Ashaway SuperKill II 16 RB String
  • Gauge: 16 gauge
  • Length: 40 feet (12m)
  • Construction:
    Multi-stranded monofilament with abrasion-resistant wear layer.
  • Playability:
    According to Ashaway, this string construction combines good response with above average durability. Stringing tension may be adjusted to provide increased control or livelier response.
  • Recommended Usage:
    Recommended for players looking for a responsive 16 gauge string at an economical price.
  • Available colors: Natural, White
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Comments: This string is junk.  Have taken two sets to a local professional stringer...BOTH broke trying to re-string an EKTELON SPEEDPORT RED at 35lbs.  Third set on my HEAD EXTREME 170 strung by a professional stringer at 35lbs. broke after 3 weeks.  Prior to this string breaking on this racket I was frustrated by the constant movement/shifting of the strings on the string bed. Going to try some HEAD MEGABLAST now...
From: Tony
City, State, Country: Portage, IN 01/10
Skill-level: C

Comments: This string is the best string I have ever played with. It has a hard hit and a nice touch to it. All together nice string.
From: Josh
USA,NH 01/07