HEAD has introduced the super lightweight and strong material, Graphene, in their 2014-15 racquet series. Removing the CT2 from the throat and adding in Graphene has designed a fusion of power and flexibility while creating the most arm-friendly racquets in their line. Used by several top men and women touring pros, the HEAD Graphene Radical Racquet Series is the most technologically advanced racquets HEAD has ever designed.

For over 45 years the Ektelon Flame has been a symbol of game-changing innovation and a competitive edge. The 2015-2016 Ektelon Longbody Series introduces 22.5 inch and 23 inch racquets, the longest racquets in history! These new high-end frames also include Textreme material which is a thinner and lighter way to weave carbon fibers for superior durability and torsional stability. Featuring a racquet for every play-style and skill-level, Ektelon's new line will impress for years to come.

Find your balance with the 2015-2016 ProKennex Counter Balance Series! ProKennex has shifted the kinetic technology from the top of the racquet down into the handle, essentially taking away head weight while maintaining feel and performance for a more maneuverable experience. While continuing the tradition of their two most popular designs, Force Flow and Kinetic, ProKennex has created new frames that are very power-focused. Used by the #1 pro player in the world, Kane Waselenchuk, the Kinetic FCB 175 racquet makes it easy to crush drive serves and power through forehand swings with stability and accuracy.

E-Force is a graphite composite company that has been focused on racquetball for a very long time. New for the 2015-2016 season is the Apocalypse Beta racquet line featuring Zero Richter Tubes X2 which are longer than the original design for even more vibration dampening.

Harrow racquets are designed and engineered with the laws of physics in mind. The narrow frames and dense string patterns provide control and stability, while the extra long handle and head-heavy balance provides serious power.

Wilson has designed a racquet to put some whip into your swing! The Wilson Whip 170 features the NEW Power Hinge Technology that allows the string bed to move up to 5 milimeters in each direction, creating a greater trampoline effect, and thus, more power.

Arguably the most technologically advanced and player-friendly racquets on the market, the Disruptive Racquet Series was designed in part by 5-Time World Champion, Sudsy Monchik. Dunlop's engineers were inspired by nature when designing their Biomimetic technology, producing racquets with a greater head speed for more power and reduced shock on ball impact. You are sure to shake up your opponents when you show up to the courts with this new line.