As always, we guarantee one low shipping price for UPS ground shipments in the continental U.S. ($5.75, unlimited order!). We also guarantee UPS 2nd day (2 business days) and next day air shipments arrive on time or the shipping cost is refunded. See shipping for more DETAILS.

Choosing Racquetballwarehouse: We hope these services, combined with our product knowledge and experience, help secure your trust and confidence in letting Racquetball Warehouse be your racquetball equipment supplier. Thanks for visiting our web page. We welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call, write or e-mail.