Gamma Guard Head Tape 1.5" Wide
Protects grommets and head guards from premature wear. Durable with long lasting adhesive for optimal frame protection. Fits all types of frames. Wide 1.5 inch cut makes it perfect for widebody racquets.
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Comments: Great tape, sticks well without being a hassle to take off. It is a bit thin so the tape will start peeling off with a couple of scrapes to the ground. Best part is that you can adjust the length of tape being applied to the racquet. Other vendors will give a certain amount of tape to be applied for 1 racquet, making adjustments more annoying. The tape is easy to tear off with your hands. I usually change the tape whenever my strings breaks, which is usually once every 2-3 weeks. The tape I have been using does not have any logo.
From: James, 9/16

Comments: I wish this tape is more durable. With a single contact to the court the tape will tear up, so I usually double up on the scrape prone areas of the head. The adhesive is not that strong, so if you tape it over areas with a moderate bend the tape will pop up. Using a scissors to cut and overlap those not so flat areas help. The Head brand head tape was much better. I have not tried the Babolat brand.
From: Jim, Beaverton, OR, USA, 03/11

Comments: Application: This tape is not as sticky as the Babolat tape. The Gamma tape keeps popping up and I have to keep pressing/smoothing it. It usually settles down after about a week. On the other hand, the Babolat tape sticks smoothly and never pops up. Durability: The Gamma tape is more durable than the Babolat tape. Cost: The Gamma tape is cheaper than the Babolat tape Availability: The Gamma tape is available as rolls while the Babolat tape is pre-cut, which is not enough for my requirement. Conclusion: I will continue using Gamma tape in spite of the pop-up problem. However, if Babolat is offered in 1.5" wide and not pre-cut, I might switch to it.
From: Charles, vancouver, bc, canada. 5/10