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  • Gauge: 16 gauge (1.30 mm) Kevlar mains, 16 gauge (1.30mm) SuperKill crosses.
  • Composition:
    Main strings: 100% braided Kevlar fibers bonded together with nylon.
    Cross strings: SuperKill - Multi-stranded Monofilament with abrasion resistant wear layer.
  • Playability:
    The 16 gauge Kevlar main strings are used for superior durability and resistance to notching. The 16 gauge SuperKill synthetic gut cross strings are used to complement the Kevler mains by increasing the overall playability of this hybrid construction.
  • Recommended Usage:
    This Hybrid is recommended for power players with chronic string breakage problems.
  • Available colors: Natural only
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Comments: This string is the only hybrid (two types of string) I have found made for racquetball.  It plainly states to string the aramid mains 5 lbs. Less than the crosses.  I have had good luck with these keeping their power longer than most.   One complaint would be that since some racquets use extended mains like e-force you run out of string before finishing the mains.  So far my favorite string and since working with it I have had friends also loving them.

From: Luke, Houston, TX, USA, 08/13
Sill-level: depends on the day 

Comments: I purchased this product early 2012 but did not use it until December in a friends racquet that has chronic breakage issues. It was a Ektelon 03 port racquet. He managed to pay 2 weeks before the mains broke near the head. I took a look at it and there was lots of wear evident at mains-crosses intersections. Horrible string. I refunded his money and will restring with something else.

From: Mike, Charlotte, NC, USA, 01/13

Comments: I'm a chronic string breaker. I tried this string on my Ektelon O3 White with a tension of 33lbs. I found the playability to be OK, but after one match I noticed the strings were notched and after 5 matches they were broken. Not nearly durable enough for me. So far the Head megablast 16G is the only string I've found to last for any significant amount of time. I don't like the way the megablast play but I'm willing to sacrifice playability for durability at this point in my game.
From: Britt, Spring, TX, USA, 03/11
Skill-level: B

Comments: I tried these strings on two different racquets and I had two different experiences.
On my Head Dirty Deeds the main string could not be strung vertically because it did not maintain its stiffness when threading through the string holes in the throat of the racquet.  We had to end up switching the main strings to be used horizontally and that was an ordeal because they are not really meant for that because they are a little shorter.  We made do but it was not pretty.  I am not very comfortable with the way it plays on this racquet.  To be fair, although the Dirty Deeds is my newer racquet. I still prefer my Head Intelligence X180 (it might be the weight difference 185 gms as opposed to 180 gms).

On my Head Intelligence X180, the strings were strung perfectly and it is working well.  I put a lot of spin on the ball and this string is holding up so much better than any other string I have tried.  I have used it for about three months now and there are no signs of fraying or wear.  I am playing really well with this string on this racquet.
From: Mike, Spring, TX, USA, 12/10
Skill-level: A/B

Comments: I like this string so far, I am chronic string breaker and have had these for about three weeks and still are strong. They do not move much and have great power. Got strung at 32-35 and have held on.
City, State, Country: Cheyenne, WY