customer review

Comments: I think this is a great glove. I dive regularly and the padding saves knuckles and holds up well. I always wear a liner and have no grip-slip problems or complaints.
From: David, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 10/13
Skill-level: B 

Comments: Glove feels ok when wearing, it is semi comfortable. However for me when I play with it, I have no grip and control what so ever. Backhands skip about 1 inch away from the wall almost every time because the racquet head slips a little down due to my grip not holding true... This glove did look pretty cool at first, but in my personal use with it, it does not grip that well at all. Maybe it will be different for you. I'm all Ektelon, but the only thing I wear different is the gloves, because the best glove I have ever worn to date, hands down, is the ProKennex Pure1 glove. Love, love that glove! Other Ektelon gloves I've used and recommend would be the Maxtack pro, and the new 03 glove. Hope this helped, happy hitting!
From: John, USA, 12/11
Skill-level: B+

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