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Ashaway's popular UltraKill string now comes in an ultra-durable 16 gauge offering. With the same construction as the 17 gauge, incorporating their durable Zyex material, this is definitely going to make you string breakers out there happy. The multi-stranded monofilament construction offers crisp playability and now it's made in a thicker gauge, is built to last.
  • Gauge: 16 (1.30mm)
  • Length: 40 feet (12.19m)
  • Zyex multistranded monofilament core increases power and resilience
  • Zyex core helps tension maintenance
  • Braided surface maximizes control and increases spin
  • 16 gauge maximizes durability and string life
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Comments: I used these strings in my Head racquets which have the internal holes. Love the feel of this string. Excellent in all respects. However, it is not for the average player who still hits off the sweet spot regularly. As long as you are a solid sweet spot connector, the string will last you for a reasonable period, otherwise it will snap at the place where it touches the frame. I believe the 16 is a more durable string, but I haven't used it yet. I suspect it won't have the feel of the 18 or 17 though. Overall, I am hooked to this string and would recommend it to all players.
From: Jas, 11/13

Comments: I really like the feel out of the UltraKill 18 but i kept breaking the main strings after a few games with my gearbox racquet. So I decided to do a hybrid job with this string and the UltraKill 18. The ball feels a little dead coming out of raquet but I did have nice control, I guess this is a good thing for a power game. However I still broke the main strings after 5 games.
From: Anon, 11/11

Comments: I decided to try this string on a friends raquets because he likes the feel for Ashaway string but he is a chronic string breaker. You do get nice control out of this string but the the ball felt dead coming off the racquet. I guess this could be a good string if you feel the ball jumps off your raquet..Also I managed to break these string after 3 games.

From: Carlos, Richmond, VA, USA, 11/11