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Comments: I received the NEOS 1500 2 weeks ago. First off, the 2 boxes were delivered on time, as advertised by TW. The packaging is second to none and very professional. The NEOS was up and running. The black and white pictures in the installation guide were not great, they should re-think the guide (that's the only need to improve comment I have). Thankfully, an online color version was available on USRSA's website. Wonder why Prince doesn't use this version. Now to the machine. This is my first stringing machine ever and this is the first time I venture into stringing. So it's safe to say that I am an absolute beginner. The machine is so easy to use that within the first hour, I had my first racquet strung (that is of course after viewing stringing tutorials on youtube). I can't say enough about how great this machine is. As a beginner, I would recommend it to anyone who ventures into stringing. Thank you TW, as always, for your outstanding service and timely delivery.
From: Fred, 11/15

Comments: Before purchasing this machine I was debating whether the upgraded features compared to the Prince Neos 1000 was worth the extra money. After so much research I came to a conclusion that the 1500 is worth the extra money. The upgraded features make stringing so much easier. I am more than happy with my purchase and I highly recommend this product. Great job Prince and thanks Tennis Warehouse for the easy transaction. I enjoy doing business with you guys!
From: Marvin, 2/15

Comments: Incredible machine, very good tooling on the metal slides! So easy to use, it's a pleaser. My old machine broke (Eagnas) and I also use the Gamma Progression model and it's not as nice or easy to use! Excellent machine!
From: Frank, 2/13

Comments: The stringer is great. I found the tension was about 5 lbs. tight but was easy to calibrate. It was very easy to use.
From: Shannon, 8/11

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