Dunlop Hexy Fiber 16 String
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Offering a hexagonal profile for added spin, this multifilament string provides excellent comfort and power. Durable monofilament outer wraps help the longevity of play. Did we mention comfort?
  • Gauge: 16 / 1.31mm
  • Length: 40ft / 12.2m
  • Composition: Multifilament with PU outer wrap
  • Color: White
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Comments: I bought a few sets of this string and I was not disappointed. The first set I strung high at 60 pounds, and was too stiff for me. The next set I stung at 52 lbs and that was the sweet spot for me, with very easy access to spin and very durable. The only problem I have with this string is that the mains moved too much on my Yonex VCore Tour F 93 when strung in a full bed. I will try it in a cross once my next string breaks.
From: Thomas, 6/16

Comments: Out of the gate, I really liked these strings. They are very soft and have good feel and control on full swings, especially on returns. But they did not last very long, I probably hit 6-8 hours and after that the tension dropped or they softened up more, if that even makes sense, to the point where I couldn't control the racquet anymore no matter what. I switched to my all synthetic gut racquet and got my game back. Switched to an even more powerful racquet (Pure Drive) with poly mains and syn guy, and was consistent (like how I was with my Pure Strike with the Hexy). I'm a little sad these didn't last longer because when they are new, they were great. Great feel, soft and awesome out of the gate but I'm not used to that big of tension loss. Maybe this string with the Pure Strike was not a good combo. I talked to a local pro stringer and he had tried Hexy and said the same thing, they only lasted him 2-3 hitting sessions, but those sessions they were still 'fresh' he loved them. I didn't experience too much added spin probably because they were 16g -- the spin was OK, nothing noticeable. The price was good and I like the feel, I just need something that will last a month. I wouldn't say it was a negative experience, I just lost a match trying to adjust to the strings and I thought they would have made it 12-14 hours.
From: Maurice, 8/15

Comments: As a long time PSGD user, I thought I'd try this string as the price is comparable and I thought any additional spin could only help my game. I'm not sure that I experienced any additional spin. What I did find was that all my shots needed to be hit much higher to clear the net. I think the string is just much less powerful than PSGD, to the point where I actually found myself hitting flatter and hardewr. Some have perceived a lower launch angle, but I think its really that this string is just less powerful than most mutlis or synth guts. Not saying its bad, and it muight be a great alternative if you are looking to tame a racquet that has too much power, but I didn't feel any change is spin. Just that I needed to hit everything much harder.
From: Colin, 3/15

Comments: I tried hitting with this for the first time. A decent multifilament string. These strings started moving quite a lot on the first hitting session, they were strung at 58 lbs. Strung in a Prince O3 White racquet at 58 lbs.
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: This is a pretty nice string for the money. It is very soft with a nice rough texture on it. I used it in the crosses and it complimented the mono main string nicely -- nice feel and pretty nice bite for a cross string application. The life is not too long. If strung in both, wouldn't see this lasting much longer than 2 hours, but great cross string.
From: Jim, 2/14

Comments: I have this strung in my Dunlop Bio 400 at 58lbs and it feels great, very soft, but also bites the ball noticeably, in fact I could have gone up to 60lbs I think. I have only played a long 3 hour match so far, but at the price this is definitely one of the best strings I have tried so far. I will definitely use this again.
From: Antonio, 5/13

Comments: Put this in my BLX 6.1.90. It does have more bite than other multifilament strings. But there is randomness in the shots. I tried it on the wall, and found it is very difficult to make consistent shots that I am able to make with other strings such as NXT and X1. I would not recommend this string.
From: Sean, 4/13

Comments: This string has a good bite on the ball, but did not last long for me so I decided to put this on the crosses and poly fiber on the mains. Soft in the arm too. It truly works great.
From: Alvin, 4/13

Comments: Hexy Fiber is one of Dunlop's best strings. It's nice and silky soft. Great touch on the ball. Arm friendly. I have it strung on a Wilson K Factor 6.1 95 at 50 lbs. It's absolutely stunning to hit with. For the money Hexy Fiber is the way to go. Dunlop Silk is just too pricey for me. Dunlop needs to make Hexy Fiber in black. Also, I noticed Hexy Fiber has an unusual odor upon unboxing my racquet. The odor faded after the first hitting session so don't worry.
From: Fox, 1/13

Comments: This string needs more comments IMHO. It really has decent bite on the ball for a multi at this price. It's pretty durable for me, but I hit pretty flat with an eastern FH grip. I'm a 3.5-4.0 player.
From: Nick, 9/12

Comments: I recently put this string into play in my Dunlop 4D 500 Tours. The string is a multi that is textured much like BHBR. I like those strings in general, so I decided to give it a try at mid-tension/60 lbs. For the first hour or two the strings felt remarkably poly-like to me. There was some movement to the strings but not too bad. After the strings settled in, the feeling from the strings got softer and more "multi-feeling". Spin and control are really good for me and durability with about 6 hours has been good as well, but I am not really a string breaker. All in all I would recommend this string to anyone who likes the performance of rough polys' like BHBR but not the shock or harsh feelings associated with poly strings.
From: Dan, GA, USA, 12/11
NTRP: 4.0

Comments: I really like this string as a cross. It produces a nicely muted feel when paired with poly, and is durable enough to last a reasonable amount of time in a hybrid. It really plays nicely when paired with Cyberflash 1.25. I didn't like it at all as a full bed, as it was too muted and didn't provide the poly-like spin I hoped for. I have no idea on the durability full bed, as I cut it out. As a cross with CF mains:
SPIN: 8 (compared to full poly)
POWER: 6 (I like low power, so it works for me)
CONTROL: 9 (I keep dropping the tension, and control is still good)
DURABILITY: 7 (not as durable as synthetic gut crosses, but that works out well, as it breaks when the poly is dead)
From: Kurt. 11/11

Comments: I was very impressed with this string. Not only is it extremely soft, but it holds its hexagonal shape very well. It generates very nice spin, and on top of that it's surprisingly durable. I used this string in a hybrid and it seems to be holding its tension very well.
From: JB, NTRP 5.0. 6/11

Comments: Very soft string, I hit about 5 balls and by the end of the rally the strings were all out of place. Very friendly on the arm and allows access to bigger swings without sacrificing control. As far as durability goes, bigger hitters would destroy these strings in a few sets. The strings work for me personally because I'm an average rec player who plays only 3- 4 days a week. Players who have a hard time finding the courts due to overhitting may like these because you can take your full swing with the ball still landing inside the courts. I'm satisfied with these but there are still definitely strings I'd prefer over this one.
From: Coach Zack. 6/11