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Gamma Progression 200 Stringing Machine

Comments: Recently bought this stringing machine. I did have some troubles in the beginning but am getting the hang of it now. Biggest turning point for me was when I got a starting clamp (extremely helpful) but not technically necessary. I was looking at this machine and also at a klippermate used online and I am glad I got this one. The ratchet feature is extremely helpful and very easy to use. If you do not have enough tension, just ratchet it up a little bit at a time until it gets there (without this you would have to re feed the string). After a little practice and getting the right tool, I can do my racquet in a little over an hour. Hopefully can get it down a bit with time.
From: John, 11/16

Comments: Awesome machine, super easy to use, seems quite accurate. Kicking myself for not buying years ago. Not sure what a more expensive machine could do that this cannot, other than save a few minutes. First try, able to string in 45 minutes, really love my new toy!
From: Milo, 11/16

Comments: Just bought this machine after previously owning the significantly more expensive crank lockout in the same brand. I don't play as much as I use to so I sold the more expensive machine to a friend and got the cheapest possible for personal stringing. I also string at the club on expensive electronic machines and I have zero complaints. I was skeptical when purchasing due to the price, but trusted reviews. Did 3 racquets the first day I got it and I'm very happy with my choice. For those who may have same concerns over this budget model, have no fear. It's really not worth paying a premium unless you have money to burn or plan on string racquets for money and cutting down string time is of significant importance. Great bang for the buck for someone simply looking to string a few racquets a week, but could easily handle a higher volume if needed. Another great benefit is there are no expensive parts to repair/replace down the line.
From: Alex, 7/16

Comments: I am a 44 year old male, 4.0 player who plays once a week. Stringing racquets in NYC cots $50. So buying this was a no brainer. The 6 sets of free Gamma string are: Poly-Z 16, Zo Verve 16 Copoly, Zo Dart 16 Copoly, Synthetic Gut 16, Challenger Synthetic Gut 16, Challenger Synthetic Gut 17. I think this info might be important in determining overall value. I will review the machine first. I had low expectations for the machine as there are professional options that cost thousands of dollars. Having said that, I was impressed with the quality. Yes the red base is made of plastic, but the rest is made of heavy weight solid steel. it is very stable on a flat surface like a table or counter top. With the tools, strings and instruction guide, nothing else is needed. Make no mistake -- stringing at first is not an easy task. I made the mistake of starting with the cheapest string set (to practice) -- the Poly-Z 16, which was unruly, wire-like, and kinked easily. Start off with an easy and flexible string like the synthetic gut. My first job took 6 hours which included viewing and re-viewing YouTube videos and learning the knots. I suggest you learn 2 knots -- the Parnell and the Starting knot (tail facing towards center of racquet -- I find these the easiest and tried-and-true). My second job was 3 hours, third 1.5 hours. Hoping the next one is 45 minutes. It gets much easier with practice, so hang tough! The payoff is the ability to tweak the playability characteristics of your racquet with the least cost. Stringing my racquets now is a zen like experience -- like a gladiator preparing for battle! And I find it fun! It adds another dimension to my love for the game -- knowing ones equipment inside-out. Now for the strings -- I was coming off of expired set of Luxilon 4G 16L (1.25) strings ($18/set) strung at 52 lbs on a Head Graphene Radical Pro. This compares to the Gamma strings which are $11/set for the polys, $4/set for the synthetic guts. Tried the Poly-Z 16 first. It was the most similar to the Luxilon 4G which I find to be a firm, inelastic (no pocketing), dead (less feel) string that suits a full, fast swing. The Poly-Z strung at 54 lbs. felt similar, but cheaper. Lots of mishits when-off center, small sweet spot. Not my old strings! Next was the Zo Verve 16 strung at 55 lbs which is red/black angled/shaped copoly. More spin, but spongy with too much power. Cut them out immediately after 1 session. Finally caved in and abandoned the polys/co-polys and went to the synthetic gut 16 strung at 57 lbs. Very different feel -- easier on the arm, more pocketing, less brutal power. I miss the extra gas that a poly gives, but played with a lot more consistency. Maybe a hybrid set up is in order? Having this stringer gives me that option to experiment in trying to find the holy grail of the perfect setup! Buy it!
From: Eric, 10/15

Comments: I own the Gamma X-2 which is the same exact machine except for a slightly different base. For the money, this machine is great. The mounting is secure, the tension gripper works well (never had an issue with string slipping), and if you have a little skill, you can definitely crank out consistent and repeatable string jobs. The composite flying clamps do their job, and mine don't have the issue of sharp edges on the back of the release lever. The ratchet mechanism is definitely handy for doing stretchy strings, for if the bar drops below level, you can make adjustments without have to reinsert the string on the gripper. Sure there are faster, fancier machines out there, but if you're only stringing a few racquets a week at most, this should totally fit the bill for a very low cost of admittance. I can do a string job on a racquet I'm familiar with in less than 45 minutes and I'm not the fastest stringer by any means. So you can accomplish very reasonable times for stringing with a little practice. This machines has payed for itself many times over based on the savings from paying someone else. And if you decide to upgrade down the line, you can easily sell this machines on some classifieds for $100+, so really you get a great return on your investment.
From: Jeff, 4/15

Comments: I got this stringing machine 3 days ago and the following day I was back on court with my newly strung racquets. I play a lot of tennis. I have six racquets in my bag and most of the time I go home with 2 or 3 with unbroken strings. It's so easy to use and even my son learned how to use it. Now I don't have to wait 3 to 4 days for my racquets to be strung. It really saved me a lot of waiting time and money.
From: Ener, 7/14

Comments: I ordered this machine only a week ago and it reached my doorsteps in 3 to 4 days in good condition. Reasonable packing size. I was excited to try this and it did fulfill the expectations a lot. I was ready by watching the You Tube videos on the drop weight machines at least 3 times before having the machine and my first stringing on this machine was a breeze. I strung my racquet and am ready to try it out. If you are a person who wants to try variety of strings to tune your game, you have got to have this. Very worthy and excellent purchase! Thanks TW and Gamma! (The only problem I had was the strings that came with it, there wasn't enough length so I have to switch to other string for my crosses.)
From: Ramesh, 1/14

Comments: Have been using this for years. Such a great, easy to use product, you are literally throwing money away if you do not learn how to string your own racquets. I had never strung a racquet, but when I started really playing tennis consistently a few years back, I knew I would want to be able to string. Pulled up a couple YouTube videos and was on my way. Do not spend the money on another, more expensive machine unless you are stringing multiple racquets per day. You will only save a few minutes, and it's not worth it unless you get paid to string. I actually enjoy stringing, weird as that may sound! Bulletproof machine that will last forever.
From: Darin, 12/13

Comments: It took me awhile to figure everything out, but it worked fine after disregarding some of the instructions and going at it alone. If you try to follow their guide to stringing, you'll go nuts! Money saved so far: $20.00. and project it to pay for itself by the end of Spring 2014. My advice is to be patient, and don't go by the instructions!
From: Robert, 12/13

Comments: I ordered this a few weeks ago and love it. You have to watch some videos on youtube and read the instructions before getting started. My first racquet took over three hours, but the last one took a little over an hour. Great machine at a very reasonable price.
From: Phil, 10/13

Comments: I am looking forward to trying different strings and doing the string job myself. Upon delivery and unpacking the machine, it is simplistic in nature and came with necessary tools. But these items where missing: 1) Starter String Pack of 3 free sets of Gamma performance string 2) USRSA Getting Started Stringing Guide. I am disappointed in Gamma's packaging (and no fault to TW) thus I'll figure it out. But, I was really looking forward to a couple free strings to start/practice on the new machine.
From: Alex, 10/13
Note from TW: Alex, sorry to hear about that! If you email us at with your order # and info, we will try to get in contact with Gamma and get that sent to you!

Comments: I have 3 tennis players in the family that play on regular basis. So having about 3-4 racquets or more restrung a month was getting a little pricey. After looking online and reading reviews of some stringers I had to choose between this machine and the older model Gamma X2. The reviews were great on both stringers, so I went with this machine. It didn't take a long time to get this item. The stringer came with 6 sets of demo strings which is probably around $60-$70 value. I had a chance to string 2 racquets already, and let me tell you that I couldn't be more happier. After watching a couple of videos on youtube, and scanning through USRSA booklet that came with the stringer, it took me around 1 hour per racquet. One thing I noticed is that the tension is just a little off, comparing to machines with electronic tension. So next time I string a racquet, I will add 1-2 pounds to get to desired tension. Other than that, this machine is fantastic. If you are a player that would like to string your own racquets without spending a fortune on equipment, this is the machine you need to go with. I am sure high dollar machines will have precise tension and save you 5-10 minutes, but the end result is the same.
From: Rasheed, 10/12

Comments: Figured I would wait until after I played a set using my first ever string job to review my new stringer, and the result was fantastic! Man, I can't believe I waited this long to buy one of these things. I'm a total novice, as I've never strung a racquet before, and I was completely impressed at my ability to do it using this thing. It was a total win.
From: Mike, 10/12

Comments: This stringer is honestly a great investment. It's simple to use and it gets the job done correctly. What more could I ask for? It's a great stringer when you're first starting. My best time was about half an hour on it. It definitely took a while when I was first starting, but once you get used to it, it's pretty great. I definitely recommend it to first time stringers.
From: Wadih, 9/12

Comments: Well I have not used this machine but I have a Klippermate and a Gamma X2, and I guess this is the new model to that? Well for the money this is the single best investment a regular tennis player should aim for. I use a drop weight machine when I'm away and doing coaching courses where a normal stringer isn't available. My first stringer was a Klippermate that I purchased used and it has paid for itself 1,000 times over, especially when you start out and friends need racquets strung, you soon make the money back. I moved abroad for a bit and wanted a drop weight to take around with me and I purchased the Gamma X2 and it was perfect for my needs. Heck if your only doing a handful of racquets each week then a drop weight is all that you need. I would only stress at using it if I'm stringing 12+ sticks a week. The only down side is the clamps when stringing wood racquets go high up on the crosses but I guess for 98% of buyers this will never be a issue as they will never go near wood! Stringing does take a bit of practice and honestly there is more than enough videos on the tube to help. I've taught a few people to string in my time and most will have there own quirks to making the job easier. It's also nice to be able to play around with tensions and setups with only the small cost of the strings and cutting out the bulk of the cost that is the man hours! Honestly If you're thinking of buying a stringer do it! It's a good skill to have, you will make some cash back at your local club or group of friends, and looking at this Gamma for the dollar is a no brainer...
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: It took me several hours to figure out what I was doing since I'd never strung a racquet before. It was a bit confusing at first, but I found two videos on that helped a lot and then another video that showed how to tie the knots. I agree with a previous comment that the sandpaper on the tension wheel isn't a problem if you do it right. The stringer is very mobile, and light weight with smooth movement. I can string a racquet between 45 min. and 1.5 hours depending on how dedicated I am to going quickly. Add strings to that, this is possibly one of the best deals for a dedicated tennis player.
From: Jody, 5/12

Comments: I was surprised at how well this stringer worked and how easy it was to operate. I'll admit I didn't know what I was doing the first time I used it, but I just had to watch a video on YouTube and it was easy enough to figure out. I don't have a tension tester, but it seems nice and accurate just based on feel. I would definitely recommend this stringer, even if you aren't on a budget. It works fine, and there isn't a noticeable difference on the time it takes to string compared to a crank machine, once you figure out how to use this one. You'll save yourself so much money with this stringer, and it's just as accurate as more expensive ones.
From: Geoff, 5/12

Comments: Well, it took me 2 hours just to figure out what I was doing. I kept releasing the wrong clamp and having to start over! However, once I was doing things right, it took me about 1 1/2 hours to finish. Crosses are really easy because you can string ahead two rows and you only need one clamp as you work down. I was very nervous that the tension wouldn't be right, but it seems nice and tight at 58 lbs, so I feel confident in the accuracy. Using the machine is pretty simple. Some people said that the string can get scratched from the sandpaper on the tension wheel, but honestly, if you do it right, that won't happen. Overall, I'm impressed with what you get verses what you pay. The strings they include go from one cheap synthetic gut (good for practicing) and the rest are very nice high end strings and a hybrid set! You're getting $80 in strings. Assuming $30-40 for a pro job, it pays for itself just by using the strings it came with. I'm astounded at the deal you're getting with this. I agree with other comments, there are several you-tube videos that show you how to start. Also, practice the knots (bulky and Wilson Pro) with some rope to get the hang of it. The book is alright, but it doesn't pertain to the progression 200, just stringers in general. I didn't find it all that helpful compared to videos which are more descriptive, but there are tips that are worth reading.
From: Andy, USA, 12/11

Comments: I had a terrible time with this stringing machine because its a drop weight, fly clamps and most important the part were you wrap the string around to then pull has sand paper on the edges and it will destroy the string.
From: John, 12/11

Comments: Never strung any racquet before and took me hours to do it first time. Now strung four racquets without any problem but buy a string clamp. I mean you can do the job without starting clamp but it will save you time on knots and beginning of stringing. It came with 6 packs of string and instructions guide but online has pretty good video to get starting. Now I can experiment with different string without spending tons on stringing cost.
From: Ken, 12/11

Comments: A good stringer to start out on, simple to use, if you are not careful your tension will vary a little but a very good stringer over all for the price.
From: Mark, 9/11

Comments: I had never strung a racket before so my first time it took hours, but this stringer comes with great instructions with pictures and everything. I haven't had any problems with the string slipping at all from the drop weight or the clamps. It comes with all the tools you need to get started (you may want to get a starting clamp eventually). It also comes with 6, 40ft strings of different types (or at least when I bought it from Tennis Warehouse it did). Great machine for the price.
From: Greg. 7/11

Comments: The Gamma Progression 200 is a great machine. It took me 2 hours my first time because I had no idea what I was doing. Now I string a racquet in 45 minutes and 15 minutes is just cutting the string and taking it out of the package. It is very easy to use and consistent. I like dropweight machines because of the constant pulls. The only down side is if one strings are at a high tension the clamps may slip if they are not tight when starting the mains. But not to much of a problem for me since I bought a starting clamp and took care of that problem. I covered the back of the clamps with tape and cloth because the back of the handles are sharp. Great price!
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: I own the now discontinued ATS traveler which shares the exact same mounting system, clamps, and drop weight mechanics as this stringer, the only difference is that this stringer has a much more stable base compared to traveler. For a budget stringer, it's a great buy!
From: Tyson. 6/11

Comments: I have the Gamma X2, which is the same stringer, but has a different tool tray. It is very easy to use, love the ratchet clutch on the drop weight lever, and it has been very consistent. Compact size allows me to string racquets out of the back of the SUV if my son or I break strings at a tournament. With 2 hard-hitting players in the house, it has paid for itself within the first 2 months.
Cons: The composite clamps have very sharp edges on the back of the cam lock handles. They will cut up you hands unless you put a little tape over the handles or file the sharp edges on the back.
From: Sean, GA, USA, 03/11

Comments: What is the actual weight of this machine?
From: Jober, Philippines, 03/11
(Jober, the machine weighs 24 lbs and dimensions are 24"x11"x13".--TW Staff)

Comments: Just purchased the Gamma Progression 200 stringing machine along with some 4 nylon Ashaway Liberty string packages to practice with. Just finished stringing my Head Liquidmetal 8 racket in practice for my new Head YouTek Speed Lite when needed. Took me about 1 1/2 hours and did a pretty good job if I do say so myself! Love the ratchet action on this stringer. Super easy to use. And best of all, I don't have to pay for stringing. Came with 6 different Gamma strings as listed in the specs as well as the tools. I bought diagonal pliers rather than using the razor cutter included. The USRSA booklet that came with the string was very helpful. But I would suggest you go to Youtube and watch a number of videos...extremely helpful. This is a great little stringer and very easy to use. I'm a 3.0 level player and have been playing since September (about 7 months). Joining a league so I plan to keep my strings nice and new by restringing myself.
From: Dean, Charleston, WV, USA, 03/11

Comments: For the price it is great for a beginner who just wants to string your own racket. I usually finish one racket in an hour and a half. Not bad for a starter. I do save a lot now and don't have to worry if my strings break....I love it.
From: Edee, Toms River, NJ, USA, 01/11

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