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Comments: I love this racquet. I've had it over a year now and still won't switch to anything else. Very powerful with good control. I'm pretty tough on racquets and haven't broken one yet.
From: Paul, Pikeville, NC, USA, 02/14
Skill-level: B on a good day
String type and tension: 17g Prince Premiere 

Comments: This racquet has great power and feel. I demoed a few racquets and this one generated the most power from little effort. It made my swings feel natural. My only complaint is that the grip is more square than rectangular, and I felt that this affected my control. I'm a player that probably needs a larger handle so this probably does not affect the majority of players.  This was definitely one of my favorites out of the racquets that I demoed.
From: Oliver, AL, USA, 01/14
Skill-level: C
String type and tension: factory 

Comments: Just got this racquet! Great cosmetics, got a lot of control, awesome feel.I don't know why they say that there is a lack of power, because I got a lot of power!. Definitely 10/10
From: Pedro A., San Antonio, TX, USA, 01/14
Skill-level: B+
String type and tension: Factory String 

Comments: An excellent value for money. I demoed this alongside several much more expensive racquets, and the differences were surprisingly subtle. I always look for that "x-factor" when trying new racquets, and this one's got it. I just can't pinpoint what exactly makes it feel so good. I'd also note that I tend to prefer even balance racquets, but the forward-balance of this one feels more natural than others with the same balance point I've tried.
From: Ethan, Muncie, IN, USA, 11/13
Skill-level: B+
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Been playing with E-force Command 170 which is a nice racquet, but thought I'd test one of these.  Very good racquet, maybe slightly less power, but control seems to be good for me. Stock strings are 16 ga. megablast and hit like a wooden board. Switched them to 18 ga livewire xp and the racquet is wicked.  Probably be great with 17 ga as well. Frame is stiff and seems durable. Grommet also seems very durable. Works great for me and may have to buy a second.
From: Shane, SoCal, USA, 10/13
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Gamma Livewire XP 18g 

Comments: Excellent racquet for the money, well balanced, excellent control and no vibration. Only complaint, lack of power from the back court compared to other racquets. You can't go wrong if you are a placement player.
From: Kurt, Oakland, CA, USA, 01/13
String type and tension: stock

Comments: Always an Ektelon believer but switched to Head Royal Flush 170 due to poor quality Ektelon's (O3 and Speedports). Never been happier with a racquet. This is a great stick at a reasonable price.
From: Tim, Eugene, OR, USA, 11/12
Skill-level: B

Comments: After playing with this racquet for two days, I was surprised by the quality leap this year with d30/youtek.  I own several head racquets.  From i165, liquidmetal 170, Metallix 170, extreme 170, to now the royal flush 170.  I've also tried the problem child.  Playing all of these sticks in the same session really allowed me to noticed the great control of racquet, the sweet pop, and the very soft feel of the racquet regardless of how hard I hit it.  Forehand responds very straight in-and-out giving me great placements on any shot. My backhand has significantly improved not because of new racquet mentality or "magic" of the racquet.  The great balance of the racquet really allows my wrist to flick from open to close in the follow-through.  This really is the best racquet made so far.  I can't wait till Head significantly raise the quality of their racquets again.
From: JM, DFW, 03/11
String type and tension: Oxygen 17, 34lbs

Comments: I just got this racquet a couple of weeks ago. I upgraded from my Head Metallix 180. I have found this racquet to be much powerful and it provides much better control as well. My touch shots have improved dramatically. The weight and balance of this racquet feel just right and I would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a new racquet.
From: Matt, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 11/10
Skill-level: B+ 
String type and tension: Factory Strings

Comments: I've been with Ektelon for a while, but am a sworn Head player since the Meanstreak and now especially with the Royal Flush. The lighter racquet and better balance has really improved my game. More power and touch from one racquet. FANTASTIC.
From: Erhard, Castaic, CA, USA. 08/10
String type and tension: NRG

Comments: This is a great stick.  Comes around fast and is well balanced.  Not as head heavy as past models, but with more POP.  HEAD has really put out a good product this year and this stick is in my deck!
From: Andy, Barrington, NH, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Technifibre, NRG2 -17 (32Mains, 30 Crosses)

Comments: This is one of the best balanced racquets I have had in a while.  Feels like an extension of my arm.  Great touch and very powerful.  I hit this racquet and loved it the minute I started swinging.  Played with Ektelon for a long time but I will be converting to HEAD.
From: Mark, Peoria, IL 06/10
Skill-level: Open / A
String type and tension: 38 lb

Comments: This was a great racquet to demo. It reminded me of previous Head racquets. It had fantastic balance of great power and control. It is a little head heavy for power, but it had lightness that allowed quick reactions. This racquet was good for my sometimes pained elbow - limited vibration transference. I tried this, the EXO3 Black, and a couple Pro Kennex - and will buy one.
From: Kirk, Frederick, MD 05/10
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory

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