Ektelon combined the Toron’s modified teardrop frame shape with the classic qualities of the DPR 2500 to create the DPR Magnum Lite 170 Racquet. This technology-loaded frame may seem humble in appearance, but the playability won't let you down. The Triple Threat and DPR technologies, 170 gram unstrung weight, and head-heavy balance will produce plenty of power without sacrificing control due to the focused sweet spot. Whether you want a reliable backup or a consistent new weapon, you would be hard pressed to find a better priced racquet to add to your racquetball arsenal. 

All racquets come factory strung with a wrist cord installed. Click the Specs tab for more details.

Unstrung Weight: 170g
Strung Weight: 192g
Strung Balance: 5 pts Head-Heavy
Strung Swingweight: 153 (medium swingweight = power & control)
Factory String: Ektelon Synthetic Gut
Factory Grip: Ektelon Maxtack Wrap Grip
Cover: Not included by manufacturer
String Pattern:
12 Mains / 16 Crosses
Head Size: 104 sq. in.
Length: 22 in.
Composition: Graphite

Comments: I just ordered my second of these.  I am thrilled.  I got the first one about 3 months ago and since then I have hit with a couple of friends' Toron racquets while developing my game with the DPR.  IT IS THE EXACT SAME FRAME!!  I have ordered upgraded strings with the second one and if it delivers like I know it will then I will quickly upgrade the strings on my first one.  It is an absolute thrill to find such an amazing frame at such a tremendous bargain. This will be the first time in my life to have identical racquets as a primary and a backup. Thank you RbW!!
From: Wayne, Mesa, AZ, USA, 03/16
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: 18ga @34 

Comments: Having read all of the reviews, and favorable comparisons to the Toron, I was really intrigued by the price.  I borrowed a friend's Toron and got a good feel for it.  I loved it, so I decided to take the gamble and bought 2 of these.  I had them restrung by RbW with Ektelon Premier Power 17 @ 31#, and I put Python grips on them as soon as I got them.  (BTW, why does RbW no longer carry Python?)  It took some getting used to, but after about 3 weeks I am very pleased with these racquets.  Being somewhat of a racquet "junkie", I have several far more expensive, newer model racquets, but have not been entirely happy with them for one reason or another.  I feel like I have found the perfect racquet for me for now, and I plan to continue to use the DPR Magnum Lite 170 exclusively for the foreseeable future.  FYI:  Amazon is still selling this racquet for $179.99.
From: Brian, Raleigh, NC, 01/16
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Ektelon Premier Power 17 @31# 
[Brian, the owner/operator of Python sold off his company in 2015 and retired. Since then, racquetball players have come to know that the ProKennex Friction Rubber Grip has an identical tread pattern and better playability since it is slightly thinner than the Python rubber grip.]

Comments: This Ektelon racquet isn't to bad, considering it was only $51.00 using the package deal. Don't expect it to play as great as others might have mentioned, especially in the factory default condition. I did notice that it felt a little bit heavier / bulky then my GB-125 170 racquet and my arm was getting a more tired using it. I had to cut out the factory strings, since it played just so so and restrung it at the middle range of 36 lbs with Gearbox black mono 17g string. This seem to give it more pop and better/more control. It will make a good backup racquet for me, but it is not as good as the GB-125 racquets that I have been using the pass 7 years. For the average club player, it would be a good stick to have in their bag considering the low price.
From: Larry, CA, USA, 01/16
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Gearbox 17g mono black @ 36 lbs 

Comments: After vacillating between the Toron ESP and the DPR Magnum Lite 170 for several days, I finally bought two DPR racquets (compared to affording only one Toron ESP). I had been playing with a 21 yr old Ektelon Strion until these arrived home in March '14. This racquet's dynamics matches extremely well with my style. I've been playing with the factory strings and my winning percentage has still improved dramatically over the last three/four months. Also the lighter weight has helped relieve pain on my wrist and shoulder without compromising power or feel. Going forward, I'm thinking of restringing with the Ektelon Premier Power 17g which I believe comes in the Toron ESP, and also replacing the grip with the Python.
From: Ramesh, Plano, TX, USA, 09/14
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Factory string, tension, and grip 

Comments: My brother and I have been playing since college, about 19 years now.  Both of us needed an upgrade so we took advantage of the demo program at RbW.  What we both found was that a mid-level racquet was as good as one costing twice as much, if you upgrade the string.  This racquet is now only 6.5 oz strung, but it hits the ball like a sledgehammer, with tons of control and lots of power.  It plays as well as the 2 Toron racquets that I tried out during the demo period.  My kill shots have almost doubled from my 15 year old racquet as well.  Overall, I am very pleased that I went with a less expensive racquet with upgraded strings. This thing is amazing, plus the red string gives it a top end racquet look.  I will buy this same combination again if something ever happens to this awesome stick.  An accurate/powerful Toron style racquet with upgraded string for under $100, need I say anything more. 
From: Jeffrey, St Louis, MO, USA, 04/14
Skill-level: A/B
String type and tension: Ektelon Premier 17 Red @ 32 lbs 

Comments: Tried this racquet to see if it could be a backup to my Toron ESP. I restrung it immediately with Ektelon Power Premier 18g and also put on an Ektelon Vision grip. While it does indeed hit well, it is not on par in the power department with the Toron ESP. It is slightly heavier in the head which helps give it some pop, but I definitely feel the Toron ESP out performs it in every aspect. That said, the Magnum Lite is a great buy and a solid stick for anyone thinking of purchasing it. As for me, another Toron ESP is on its way. 
Edit 05/14: Follow up to my previous comment ... Well, after giving this stick more court time, I have changed my tune. I am now using this instead of the Toron ESP and thus far, I have been very pleased with the results. I do feel the Ektelon Power Premier 18g helps liven this stick up and adding a Vision grip is a big improvement over the stock grip. I am hitting with very good pace on the ball and am amazed this racquet is available at such a low price. It really isn't much different in feel versus the more expensive Toron ESP. Get one (or two) while you can because I don't know how long Ektelon plans on making them ... they're not listed in Ektelons 2014 catalog. 
From: Jason, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: Open
String type and tension: Ektelon Premier Power 18g @ 32 lbs 

Comments: I have been playing over 45 years with about 25 years as a tournament player and have owned over 60 sticks. I currently have 8 frames in my arsenal. I have owned and played with many Ektelon frames in the 80s and 90s, but none for a long time. I currently play mostly Wilson.  I hit a friend's Magnum and liked it better than the Toron and Toron Lite or any other current Ektelon sticks, so I got one for myself.  It is essentially a Toron at less than half the price with cheap and stiff 16g synthetic gut strings, a cut-rate tether and lower quality grip. I can afford any racquet I want and can definitely say that this will be my new go-to racquet.  The balance is the best of any of my sticks and I had zero adjustment period. Light and stiff, but with a dampened feel, I get all the power and precision I want.  The first time on the court I/we won 7 of 8 doubles games against strong teams with much younger players.  I added a Head Megasorb dampener and will replaces the tether with a thicker red one. I will play for a month or so on the stock strings to get a feel for what they can do, then switch to E-Force Platinum 18g at mid-level tension.  This is by far the best mid-level racquet I have ever hit with and outperforms IMO, many costlier top tier frames.
Edit: Update to my earlier review. Finally got rid of wire-stiff 16g stock [string] and restrung it with E-Force Platinum 18g @ 31 pounds. Night and day! I was already happy with the racquet before the upgrade, but now it plays like a dream. Precision and power are both amazing and I can make almost any shot I can imagine.  Hands down, the best frame I have ever played with.
From: Tom, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 01/14
Skill-level: A-
String type and tension: factory 

Comments: I just got this a week ago after having demo'd 5 other Ektelon racquets (I've always been an Ektelon fan). My previous racquet was a Quad frame so the Teardrop shape took a little getting used to but after having spent several hours with this, I am completely amazed at how much more power and accuracy I have. The handle is a touch smaller than what I had before so it was twisting in my grip at first but with any new piece of equipment, you have make adjustments. I tried the Toron and while that is an amazing racquet (I wish I had $230 to spend on it), for less than half the cost, I got one that compares VERY favorably and that will definitely improve my game by leaps and bounds. Just an outstanding stick. Highly recommended.
From: Larry, Pace, FL, USA, 11/13
Skill-level: A/B
String type and tension: Ektelon Premier 17g @ 30 lbs. 

Comments: Previously I was playing with O3 Red. I am not a power player, but broke the strings all the time exactly 10 o'clock location. I thought I was giving this racquet a try. Now I like this racquet so much, bought another one and this is going to be my stick. It has balanced power and control. It is very playable and don't need time to adjust at all. It is poor man's lobster.
From: Craven, Huntsville, AL, USA, 10/13
Skill-level: A-
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Racquet has insane power!!! Extremely light and has a pretty durable frame. I swing hard on shots close to the walls and this racquet has held up to the abuse quite nicely.  If you want the Toron style racquet without breaking the bank, this is a great option.
From: Jake, Orange, CA, USA, 08/13
String type and tension: Factory