Kane Waselenchuk
  • Birthdate: 9/11/80
  • Residence: Austin, TX
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Plays: Left
  • Turned Pro: 2000

Kane has finished #1 on tour the last eight seasons he's played, including the last five straight seasons. Nobody in recent times has strung together such an impressive run. Kane has made the finals in every tournament he played the last two seasons, only losing two due to injury forfeit.

Despite entering the later stages of his prime, for the most part Kane shows little signs of slowing down. The only thing holding him back is his body. We started to see chinks in Kane's armor the past few seasons, as he's had an injury forfeit in each of them, and a cranky knee has caused him to miss four events the last couple seasons. While that normally shouldn't concern him with the rankings since he wins everything else, the fight for the year-end title did get a little tight last season. That was because Rocky was so consistent and made the semifinals or better every tournament and won all the tournaments that Kane didn't.

Finishing anything less than number one would be an abysmal failure in Kane's eyes. He has put together some unprecedented results, and looks to continue to pile on and build some career stats that we will likely never witness broken. He is the sure favorite going into next season. It probably won't be as easy for him as it has been in the past, but if he is able to stay healthy and keep his knee together we are likely to watch him march to yet another finish at the top of the ranks.

Notable Accomplishments:

- Seven-time World Champion
- Enters season with 114 match winning streak spanning 3 seasons (Unbeaten since 2009)
- Seven-time US Open Champion
- Best professional winning percentage of all-time


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