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ASO Ankle Braces

Comments: Great brace! I am a junior player, and before wearing these braces I would roll, twist, and sprain my ankles all the time. Now that I wear these braces on both ankles I feel a extremely high level of support when on the court. I play everyday about three hours a day, so my ankles are always sore after training, but these cut my pain down. The best part about the ASO brace is that it is very lightweight, but still provides great support. The only downside is that it is a little hard to tie your shoes, so just get a pair of longer laces.
From: Isabella, 8/16

Comments: After spraining my ankle, I tried almost every brand of ankle brace available. I love the ASO braces. They provide great support, but aren't so rigid that they rub or bind anywhere on your lower legs, ankles or feet. Even though my ankle is healed, I still wear them just so I can confidently move and make quick turns without fear of further injury. I wear the same size shoe, but on some pairs, don't use the top set of eyelets.
From: Sheila, 9/14

Comments: I did a lot of research before I bought this ankle brace, and the work was well worth it. This brace is excellent. I rolled my ankle playing tennis and fractured a bone in my foot. When I was cleared to play, my ankle was still a little sore and I was terrified of rolling it again. With this on, I feel 100% confident that I won't roll it again (I've been using it now for about 3 months). It did take me 2 or 3 times out to get used to the feel of it, but after that I didn't even notice that I had it on and it doesn't hamper my mobility to move around the court. It does make my foot hot, but it's well worth it because of the security it provides. For those of you struggling to decide on the size, I am a size 9 and have a narrow foot. I ordered a small and it's perfect. Some people said they had to go up a shoe size, I didn't.
From: Tina, 10/13

Comments: The ASO Ankle Brace provided me with a lot of support. But unfortunately, the ankle brace can make your ankle super hot since there isn't much ventilation.
From: Timothy, 1/13

Comments: Great brace. I began using them after rolling my ankle and tearing ligaments and now use them on both ankles in a preventive capacity. Comfortable and they lead to confidence. Regarding changing shoe size - in my case I've been able to stay with the same size as before.
From: John, Lubbock, TX, USA, 01/11

Comments: I suffered an avulsion fracture of the fifth metatarsal. My doctor approved the ASO brace and I have been wearing it regularly. I have regained full mobility and won't play or practice without it. One thing I have noticed is that I purchase my shoes 1/2 to 1 size larger to accommodate the brace. Great confidence builder.
From: Dave, Jacksonville, FL, USA, 01/11

Comments: I am using it mostly to enhance my performance on court. I found it improves my acceleration, stopping and changing directions. Next morning, even after toughest match I can walk downstairs normally, not on my heels waking up my whole family with moans and groans. Give it a try, as it gives unfair advantage on tennis court.
From: Eugene, Maple, Canada, 12/10

Comments: Took some time to get used to having them on but these are great. I never feel like they are restricting my movement but I always feel much more secure.
From: Corey, Ocean, NJ, US. 11/09

Comments: These are the most wonderful ankle braces I have ever worn. I play basketball and I recently injured my ankle. It has partly healed but this ankle brace optimizes my performance on the court. It is thin and can fit inside my shoe without stretching it out yet provides more durability and support than most thick ankle braces. I definitely recommend the ASO ankle brace to any athletes out there.
From: Henry, Arcadia, CA, USA 05/06

Comments: I really like the ASO Ankle Brace. I'm getting over a strained deltoid ligament and stress fracture in my right ankle. I've tried several different braces and the ASO Ankle Brace is the most comfortable. The seams don't dig into my skin while I play tennis and give me a lot of support. Plus the material is a lot more light weight. I'm ordering two more so I can rotate them and also have one for my left ankle as a precaution.
From: Yolanda, Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, USA 05/06

Comments: These are GREAT! I have been using these for the past 6 years! As far as shoes go, I just want a pair that are comfortable on the BOTTOM of my feet! With these braces I feel VERY SECURE and comfortable!
From: Bobby, Berkeley, CA & Tokyo, Japan. 12/05

Comments: I ordered a pair of ASO Ankle Braces. I had ankle injury (with 3 to 9 weeks of not playing). I play basketball. I use them and I am not afraid to take rebounds now! It's the best ankle brace I have ever had. It keeps the foot free but not with the inversion movement. Recommended for all the person who have had an ankle injury.
From: Pierre, Chalon-sur-Sa˘ne, Sa˘ne & Loire, France. 9/05

Comments: These ankle braces really do work. I previously broke my ankle and these have really helped to keep me going and help me from twisting an ankle again.
From: Kristyn, Pueblo, Colorado, USA. 8/05

Comments: Great support and stability. I tore up my ankle pretty badly twice, and now am using it to prevent it from happening again. I feel confident in change of directions, and it's also very comfortable. It doesn't restrict my lateral movement very much, in fact I find it gives more support on sprints. Above all, it's very comfortable.
From: Abi, Bridgewater, NJ, USA. 8/05

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