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Gosen AK Pro 17 String

Comments: I just strung at 62/60 and practiced my serves and so far so good--nice pop to it and it was easy to string. I do realize I do not like poly's at all but will continue to test for USRSA when I get them however--the price is quite reasonable too and look forward to demoing my groundstrokes.
From: Teresa, Manassas VA USA 08/09

Comments: I put those strings for our top club player (all around style) on his K-blade Tour. He used to play with NRG, also strung by me. I set tension to the same 52lbs(calibrated) on my Gamma Progression. He gave his choice to Gosen over NRG. Price was not a factor as I charge him same for both strings.
From: Eugene, Thornhill. 2/09

Comments: This is not a multifilament string look at the picture it has a solid core.
From: Anon. 9/08

Comments: Nothing spectacular. This string felt extremely underpowered for a multifilament. It gave a soft feel as the ball felt like it sat in my string bed even longer than it would on expensive multifilament strings such as Wilson NXT, and prince premier. In terms of spin it is all player generated, however it did not have the ball dropping properties of a polyester. It felt like I had to really muscle the ball to spin or hit deep.
From: Clayton, Honolulu, HI, USA, 09/08

Comments: I agree with Nick's review. This string is crisp, comfortable and resilient. It has really good feel, and it doesn't move much. This string is low powered, but the control is excellent. It is a definite upgrade over the Gosen OG Micro line of strings and is very reasonably priced.
From: Eric, Westchester County, NY, USA. 1/08

Comments: This is a very underrated string. It's easy to string up, and for a multifilament, it has similar durability and tension maintenance of a poly. Not many multis can say that, and yet it has the feel and resiliency of a top-end string at a great price too! It is crisp and comfortable as an all in one string job, and it also makes a great cross combination with Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure Hex mains. Try it and discover a secret gem of a string.
From: Nick, Penzance, Cornwall, England. 1/08

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