Jose Rojas
  • Birthdate: 04/27/1990
  • Residence: Stockton, CA
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Plays: Right-Handed
  • Turned Pro: 2008

This 24-year old Stockton, California native is the seminal figure in the Northern California racquetball renaissance. Helping to spurn a cavalcade of young professionals, Rojas is in the unique position of having more experience than many of the other touring players but also having the prime of his career ahead of him. In the 2011-2012 season Rojas finished #3, the next year he finished #4 and this year he dropped one more spot to #5. Despite this fall in the rankings, Rojas finished the year on a positive note, winning gold with partner Jansen Allen at the Pan American games. Rojas is a talent who is prone to lulls but also one who is capable of beating anyone on tour, after breaking Kane Waselenchuk's winning streak at the 2013-2014 IRT Season-opener. Rojas has two tier 1 titles under his belt, which is testament to his potential. Many believe that if Rojas were to remain consistent he would have a viable shot at being #1.

Small, powerful, quick and with a high racquetball I.Q., Rojas is the complete package. Having bested #2 Rocky Carson and #1 Kane Waselenchuk once each, Rojas is often stopped shy of the finals by one of the two. Beltran and Croft still have the slight edge over Rojas in head to head winning percentage but as Rojas matures those percentages may soon flip. Look for Rojas to step up his game as many young players are looking to unseat him.

Notable Accomplishments:
  • 2015 Pan American Men's Doubles Gold Medalist for USA (with Jansen Allen)