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Comments: Great power. The 7pt. head heavy balance is a bit much for a 175g racquet.  It feels more like a 180-185.  The grip is terrible. Had to immediately replace with a rubber, but that made the playability much better.  
From: David, Central Florida, USA, 07/13
Skill-level: B-
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: This is a very good racquet. It is consistent and maneuverable. I did have to change the grips to slip-ons. I used to play with an E-force racquet; and so it took me some time to adjust to this one. Once I got used to this racquet, my shots have been more consistent. Overall, I am very happy with this racquet. 
From: Sam, IL, USA, 02/13
Skill-level: Elite
String type and tension: stock strings, 31 lbs

Comments: This racquet has a very good feel, the power on this thing is awasome. The serves fly off like a rocket without the elbow pain. Overall a great racquet to play with.
From: Tony, Schaumburg, IL, USA, 12/12
String type and tension: factory

Comments:  This racquet is AWESOME!!!!! The cosmetics are great, it hits a ton with minimal effort AND I can control it. It's head heavy (which I love) but not as much as some of the other racquets I've used in the past. Bottom line: Best racquet I have ever used!!!!!
From: Jay, Marathon, FL, USA, 12/12
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Totally stock

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