• Fantastic Feel
  • Great Control


  • Slight lack of power

Introducing the first ever Racquetball Warehouse branded racquet! The RbW Core Platinum 170 is sharply dressed, classy, and comes ready for action. Underneath its sleek exterior is a tested and proven beast, a forgiving ally on the court, and an undeniable powerhouse waiting to be unleashed. One of the most forgiving and arm-friendly racquets in the market today, the RbW Core Platinum plays into the game style of any level of player.

Power: 86/100

After an extensive three-week playtest, the team found that power was the lowest ranking category of the RbW Core Platinum. Ben L jumped right into it saying, “Power was the weakest part of this racquet for my game style, largely because of the even balance and more flexible frame. At the same time, it was maneuverable enough to generate power in situations where I couldn’t get a full swing in, and that can be a game saver. With the 170 unstrung weight, even balance, and moderate swing weight, this frame has enough pop to put your enemies down, while retaining the forgiveness of a wood core and agility and maneuverability of a stealthy assassin. The string bed was very responsive, and for a player who can generate a lot of power with mechanics, this would perform very well.” Croft shared many of the same sentiments, although he felt he could generate a bit more power than Ben L. Croft added, “It definitely wasn’t the most powerful racquet I’ve ever hit, but it had enough power for me to feel comfortable with it. The balance of the racquet definitely helped my power generation since I am a fan of lighter frames, and feel it matched closely to my swing speed. For me, although I was able to generate ample power, it didn’t quite move the ball as well as the top of the Pro Kennex racquets.”

Control: 90/100

Control took the silver medal of the playtest categories. Weighing in at 170 grams and an even balance, it played right into the team’s expectations of control. Croft spoke highly of it starting with, “I couldn’t have been much happier with the control of this frame. The weight, balance, and string tension of the stock frame allowed me to put the ball where I wanted it with confidence. I felt especially comfortable in the front court where I was able to place the ball with what felt like pin-point accuracy.” Ben L. didn’t score this category as high as Croft, but still was happy with his ability to keep his shots on track. “At a true 170 grams unstrung, and with an even balance, this racquet was clearly designed with control in mind. I found it easy to place my serves where I wanted, and was hitting my angles in rallies accurately and consistently.”

Feel: 91/100

Running away with the gold medal of the playtest was the Feel category. With the unique and very useful wood core, the Core Platinum was designed for a nice, soft ride. Ben L. sung his praises of the feel commenting, “Feel and forgiveness were the true strengths of the Core Platinum racquet. The racquet could be played with or without a dampener, and felt solid even when I didn’t hit the sweet spot right on. The thicker box beam and wood core system noticeably minimized impact shock, and made for a comfortable feel all around. The factory 17 gauge strings played great as well, further enhancing the overall feel.” Croft too was riding shotgun on the bandwagon adding, “This is the category where the RbW Core Platinum shined for me. The feel of this racquet is second to none. I would never have thought a wood core would have any benefits in a frame, but I was 100% wrong. Whether I was hitting drive serves or finessing ceiling balls, the feel of this stick was through the roof. Contrary to most racquets, I felt this category shined when I was setup to rip the ball, and not soft touch shots in the frontcourt. This is the frame for someone looking for a soft, flexible frame, or someone with elbow or shoulder tendinitis.”

Overall: 89/100

Overall the playtest team was impressed with the performance of the RbW Core Platinum. Although they felt there was some power to be desired, the feel and accuracy of the stick made up for the power loss. Ben L. ended his review with, “Overall, I am really excited we were able to bring this Core Platinum racquet back to market. For raw power it wasn’t my top choice, but the other attributes of the frame really made up for it. It’s an obvious choice for anyone dealing with tendonitis, but more than that, it’s just a very well balanced racquet that can fit into any game style and any level of play.” Croft wrapped it simply, saying, “This is a frame that really anyone can pick up and play with. If you like flexible and maximum feel frames, this is the way to go. I wish there was a little more power and stiffness, but overall the pro’s of the flexibility and feel of the racquet far outweighed the cons.”