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Gearbox's club bag features a new, thicker material and comes fully loaded with racquet pockets on both sides, each able to hold up to three racquets. Gearbox made this bag versatile as well with adjustable backpack straps which make carrying all your equipment in and out of the club a breeze.
  • Dimensions: L28" x W17" x H12"
  • Material: 100% polyester with ballistic grade 1680 series denier.
  • Large central compartment.
  • Two side racquet compartments able to hold three racquets each.
  • Doubles as traditional carrying bag, or as a back-pack.
  • Ventilated end compartment for wet clothes or shoes. Wet/Dry bag included.
  • Seperate pockets for valuables and eyewear.
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Comments: This bag is the perfect size. It is smaller than a lot of the nasty duffel bags you see by the courts. The construction is extremely solid, it looks sharp and beautiful, and you can clearly see reinforced areas. One gripe I have about this bag, is there seems to not be a glove string, and for $70, i feel like it definitely should include one. You can use the 2 straps on top of one of the backpack straps as a glove string, but it is about 1cm thick, and does not fit any more than 3 gloves per strap. I'm going to be looking for a detachable glove string for the time being.
From: Mike, Bellevue, WA, USA, 10/11
Skill-level: B

Comments: I really like this Gearbox Ally bag. It seems pretty well-made and the straps have nice padding and solid construction for when you fill it up with heavy stuff. It has two small webbed pockets inside and two small zippered storage pockets outside, in addition to the two large racquet compartments on each side, so it keeps things nicely organized. There is a thing to velcro together the two backpack straps so you can carry it like a traditional gym bag, but I can't see why anyone would use it that way - it is really designed to be a backpack style gym bag. There is an extra, thin strap on the outside of one of the straps just so you can then velcro your glove to the outside of the bag so it can dry, which sounded silly when I ordered the bag but it turns out to be a really great idea - your glove mainly smells from being left wet inside the bag all day after you work out, not just from using it. For day use, I cannot imagine anyone would need one size up from this one. It takes my court shoes, my gym clothes, my racquet, balls, glove, glasses, bathing suit and goggles for the pool, umbrella, headphones, shampoo etc. and there is still plenty of room for more stuff in it. Downsides - I play hard and there is no integrated, separate wet bag for your very sweaty stuff - I just use a plastic bag. I would have liked mesh pockets on both sides inside the main compartment and a solid bottom piece (heavy cardboard or plastic wrapped in plastic) like my old gym bag had to help keep the shape of the bottom, but those are minor quibbles. This bag is a good choice for people who play a lot and want something that ought to hold up to daily use.

From: James, Washington, DC, USA, 08/11
Skill-level: intermediate

Comments: I love this Ally bag. It has plenty of room not only for all of my gear, but a other gym stuff for when I'm not playing. I can fit 2 pairs of shoes, 2 goggles, workout clothes, change of clothes, use 1 side for racquets and the other for shave kit and spare equipment. Plus it fits in a normal size locker.
From: Casey, Carmichael, CA, USA, 04/11
Skill-level: intermediate

Comments: I used to love this backpack. It was so good I ordered another one to replace my Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack I used for work. Unfortunately, after just 10 months the plastic/rubber bottom is cracked and it will not be long before the fabric rips completely...Oh-well.
From: Steve, Arlington, VA

Comments: After talking with Ben for some time on different product choices I decided to take his advice and go with the Gearbox backpack bag. What I was looking for was something that was not only functional, space saving, and easy to carry... But also did not look overly racquetball styled or feel like it was made in a back ally in some third world country. Ben could not have been more correct. This bag holds 2 of my ektelon x03, glasses, my size 13 shoes, 6 XL Gloves, 2 Cans of balls, Bandanas, Wrist Guards, Water Bottle, extra shirts, keys, wallet watch and extra clothes!!!! I was not only blown away at how much it can carry but it is so well organized that you don't feel like your crammed or have to spend a large amount of time pulling stuff out. I have had several bags and packs and for me this is it. Plus there is no way you can compare quality to the other bags on the market. Oh and by the way being 6'4 250lbs my clothes and shoes tend to force me in to huge bags. This baby takes everything and still looks like its not stuffed full of crap.
From: Josh
City, State, Country: Reno, Nevada 03/10
Skill-level: B

Comments: This bag was exactly what I was hoping for. This thing holds so so much more than my Jansport bag I used for school. I can easily fit everything I need: Racket, Bible, Lunch, glove, shorts, glasses, shoes, balls, and room for small things like phone, wallet, etc. Great!
From: Seth
Wenatchee, Washington, USA - 12/07