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HEAD Metallix 170 Racquet

Comments: Simply the best racquet I've played with. It has great weight and solid feel for a controlled shot or ripping it! I used to use a light weight Ektelon racquet and this feels way better period.
From: Stuart, Australia, 08/16
Skill-level: A 

Comments: Great racquet. Right weight and control. It also gives you right amount of power. The only problem I had was the string. It was a bit loose since the beginning. It keeps moving as soon as I hit a shot. Check the string as soon as you get. 
From: Navadeep, Miami, FL, USA, 06/16

Comments: I really liked this racquet.  Very accurate and powerful. Heavier than what I'm used to.  Python grip also is a big part in accuracy.  No slipping with an edge of racquet shot. Too bad I only got 3 games on it before my partner hit my racquet and shattered it.  I'll probably by one more.  I've been playing for 30 years, 1st time I broke a racquet like that.
From: Jeff, Wakefield, MA, USA, 02/15
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: mfg default 

Comments: This is my first racquet. This racquet is slightly narrower but longer than rental racquet. For the first time, I feel a little difficult to control while heavy stroke, but it goes well in few hours. The most impressed of this racquet really crashes the ball on sweet spot! Factory grip also feels great. It can't be compared with rental racquet, all of things are much better. I'm very satisfied to this racuqet with reasonable price.
From: Namhyun, Anyang, South Korea, 10/14
Skill-level: C+
String type and tension: Factory defaults 

Comments: I picked up this racket two years ago for under a hundred, never seen it higher than that.  It's a head heavy, good balanced racquet.  I had lots of power with it, almost too much.  Had to switch to a more flexible style racquet, but still go to this from time to time.
From: William, Tampa, FL, USA, 09/14
skill-level: C/B
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Was out of the game for quite a few years.  Purchased the Metallix about 9 months ago. Added a Python Grip. Love it.  Am considering purchasing another.  No arm pain, hits fairly hard, places the ball well. Did not break the bank to get a quality racket to get back into the game. Has been a great racket for me from the first hit.
From: Jeff, Colorado Springs, CO, 10/13
String type and tension: 32 lb. Ektelon Premier Power 

Comments: I gave this racquet a demo last week. While it provided plenty of power, it felt quite head heavy, heavier than the other 170g, unstrung racquets I tried. I was unable to finish a game with this racquet due to it causing some strain on my wrist. That's the only knock I have to an otherwise good racquet.
From: Steve, Newport News, VA, USA, 09/13
Skill-level: B+
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: I switched to this racquet from the E-Force Judgement Stun 160 about 3 months ago. The 170 weight is balanced well with my swing speed and game play. The biggest pro to this racquet is that it is solid and lightweight. There is very little to no noticeable vibration when I hit it off-center. When I do square it up, this thing can crush it. From a durability standpoint, it's held up very well so far. I needed to replace the grip pretty quickly, but that's going to happen with any racquet. Compared to my previous racquet it is slightly narrower which took some time to get used to, but has an extra 0.5" or so in length which helps with those tough to reach pass shots. From a control perspective, I have noticed an improvement in my game. However, I also realize that control has to do with so many other factors, so it's hard to say whether it's the racquet or just an improvement in my game. Probably a little of both.
From: Jeremiah, Lynchburg, VA, USA, 03/13
Skill-level: A

Comments: I have this and the racquets 'em before they stop making them.
From: Dan, Cleveland, OH, USA, 11/11
Skill-level: A

Comments: I've played with this racquet for over three years. Switched to the Head brand more than 6 years ago because I was constantly breaking other brand racquets or grommets - and have only broken one Head racquet since the switch (no broken grommets). The Metallix 170 has been extremely durable for me. I use protective tape, which helps with wall strikes. The racquet has a light and even feel in my hand, and I've felt absolutely no vibration, which has saved my elbow. I string my own racquets, and mated with Ashway Ultrakill 17 with a tension of around 31 pounds, with a Python grip, this racquet has been simply awesome. I hope I never break it!
From: Matt, River Falls, WI, USA, 03/11
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Ashway Ultrakill 17 

Comments: I believe this is the greatest racquet ever made, by any company, EVER. I have played with the Extreme, Amp, and new Problem Child models and I belive that this racquet is still the best ever made. Durability in this racquet has been a problem for some but if you are not a wall banger, you will be okay. Great racquet for an amazing price.
From: Andy
City, State, Country: MT, USA
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: 16 Head MB, 32-35 pounds

Comments: I upgraded from the Ektelon DPR, which was great. But the MX 170 is a big step up! Like others say, a little less power (due to the lightness) but wonderful control. I immediately replaced the grip with the Vision II grip and now it's a great rig at a fair price.
From: Rick
Baton Rouge, LA 06/09
Skill-level: C player

Comments: Excellent racquet! I've demo'd quite a few racquets and happened upon this one by luck. The other racquets I've tried have been the PK Core 175, Platinum 175, Head Liquidmetal 170, Wilson nLite, and the E-Force Bedlam 175. The Wilson was too light, and the others had adverse affects on my arm. I started swinging the Metallix 170 and noticed immediate reduction of arm pain, also noticed that my shots were much more controlled. I would definitely recommend this racquet for a control type player!
From: Manny
Orlando, FL 03/09

Comments: This is a head heavy racquet. Sweet spot is small but it crushes the ball. The frame is weak. Broke 2 in a period of 3 months. Very disappointed in the durability that I will not be replacing it for a 3rd time.
City, State, Country: Yokosuka, Japan 01/09
Skill-Level: A+
String type & tension: 32lbs cross/main

Comments: I just got back into the sport after a long layoff (20 yrs). I can absolutely crush the ball with this racquet with little effort. There is no vibration at all. This and the light weight saves my arm from the reoccurring pain I had always had with the heavier racquets that vibrated. Control is above average as well.
From: Ken
Valley Center, KS 04/08
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Megablast 16 @ 32lbs

Comments: I just got this stick last night, the MX170. I've been playing with a Wilson nLite (150g) that I didn't think I would be able to top. I was going to purchase another nLite as a backup but I got a great deal on the MX170 from another player at our club. At first, the MX170 felt like it had a little *less* power than the nLite, though with considerably more control. Then my brother hit a few shots with it - he normally plays with a 170g Head Liquid Metal - and he absolutely crushed the ball with several accurate kill shots. I figured I still need to get used to the 170g weight since I'm switching from 150g, but I'll take the added control for now and I've seen the power potential of the MX170. The MX170 is very well made, durable, GREAT control/power balance. I'd give this racquet a 9.5 out of 10.
From: Chris
Houston, TX 9/07
stock string/tension

Comments: Great stick but i would say a lot more control, a little less power. There's absolutly no vibration and it feels light as a feather. Playing with it increases control a lot, can hit ceiling shots that hug the wall almost everytime and can tap it down. It gets a little tricky cause hit hard and sometimes ball comes off wall slowly. Dunno if the flexipoint really works, seems kinda wierd but overall great stick. I have it as my backup currently. Using Black 03 and it has way more power then this one but it does take a toll on my arm in comparison.
From: Yoav
San Diego, Ca
stock string/tension

Comments: This is a great racquet! I started playing two years ago after switching from tennis. Many players I play uses semi-western grip, and it works for some, and not so well for others. This racquet works great with continental grip (flat with the V spot of the hand on the line to the right) This racquet has a killer/even feel even with the backhand. I bought the Head intelligence 165 last year and was very happy with it. With the "cupping" effect of the holes on the racquet, my aim has gotten a lot more accurate than the i.165. This is a well balanced racquet with the best compromise of power and control. As long as you fall through, you can barely tap it, and it'll still sound/look like a kill shot low to the wall. Even though I bought my MX170 from somebody else, racquetballwarehouse rocks! and so does this racquet.. it's worth every penny.
From: Jung
Huntsville Tx 01/07
Megablast 16 32lbs.

Comments:This racquet is great, it hits hard and has no vibration. It is a great racquet all around and is smooth and very well balanced in the head and handle.
From: Josh
Manchester NH 01/07

Comments: Have played Wilson for years and I have not been happy with the last couple. I switched to the mx170 and will play with this racquet as long as I can. Its really smooth, no vibration, solid on touch shots and hits the ball plenty hard!
From: Calvin
Claremore, OK. 12/06

Comments:This is the greatest racquet ever made. It hits as good as it looks. This racquet has the best control ever. The most power of any racquet ever made. This metallix material is the most durable thing in the world. The grip is also great. Enjoy this new racquet from Head/Penn racquet sports.
From:Ga, USA

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