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Gamma TNT2 16 String

Comments: Good power, feel, comfort and control. Decent spin. Great string all around.
From: Bob, 3/15

Comments: I've been using this string for years. It provides a decent amount of power and spin. I am a baseliner, 3.5-4.0 NTRP, I string it on Ncode 6.1 tour 90 at 62 lbs. After 11 months, to my amazement, it still performs very well although a bit hard on the elbow. I hit the ball fairly flat so the shifting is minimal, not a problem at all. Between this string and NXT, this string definitely provides a better value and lasts a lot longer. I plan on using this string for a long time and I recommend it to anyone who is at my level and play style.
From: Jason, 10/14

Comments: I cringe when I hear people say that a string has lasted for three years in their racquet. I found TNT2 to be a comfortable string with moderate power, control and a decent amount of touch. Very similar to the feel of NXT with a better price point. Anyone trying to find a cheaper alternative to NXT may find it in this string
From: Michael, 6/13

Comments: I find this string to be a good cross string in a hybrid for some players. It actually makes stringing easier due to the silicone-like substance on the string; definitely preferable to using a cheaper synthetic gut in the crosses. Recently, I ordered a quantity in the black color because I figured it would look good in the poly hybrids. However, I discovered the black is not the color all the way through the string and is a surface coating. The black looks good but begins to wear off. No big deal, but I will likely stick with the natural color.
From: Paul, 3/13

Comments: I love this string. I had no problems producing a lot of spin and the pop was excellent. I had it strung on my Babolat Pure Storm and it was the best string I have ever played with.
From: Ahsan, 10/11

Comments: Strung it on my Wilson Six.One Tour BLX as mains and Signum Pro Poly Megaforce, both @ 58. I'm a baseline player, hit with decent spin, and rate myself around 3.5-4.0 NTRP. The string needed a break-in period, since the stringbed felt too stiff. A little warm up, half a set and it was ready (I usually ink my racquets, so the ink should've make it stiffer). After 40 mins of break-in period, I saw the string starting to fray all over the sweetspot, and finally broke after 3.5 hours. It was fresh strung when i played with it, and it didn't last the day. However, after the string got softer, I found nice ball pocketing and bite; power was average and spin was not surprising. The Copoly crosses were sawing through the TNT so I wouldn't say it's a very durable string, and I usually break strings once a week when I play daily.
From: Axel. 8/11

Comments: When the manufactured default strings broke on my Wilson N-Tour-Two, I was recommended the TNT2 16, and I strung it at 58lbs tension. At first, maybe because I strung it at a high tension, it had amazing control, but little power, so I had to implement my own power. To my surprise, after about two months of playing, it broke (my last strings lasted THREE YEARS! My dad used it, then my brother and now me). Still, I would recommend this, as long as you are a control player, and expect to restring every few months.
From: Jacky, Sacramento, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: Awesome strings. My serves was the only weak point and after stringing this string with the Wilson ncode n6, my serves were too good. It is also holds tension very well.
From: Harish, Singapore. 10/10

Comments: This string is a good choice; relatively soft, comfortable, keeps tension well and it's not too expensive. Nevertheless, I wouldn't recommend it if you are a big hitter. In my case, it lasts no more than 3 hours (on clay). I personally discard polyester strings due to shoulder problems; I'm trying to find something very soft that lasts a little bit more than this one (at a reasonable price!). To me, the best so far is Wilson K Gut 16.
From: Jaime, Madrid, Spain, 08/10

Comments: A good synthetic gut, but nothing special to justify the high price tag. Gosen OG Sheep is as good, and only a fraction of the cost.
From: Jon, Genk, Belgium. 4/10

Comments: I use this string in a hybrid set-up with Topspin Cyberflash 16 in the mains @ 58 and the Gamma TNT2 16 in the crosses at 60 in my Head Liquidmetal Radical MP. This string plays like a multi but lasts longer than any multi I have ever seen. It doesn't fray like other multifilaments. The Power and Feel of this string is above average as well as durability for a soft string.
From: Anon, San Ramon, CA, USA, 07/09
Rating: 4.5

Comments: I played with this string all through High School. Now I'm 25 and hit much harder then I did in High School. My game is power and top spin ground strokes as well as either a slice serve or straight power serve. Due to this, I have to find new strings - the feel and control is great but i have been breaking my strings only after about 8 playing sets. For the price of the string that can become very costly. the Durability is certainly sacrificed. I'm now researching other strings to try.
From: Dan, PA 06/09

Comments: I really liked this string. I had my racquet (Liquidmetal Radical) strung in early march, and it lasted throughout the entire high school tennis season til now. I switched from pro-hurricane tour and I like this one a lot better. The control, power, and depth on groundstrokes are excellent. Volleys took some getting used to because they didn't have much power. You really have to hit the sweetspot or else sometimes I end up with accidental drop volleys. This is my fav. string out of the ones I've tried, and I definitely recommend it.
From: Ernesto, IA, USA. 05/09

Comments: I am very impressed w/this string! I use it on the crosses w/ Babolat PHT on the mains and it feels so much better than just having PHT the on the whole racquet. I thought I would lose spin, but really it seems to enhance it... The only other hybrid i like to use is PHT w/ VS gut which probably the best out there, but lack in durability. If you get a chance, definitely use this mix!!!
From: Dennis, Baton Rouge, LA

Comments: This string is powerful, accurate and it's surprisingly durable for me, and I'm a heavy topspin hitter. Bad side is that it moves every time you hit the ball. I'm getting a blister in my thumb from re-aligning it.
From: Angelo, San Lorenzo, CA, USA, 10/08

Comments: This is a good solid string. I string on a Boris Becker at 55 lbs. It lasts without a week before breaking but right before it does there is a dramatic loss of tension, I can quite accurately predict when it will break. Even on a dense pattern 18/20 the string still gives a surprising amount of spin and great power as well. I recommend this string for people who want to rise above the normal synthetic gut but don't want to break their arm while they are at it.
From: Paul, Santa Clara, CA, USA, 09/08

Comments: I love this string. I don't know what everyone is saying about this string breaking a lot. I am a moderately hard-hitting player, and I got almost a month out of it, and I played probably about 20-25 days out of the month. They also kept tension well.
From: Paulie P, Twin Cities, MN, USA. 1/08

Comments: It is interesting to read all the comments about this string. I have not had the problem of losing tension that the others mention. Perhaps its because I string at 58 lbs or lower using a stiff frame. The string is very easy on the arm and the 16 gauge has been pretty durable. Power and control are good.If you have had arm problems or don't need to string at a high tension, give this string a try.
From: Dave, Jacksonville, FL, USA. 11/07

Comments: Using this string type the last several years and its by far the best out there for club player. IT combines solid sense of feel and touch along with superb durability. Plus the value is the best. I am only a 4.5 player but these strings last 6 months on my rackets and almost never BREAK. The durability is amazing. Yes it loosens up fast but most strings do that.
From: David, Portland, OR, USA, 05/07

Comments: This is the first string that broke on me in only 4 matches. I usually restring a racket every month (20 matches). It seems alright on most top spin shots but I just could not slice the ball with this string so my approaches were going long. The string moves a lot and sometimes that translates into unexpected loss of power on topspin shots but feels alright when hitting flat. I am going back to my old string.
From: Anonymous. 11/06

Comments: This string has great feel and response, but these things sacrifice durability. Therefore, I recommend using it in a hybrid stringing. I use this as my cross and prince tour as my main, and I still get a lot of great feel from this string with much longer durability.
From: Evan, NY, USA. 9/06

Comments: I couldn't agree more with the comments about the string tension. This string is great for the first few hours, but the loss of tension is significant - so much so that my shots keeping going long and spraying all over the court just after 6 hours of play. I have to get it re-strung even before the string breaks (normally I break string in 12 hours of play).
From: Gen, Hong Kong 06/06

Comments: I am a college tennis player and have used this string many times. It does provide great feel when hitting the ball. It almost feels like the string "pockets" the ball. I feel this string has helped provide me with better accuracy and placement of the ball. Durability was not much of a problem due to the fact that I play with the Head i.Prestige which has a tighter string pattern (18x20). I am going to try it out on the new Head Flexpoint Radical. The string did however, seem to loose some tension and did eventually saw itself down. Overall it is a good string that provides feel but not as much power or durability on a more open string pattern.
From: Scott, Toms River, NJ. USA 1/06

Comments: I love this string. It has the perfect amount of power, feel, and control. I am a strong junior player, and I used to break 2 strings a week. Now I only break 1 string every 2 weeks. This is the best string I have ever used.
From: Hunter Spartanburg, SC 10/21

Comments: I would not recommend this string. It felt really good initially, but it lost its tension very quickly and did not last long. I actually bought a reel of this stuff so I had to use it through 10 string-ings. It consistently lasted only about 2 to 4 matches or approx. 5-10 hours of hitting time. I hit fairly hard but not excessively.
From:Josh City, State, Country: Boulder, CO

Comments: I am a high school player and have been using this string for almost a year. I string it at 60 lbs. in a Hyper Pro Staff 6.2 and hit hard with lots of topspin. This string has a very nice feel to it, but the downside is that it moves a lot and saws itself down. I break these in 5-6 hours, and am switching to a polyester string for that reason.
From: Tommy, AL, USA. 05/05

Comments: It's on of the best string all around. I have it on for more than 30 hours of play and it still keeps tension and feel. Actually, it lost only 3-5 lbs. of tension ( I have tension meter). I have it strung at 64lb on my LM Radical OS, works great. Not as playable as Wilson NXT Max I used before but doesn't loose tension as fast either. Good string for buck.
From: Mike, Philly, PA, USA. 02/05

Comments: The string is GREAT! For about the first 3-4 hours you play with it, then it feels like it is unwinding and its gets very "trampoliney". It also breaks very quickly (I broke it in 6 hours). Overall, it is good string for the first four hours, but it is way too expensive for what you get out of it.
From: Curtis Balk, West Covina, CA, USA. 09/04

Comments: I don't know why when I first started playing this string it did not have the power, or the feel I was looking for; but after couple of days the string became very playable, and had great feel and was soft on the arm. Highly recommended , the only problem is the string is a bit expensive should be around $6-$7
From: Ramond,MD, USA. 06/04

Comments: If you are having any joint problems from playing with polyester or kevlar strings, Gamma TNT is a great choice for a new string. There is a comment on this web site that says these strings loose a lot of tension after the first day of play. I personally have never experienced this despite stringing at 65 lbs. For me these strings feel best after a day of hitting because once worn down a bit I get more bite on the ball. I definitely do not recommend this string to frequent string breakers, but do recommend this string to anyone looking for a string with great feel and playability.
From: Keith, CA, USA. 2/04

Comments: Excellent string, great feel, playability, durability & control - only downside is the $10 price tag would be a great value at $6-7, there are comparable strings out there for less money.
From: Dudley, NJ, USA. 12/03

Comments: I have tried a load of strings, from Prince Synthetic Gut to BDE Natural Gut. This stuff is a good compromise between the key features people seem to be looking for. Its power is better than Tecnifibre NRG 16. Its longevity is not as good as other synthetics. I rate its ball feel up there with some of the natural guts and its soft on the arm. It is also pretty reasonably priced, which is the flip side to the fact that the "pop" factor goes after 3-4 hours of play.
From: Louis, London, England. 11/03

Comments: Very lively string...second to none. As a string-breaker, the string is not durable enough. TNT2 is truly one of the best strings available...your pro-shop owner will treat you like a king if you are a string-breaker!
From: Clement, Jardine's Lookout, Hong Kong. 9/03

Comments: This string has great feel and comfort. I had been suffering from arm troubles with tennis elbow and a shoulder injury, so I started using TNT and my arm felt a lot better. The only complaint I have about this string is the durability. I am a 4.5 high school player and during the season I was breaking strings in under a week. I am looking for a new brand for that purpose, but I have yet to find a more comfortable string.
From: Ian, Madison, WI, USA. 7/03

Comments: Hi, I've been playing tennis for about a year now and I just have to say this string is amazing. It puts a lot of zip on the ball and at the same time I could control it very well. I would recommend this string to all types of players old and young.
From: Matt, San Antonio, TX, USA. 5/03

Comments: I loved how this string played. It was phenomenal, by far the best I have ever felt. But unfortunately I hit hard with heavy spin. I play HS tennis and in 3 days of playing, 4 days of being strung, I broke two mains on an ace only two games into the first set. But like I said before, I loved how it played, the best playability I have felt.
From: Max, Napa, CA, USA. 3/03

Comments: I have used this string ever since I started playing tennis about four years ago. I thought it was a good sting, but when I started trying other strings I found Gamma TNT was a lot better compared to other kinds of strings. I am the type of player who needs to use his speed and consistency. However, if given a short ball I have to be able to hit a good approach. This sting suits me perfect. I love it on approach shots and touch shots. I agree with previous evaluations, the string breaks kind of fast. You can maintain tension by putting those string savers in. If you care about performance, I would use this sting above any of the Big Bangers, Wilson Sensations, and Tecnifibre.
From: Ryan, Detroit, MI. USA 1/03

Comments: This is by far the greatest string for the money anywhere. I am a college player and this stuff has amazing feel to it. I suffered from tennis elbow a couple years back. During that time I made the switch to this string and haven't had any arm problems since then. This is the best deal around.
From: James, Madison, WI. USA 1/03

Comments: I am a very hard hitter and this string feels great but loosens after about 2-2.5 hours of play with 16 gauge and about 1.5 hours with 17 gauge. The strings tend to saw through each other and break quickly. I love the strings but it is too bad they don't last more then a couple of hours for me. I string my own racquets so I have put up with this for awhile but I need to move on to another string that holds its tension.
From: Tony, Boulder, CO. USA 12/02

Comments: The Gamma TNT 16 feels like a gem when first strung. It's very crisp, the ball flies off it like a bullet with great feel. However, after about 5 hours of playing, the string literally becomes unplayable because they loose tension and elasticity. It becomes like a pillow attached to the string bed. All the feel disappears, power becomes erratic and the balls begin to spread. This is probably one of the best playable strings, only if you restring every day, however. I used this string on a Dunlop MuscleWeave 200g 95 strung at 62lbs.
From: John, FL. USA 8/02

Comments: I'm about a 3.5-4.0 level tennis player who's been playing for about 2 years. When the time came to string my racket, I strung it with Gamma TNT 16 Natural, because all of my friends were using it at the time. After demoing other rackets with different string, TNT 16 Natural is definitely the best for players looking for absorption and a 16g. string that will last.
From: Stephen, Shorewood, Ill. USA 4/02

Comments: Gamma TNT is Gamma's best selling string. I can tell you, straight off, I wasn't quite sure why when I first started playing. These strings aren't hard, or especially soft, and they're really smooth. After a while of playing, the strings become very playable. The smooth outer coating wears off and then there is a lot of ball bite. The only problem I found with these strings were that they lose tension faster than any string I've ever seen.
From: Johnny, Vancouver, WA. USA 6/01

Comments: This is the string for those who need good feeling and control as well as enough power. I love this string every time I play. I have used so many top brand names and products, but this is my final answer. I am using Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 oversize.
From: Jun, Richmond, VA. USA 5/01

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