Ektelon has been in the game for decades and since day one they have been known as a pioneer of innovative racquet technology. This year they have introduced ESP Technology (Extreme String Pattern) which offers maximum power from an open string pattern or maximum control from a dense string pattern. New for 2013-14 is the ESP RG Toron 170 and the ESP Classic 175, two racquets with opposite attractions.

Head Racquet Sports builds power and style into every racquet. Their YouTek technology umbrella provides everything needed to play at your best. Now, Head has added their innovative Innegra technology to the YouTek club to give their frames better feel and more stability without adding weight. The CT2 technology is still ever-present. With the corrugations running 360 degrees around the throat of the frames, stiffness is increased, which gives them a real sting. the latest from Head, the Head Zeus provides lightweight maneuverability with exceptional power.

E-Force is a graphite composite company that only does racquetball, and has been doing it for a long time. The Invasion X Racquets for 2013 sport upgraded power boosters and are confidently the most powerful and stable racquets yet produced by E-Force.

Harrow is boldly re-entering the racquetball scene with the introduction of these new racquets, designed and engineered with laws of physics in mind. The narrow frames and dense string patterns lend to control and stability, while the long handle and head heavy balance provide ample power.

The brainiacs at ProKennex have done it again. With the new line of racquets comes a brand new technology from their labs. The Force Flow Technology is located in the throat of the frame and will be instantly noticed on court. Designed to redirect escaping energy from the string bed, FFT forces the flow of that energy back into the strings of the racquet, giving you increased power as well as increased stiffness. #1 ranked pro player, Kane Waselenchuk liked the new frames so much he switched mid season to close out his second undefeated season with the KM F175.

Wilson is a long time leader in the sporting goods industry and has equal passion for racquetball. The newest line of Wilson BLX Racquets feature the proven graphite technology combined with updated head shapes, string patterns and innovative names and cosmetics.

Arguably the most technologically advanced and player-friendly racquets on the market, the Disruptive Racquet Series was designed in part by 5-Time World Champion, Sudsy Monchik. Dunlop's engineers were inspired by nature when designing their Biomimetic technology, producing racquets with a greater head speed for more power and reduced shock on ball impact. You are sure to shake up your opponents when you show up to the courts with this new line.

As the youngest company, Gearbox has now introduced their 3rd full line of racquets. The MX1 introduces an extended concave head now encompassing 45% of the frame as well as power bevels to further liven the string bed and add to their legendary durability. The MX1 170T Racquet, used by #3 IRT Pro Alvaro Beltran, is built to win straight out of the package.